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Premium WordPress Themes | How To Redefine Your Website

WordPress Themes

There is a lot of hype over the internet about why one should use Premium WordPress Themes. Many have praised choosing free WordPress themes over the premium one whereas many prefer to use the premium themes to get what they want without any hassles. Here in this write-up, we will talk about the WordPress themes from scratch till the end to give you a deep-dive idea so that there will be no pages left unturned for you to make a decision worth implementing.

WordPress Theme Bundle

What is the WordPress Themes?

The theme, in general, is referring to something that decides the overall look of anything. No matter whether you are talking about an event or a function of a website or a mobile phone, the theme is all about the look and feel of that particular thing.

So when we talk about WordPress theme it is directly related to the look and style of the website. Right from the color scheme to the font and other areas that affect the aesthetics of your site come under themes. It can be best referred to as; skin to your weblog. It does not only provide the best-suited theme for your website but it provides a tighter grip to control the overall presentation of your website at the same time.

What a WordPress Themes Consists Of?

In technical terms, a WordPress theme is basically a collection of several template files that work together to create a graphical interface. As the major work of the theme is to redefine the overall look of the website, it works on different parameters to enhance the look and feel of the website without making any changes in the software.

Themes mainly include style sheets, customized template files, custom pages, required code files, image files, etc.

Why Are WordPress Themes Required?

Let’s say John is running an E-commerce site that deals with contemporary jewelry and antique ones. Now, what do you think John’s website should look like?

It should give a rustic and exclusive kind of feel, right? Or a common e-commerce theme will do the work?

See when you are dealing with and delivering something specific, the look and feel of the website should complement it. No matter whether you are blogging or selling something through your website the theme should always match your objective.

How can themes redefine your blog?

Many bloggers work on different subjects under one theme. To avoid confusion for their readers and visitors they usually categorize their subjects into different sections.
Let’s say Smith has a blog and he writes about diet plans and fashion. As a matter of fact, these two fields are co-related to each other in many aspects but do you really think a common theme can solve both of his purposes?

No! They can’t.

But with the help of WordPress Loop and template files, one can customize both sections in a unique and trendy way. Customization of themes allows Smith to give a different look to each of the categories of his post. In this way, he can enhance the look and feel of his diet plan posts in a relative way whereas he can easily give a highly rich and trendy look to his fashion category at the same time.

Where To Get Premium WordPress Themes?

If you are looking for a highly Professional WordPress Themes to enhance the looks of your website, you can directly get it from the official website in the WordPress theme directory section. You can check its look and functionalities by taking demos, once you are satisfied with the overall interface and features you can download it.

There are many themes that are available for free on WordPress whereas many others are premium ones. If you choose premium themes you need to make a purchase to use it further.

How to add WordPress themes?

Theme installation might sound like a tedious job, isn’t it? But in WordPress, even a layman can install a theme like a pro.

Flow of WordPress Themes

Using administration panel

Upload WordPress Themes

There are several ways to add new themes. The simple one is to add it using the administration panels.

Here is the step by step guide to add a new theme using the administration panel:-

  • Log-in to the administration panel of your WordPress.
  • Click on the appearance panel that is in the left section of your working window, and select themes in it.
  • Now select add new to continue the process.
  • You can use the search option to look for a theme you want.
  • If the theme is new to you and you are about to use it for the first time, make sure to click on the preview to get a brief overview of how the theme will look like.
  • Now click, Install Now to install the theme on your website.

Using cPanel

One of the other ways to add a new theme to your website is through using cPanel. cPanel is basically a web-based hosting control panel. Many of the hosting providers give this to the website owners. With the help of cPanel websites can be managed from a web-based interface.

Upload Via Cpanel

So if your host provides you the cPanel, and the theme you want to add have files in .zip or .gz archive, follow the below-mentioned steps to add the theme:-

  • Download the .zip file of the theme to your local machine.
  • You will get the cPanel file manager in your themes folder.
  • If WordPress is installed to document root folder you would navigate to “public_html/wp-content/themes”.
  • If WordPress is installed to document sub-folder you would navigate to “public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes”.
  • Click on upload files.
  • Click on the name of the file and click on the ‘Extract file contents’, the file will be uncompressed.
  • You are all done.

Manually (FTP)

WordPress Themes

Here are the basic steps that you need to follow if you want to install the themes manually.

  • Login to your WordPress account and download the theme. Once the theme is downloaded now extract the files, while extracting makes sure to preserve the directory structure of these files.
  • Follow the guidelines mentioned by the author. At times there might be some specific rules instructed by the author of the theme that you need to follow for better and smooth use of themes.
  • Use an FTP client for access to your web server.
  • Save your theme in the wp-content/themes
  • Upload the theme file and you are all done.

Best WordPress Themes

As we have earlier discussed the free WordPress themes and the best ones to use, here in this section we will turn our focus to the premium WordPress themes.

You might have a question in your mind, is it something like;

Why should I purchase a Premium WordPress Themes when I can get a theme free of cost?

Well, you need a premium theme because of the following reasons;

  1. You will get access to more features
  2. You can customize the theme as per your requirements
  3. You will get excellent support whenever you will be stuck with any issue
  4. You will get a few of the trendiest and unique themes available on the web
  5. It will be compatible with the latest WordPress version
  6. You will get the unencrypted footer

WordPress theme provides skin to your website. With the WordPress theme, website designing has become extremely easy. Whether a professional or novice, every person can deal easily with WordPress. The best thing about WordPress is that its features get constantly updated. Using premium WordPress themes will get you unique websites for the business.

Our premium themes that are a part of this WordPress Theme Bundle give you complete satisfaction in terms of the website’s look and performance. We also offer technical assistance for the themes that you purchase. Try VWThemes for fulfilling your business goals.

Premium WordPress Themes to redefine the look of your website.

WordPress themes can make a huge difference to your business. Websites designed using the best website themes for WordPress always look simply outstanding.

WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress Theme Bundle

Our amazing WP theme bundle offers a great collection of niche-specific themes catering to the needs of different businesses. All the themes in this bundle are packed with advanced features with the focus to provide you a layout that results in a full-fledged website. All these premium quality themes are highly potent to raise the bar of your pre-existing website by providing it with a modern and trendy look that stands out among the crowd.

Each of them is made with precision and special attention is given to making the theme user-friendly so that users, irrespective of the skill level they possess, must be able to use them. These themes can scale to different sizes of screens with perfection and make your website look great on any device that you use. This bundle will prove extremely useful to you as it has beautifully designed themes that add a new life to your website.

VW Pharmacy WordPress Theme Pro

You can get the top coaching theme in the market as of today for making a stunning coaching website and without a doubt, this is among the top WordPress themes in 2023 and carries a flexible design for trainers and health coaches.

It has the homepage demos having a fast installation and you can do the single-click install. It is integrated with the plugins, widgets, as well as shortcodes, and these, are essential for elevating the performance. With the coaching WordPress theme, you can increase mobile traffic and it ensures that you acquire a plan regarding this.

This is a completely responsive WP theme and has the potential to render seamless content on multiple devices. The theme has WooCommerce integration and you can also easily make the e-coaching site for online consultancy and guidance. It is not only minimalist but also has an elegant design. This can attract clients easily.

Pharmacy WordPress Theme

VW Minimalist Pro

This Minimalist WordPress Theme follows the simple principle of ‘Less is more. The developers have designed it with simplicity in mind. It utilizes a very small amount of design effects, yet it is effective in portraying the key features and essential details of your business in the most admiring and effective way.

The absence of unnecessary decorative elements makes your website appear cleaner and more professional. All your important content is precisely highlighted without getting overshadowed.

The theme is technically sound too and is tested rigorously on every front. Having a minimalist design, this theme gives a website that has an incredibly fast loading speed. Not just this, but your website’s overall performance is greatly improved by its minimalist design.

This multipurpose theme has so many personalization options so that you can get the desired look and feel. It also has a lot of typography options as it is integrated with the latest Font Awesome.

Minimalist WordPress Theme

VW Coaching Pro

You can use this Coaching WordPress Theme for getting an online coaching website or for taking your coaching center to the online platform. Several different pages are included in the theme for showing different aspects of your coaching center.

The information about your coaching center such as the address, contact details, etc. can be shown on the header. Its appealing slider attracts the students to explore more about your coaching services. 

You can introduce your coaching staff to their subject of specialization so that your audience will have an idea about the teachers. Moreover, this theme has a strong, flexible, and responsive design that fits perfectly on screens of different resolutions and sizes.

Quick and easy page building is facilitated by the Drag and Drop page builder of the theme. A hundred shortcodes are included in it. Plus, social sharing options make it easy to promote your coaching center. 

Coaching WordPress Theme

VW Library Pro

This highly intuitive and elegantly designed Library WordPress Theme is for websites that represent libraries and bookhouses. It has a flexible design that can be molded to fit perfectly into bookshops as well as bookstores. An array of supreme features lets you design a fantastic website that attracts an audience. It has different sections that make it easy to categorize the books and display all the information regarding them. 

This top-quality premium theme has a single-click demo importer for getting the demo data in use. There are multiple inner pages that offer more selectivity to you. Easy browsing options are included in the theme which leads to a smoother and improved user experience.

As far as plugins and add-ons are concerned, this theme supports all the popular third-party plugins. An email subscription form is also included using which the visitors can get all the updates regarding books through email. 

Library WordPress Theme

VW Software Company Pro

Want to have a website for your software company? Don’t wait any longer as you have this sophisticated and professionally designed Software Company WordPress Theme that facilitates the easy building of websites. This theme is well crafted to meet the needs of software companies and firms and is capable of giving a strong and alluring web presence to your business. Being a novice cannot curtail you from using this theme as it doesn’t need any kind of coding skills while using it. 

Developers have made it cross-browser compatible for facilitating easy browsing using different browsers. You don’t need to worry about the ranks of your website on search engines as this theme is already SEO optimized. The different services that your software firm offers can be effectively displayed using the different sections of this theme. 

Software Company WordPress Theme

VW Affiliate Marketing Pro

Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme is great for those who are featuring products strictly on an affiliate basis or selling their own items. This theme will work wonders for your affiliate site which you are using to list the products as an affiliate and make money out of it. It is flexible in nature and configuring the theme is just a piece of cake thanks to the number of customization options available. You will have all the creative freedom while designing your website.

To make sure that the audience finds your content attractive, it comes with plenty of options for fonts, colors, and typography. For making your website functionally sound, it has built-in core capabilities and features. Importing the demo content is a good option if you want to get started with your affiliate website almost instantly. 

Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme

VW Coupon Pro

Coupon WordPress Theme is a fantastic theme that helps you build coupon code websites that enables the audience to search for the best deals and discount coupons that are provided by third-party stores. It includes a comprehensive and exceedingly useful set of features and in-built functionality that will allow you to customize things such as color, fonts, background, and much more. You can change things easily and get your website ready in a very short time.

Our developers know that SEO plays a key role in making your coupon site a hit. This is the reason why our developers have made this theme to take advantage of the best SEO practices. You no longer need to worry about getting organic traffic. All you need to do is just focus on running your business. The theme also follows translation practices as it contains the .pot file for facilitating easy translation into multiple languages.

Coupon WordPress Theme

VW Ayurveda Pro

Ayurveda WordPress Theme is beneficial for businesses related to Ayurveda or ayurvedic products. It can also be used by those who provide holistic treatments, ayurvedic doctors, and consultants. The color scheme of this theme is very well suited for the cause and the best part is, you can design 100% unique websites using this wonderful theme. There are unlimited customization options available for you that allow you to change every aspect of the theme and get it personalized as per your liking.

This theme can also be used to run blogs that relate to ayurvedic products, treatments, holistic methods for health care, etc. It supports the Woocommerce plugin which means that you can easily establish an online store to sell your ayurvedic and herbal products right away from your site. You can bring your business into the spotlight by getting this amazingly designed Ayurveda theme.

Ayurveda WordPress Theme

VW Knowledge Base Pro

This Knowledge Base WordPress Theme is a great theme that promises to refine every aspect of your knowledge base website. It comes with a beautifully stunning design that compels the audience to have a closer look at it. This never fails to attract more visitors to your site. Different menus and sections such as FAQ, customer support, etc. are included. It comes with a lot of options that will prove helpful for you to reach out to your focus audience and target a broad range of people around the world that speak multiple languages.

It is possible as this theme can be translated into multiple languages. There is an option where the reader and clients can leave their reviews about your services. It has a classy header and an adjustable footer along with so many options for configuring the theme. Absolutely no coding talent is required for using this theme to perfection. Its well-written documentation will guide you through.

VW Knowledge Base Pro

VW Publisher Pro

Take a look at this wonderful, receptive and adaptable Publisher WordPress Theme. This trendy theme has become a preferable choice for bogs, magazines, and any kind of stuff that is related to publishing. If you want to have an overview, have a look at its demo. It will give an idea of how your website is going to look. Not everyone is a WordPress expert, right? Considering this fact, developers have made it user-friendly.

They have completely eliminated the need for coding skills for using this theme. This theme uses drag and drops page-building options for easy page-making. The live theme customizer enables you to do the necessary changes and view them in real time. It has been optimized for speed and focuses on boosting your SEO to get more traffic on your site. The different style choices that this wonderfully framed theme provides for the blog are simply incredible.

Publisher WordPress Theme

VW Under Construction Pro

Under Construction WordPress Theme is among the preferred choices to design a web page when you are putting your website under maintenance. It is a very simple and quick solution for your under-construction website needs. Making your customers and audience aware of your under-maintenance website is very important. Otherwise, you may end up losing a lot of your clients and potential customers. This multipurpose theme comes with a countdown timer that assures that you will be back with your full-function website on a particular date and time.

The timer shows the time of re-launch in months, days, hours, and even seconds. It also comes with a newsletter subscription form to help your clients and visitors stay updated. This theme also comes with social media icons and offers options for colors and typography. It is made compliant with the latest WordPress version and follows all the latest WordPress standards.

Under Construction WordPress Theme

VW Theatre Pro

Get your hands on this truly incredible Theatre WordPress Theme. It has been crafted specifically for theatres and drama companies. Even professional production companies can use it for their websites. This gorgeous theme is ready to steal the limelight. You will see the fantastic features and spell bounding colors that add a dramatic effect to your theatre website. It has a great space for highlighting the images of your plays and shows.

The color scheme makes the other colorful images and content pop up. It has theatre templates and other pre-built stuff that makes things easy for you as you don’t have to start everything from scratch. You can allow your audience to book tickets; see your featured shows and the details regarding your artists on your website. This wonderful theme is a great example of modernity, elegance, and functionality and results in a cool website that makes a long-lasting impression.

Theatre WordPress Theme

VW Laptop Repair Pro

This Laptop Repair WordPress Theme is a fine theme that works perfectly for laptop repair stores and laptop repair service providers. If you are an expert in laptop repair, then you can also use this theme for showing your area of expertise online. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of this theme is that it has a collection of pre-built pages and all of them are super attractive. It is user-friendly and comes with a lot of space for necessary information regarding your services and their details.

Its adaptive nature will make your website adapt to the screens of various devices and doesn’t crop any of your web data while viewing it on small screens. The documentation is there to help you as it explains everything regarding the theme and its use. There are various sections for projecting every kind of service you provide. Also, the customers can leave their feedback on your site so that you can analyze their opinion about your services.

Laptop Repair WordPress Theme

VW Cafe Pro

If you are thinking about trying out the WordPress theme for your cafe website, then you are on the right track. This Cafe WordPress Theme can give you a website that will look completely different and out of the box. This theme has been designed with the purpose of cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants serving coffee. It allows you to take full advantage of its top-quality features that will make your website fully functional and interactive.

The theme features a beautiful slider that perfectly blends with the theme. This fully customizable theme provides you with slider settings and a customizable footer as well. It has been made interactive by its CTAs and holds plenty of goodies in its bag. With innumerable colors and font options, it furnishes you with pre-built content as well. You can add various widgets such as one for showing your cafe timing, another for different types of coffees you serve, and much more.

Cafe WordPress Theme

VW Boat Rental Pro

Boat Rental WordPress Theme has a classy and good-looking design that visitors are surely going to find easy on their eyes. It is built to cater to the needs of boat or yacht rental services. The beautiful layout and plenty of wonderful effects will add to the decorative flair of your website. In the demo of this theme, you can clearly see the enticing homepage that is full of many useful sections. You can use any of these sections as per your needs.

Don’t be bothered about the additional sections as you can easily disable them since the theme has options for enabling and disabling a particular section. With the drag-and-drop page-building tool, you can effortlessly get the pages ready for your website within a matter of minutes. You have the full authority to decide what you want to display on your site. This is because the theme provides a layout that is completely customizable.

Boat Rental WordPress Theme

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VW Conference Pro

For business, corporate and professional conferences, this WordPress Conference Theme is an ideal match. Even business expos and events can also use this theme to spread the word. It is a highly resourceful and well-organized theme that highlights even the smallest details about your conference. This retina-ready theme supports great visuals and content. It has a responsive design that results in websites that responds to different devices and screens.

This theme has a clean code in its core and has been optimized for delivering brilliant performance across various browsers. With the theme options panel, you can make the changes in the layout just like that without getting involved with the coding part. It has a huge collection of shortcodes that allow you to add any desired element to your site. There are sections that will display the details of your conference along with the speakers and their topics.

Conference WordPress Theme

VW Catering Pro

This Catering WordPress Theme brings an unlimited number of possibilities for caterers and food suppliers by getting them a wonderful website for their business. A prominent web presence can take your catering services to new heights. This is the reason why more caterers are choosing this WordPress theme for making their business popular. Its beautiful slider attracts visitors by displaying mouth-watering images of the food.

It has customization tools using which you can configure the website to suit the type of business you do. The theme is optimized for mobile view and scales effortlessly on different devices as well. Developers have enriched it with beautiful CSS3 animations and demo data that can serve the purpose. This theme also supports multiple languages. Thus any person speaking any language can translate it into the desired languages and understand what services you are offering in a better way.

Catering WordPress Theme

VW Optician Pro

Optician WordPress Theme is a stylish and minimalist theme for optician websites and other eye care-related services. It is a feature-rich theme that shows your premium quality services. Eye clinics, ophthalmologists, and optometrists can use this theme to make their professional websites. It uses a Bootstrap layout and effective CSS3 animations for your website. It is packed with a lot of demo data and pre-built page templates that could get you a site ready to roll within minutes.

This theme is extremely user-friendly and shows compatibility with so many add-ons. Its functionality can also be extended using plugins. For establishing a new revenue medium, you can convert a website into an eCommerce store using the Woocommerce plugin. This theme provides just the right amount of space for showing the range of products and services you provide. Its extensive documentation helps even a novice to frame a website without hiring a professional developer.

Optician WordPress Theme

VW Real Estate Pro

For the real estate industry and websites, this Real Estate WordPress Theme is a great choice to make. It does a commendable job for real estate agencies as well as individual real estate agents. It is coded with a clean HTML code and has a lot of customization options for ensuring that everyone should be able to modify the output according to their requirements. Its clean, sleek, and the responsive design scales perfectly on different devices.

It takes into consideration all the needs of a real estate firm. Visitors can see all the details regarding the estates shown on the website. They can search the property according to their budget. Also, it allows adding custom widgets and post types using the shortcodes available along with the theme. It is a fast-loading theme that can make your page load speedily and keeps your visitors engaged.

Real Estate WordPress Theme

VW Coming Soon Pro

This Coming Soon WordPress Theme is a fabulous choice if you are looking to have themes for WordPress for your coming soon page. It is a multipurpose theme for any kind of business. Designed to spread the word about upcoming business websites, this theme does complete justice to the cause. It will get you a perfect coming soon page for making your audience and customers aware of the new business venture you are coming with.

This is really beneficial as you will be able to grab the attention of your future projects even before it is actually launched. The theme provides different templates using which a coming soon page can be designed. There are different styles available out of which you can use any of your choices. The layout displays a timer that shows your launch time. Also, the theme comes with social media icons using which you can link your social media account for quick promotion.

Coming Soon WordPress Theme

VW Plumber Pro

It doesn’t matter if you are working for a plumbing company or a self-employed and certified plumber. This Plumber WordPress Theme will result in a great website for professional plumbers. To look good on all devices, it is made responsive and cross-browser compliant. Built using a Bootstrap framework, this theme does a great job of showing all your skills and services effectively on your website.

It shows compatibility with many free as well as premium plugins. Selling plumbing products is so much easy thanks to the Woocommerce compatibility of this theme. Ample demo content is included in the theme that can be imported in a matter of clicks using the single-click demo importer. The visually appealing pre-built pages will aid you when it comes to designing the inner pages. It is also SEO optimized for fetching more organic traffic for your site. 

Plumber WordPress Theme

VW Islamic Center

Islamic Center WordPress Theme is a wonderful theme to represent your religious ethics. It satisfies all the needs of an Islamic institution, mosque, or any kind of Islamic and religious community organization. It contains website templates for WordPress that are effective in representing any Islamic website. Some of the standout features are so unique to the Islamic culture. The boxed layout of this theme looks amazingly beautiful on different screens and devices.

With this theme, designing and managing your website is very easy as it doesn’t require any kind of coding skills. The easy customization options of the theme allow everyone to give their creative input. Using its WPML and RTL support, your website can be translated into multiple languages. It offers to add an unlimited number of sliders and other elements. Its header is simple yet attractive and shows the details regarding your Islamic institution. Using this theme, you will get a website ready within minutes.

Islamic Center WordPress Theme

VW Childcare Pro

Childcare WordPress Theme is a beautifully designed theme that gives you a wonderful childcare website for your daycare center, and other childcare-related services. Its adorable pictures and beautiful colors clearly convey the purpose of this theme. This can also be a fine choice for the kindergarten’s website. You can show beautiful pictures of the various facilities that you provide in your daycare center. For showing your team of babysitters, this theme provides a separate section.

However, if you provide those services on an individual level, you can disable the team section. This theme will help you to explain every plus point of your babysitting services through your website. It comes with an editable footer that also shows the timings of your daycare center. Social icons are also embedded in this theme so that you will be able to promote your business by linking them through social media.  

Childcare WordPress Theme

VW Laboratory Pro

If you want to frame a website for your laboratory, you must try this Laboratory WordPress Theme. Designed to cater to the needs of different laboratories, path labs, and research centers, this theme is capable of representing your lab in a professional way. Its unconventional design and well-sorted layout make it an ideal choice. It is highly intuitive and interactive due to the Call To Action (CTA) buttons it has.

Introduce your lab by displaying information about the research work and other facilities you provide in your lab. It has a full section that is dedicated to the different types of facilities that you have. Using the gallery, you can show all your accomplished projects. This theme comes with a contact form for viewers to send in their queries or inquire just about anything they want. The design is extremely user-friendly and hence, anyone can use it without any coding knowledge.

Laboratory WordPress Theme

VW Political Pro

WordPress Political Theme aims at providing you with a complete package when it comes to a website that is used for a political campaign. As this theme is built around the Bootstrap CSS3 framework, it provides you with high flexibility by giving you so many options to configure the theme as per your political requirements. The default look is also good to go but you can always change a few aspects to make it look perfect as per your needs.

It contains a lot of impressive stuff such as pre-built demos, inner pages, and shortcodes. The animation effects are simply superb. This theme can also be used by bloggers who are keen to write about politics and relevant topics. Other than the conventional options that any political theme has, it offers you CTAs that appeal to people to be a part of this campaign. The theme is made compatible with several payment gateways for accepting donations.

Political WordPress Theme

VW Flower Shop Pro

This Flower Shop WordPress Theme is certainly one of the easiest to use and professionally designed themes for florists, floral decorators, and flower shops. Its built-in customization options make it the most preferable choice for the flower business. This theme doesn’t have too many fancy elements. It is the simplicity of this theme that steals the show. For making your potential clients take interest in your website, it comes with a beautiful slider that has CTAs.

If you are a dealer of different types of flowers, you can show the full range by using several sections. You can also display the prices of flowers and bouquets and provide detailed instructions for their online purchase. This theme supports Add-ons and plugins so that its functionality can be easily enhanced. There is a newsletter for your audience so that they can remain connected and updated.

Flower Shop WordPress Theme

VW Psychologist Pro

Psychologist WordPress Theme is a clean and responsive theme for professionals in psychology. Professional psychologists and psychotherapists can design a website that shows their profile and area of expertise using this theme. It has a fully customizable layout that can be made to fit perfectly into your practice. It is quite evident that no medical professional would be having coding skills, and this is the reason why this theme is made user-friendly.

Anyone with or without any coding knowledge can design a website using this theme. Its pre-constructed framework matches very well with the concerned profession. However, you can still tweak it to make it look distinct. The theme layout provides space for showing the different kinds of conditions you treat. Your patients and visitors can get their queries answered by using the contact form. Its SEO-friendly code will make more visitors available on your page so that there are better chances of more people reaching out to you.

Psychologist WordPress Theme

VW Video Vlog Pro

This WordPress Video Theme is a stunningly beautiful and stylish WordPress theme specially designed for video blogs and portals. For showcasing some of your most powerful content of yours, it comes with a beautiful slider with multiple sliders. It supports displaying videos anywhere on your site. A mobile-first approach is followed by this theme to make sure that all the video content displayed on the web page looks great on smartphones as well.

The color scheme is very attractive with beautiful animation effects and an owl carousel. It has a layout with a sidebar that is useful for showing other important details other than the main content. You can easily edit the design and make it suitable for your blog. It has an inbuilt newsletter for visitors so that they can remain updated. Many shortcodes and demo content is also included in the theme for quick page building.

Video Vlog WordPress Theme

VW Sports Pro

Go with this WordPress Sports Theme to build a dazzling and appealing sports website. This is one of the finely crafted themes for a sports club, sports academy, and any kind of sports-related website. The Theme focuses on highlighting the important aspects of your sports-related business. It gives you a layout that will result in a comprehensive website to show information and specifications about the different sports facilities and sporting events.

This theme is an extremely responsive and trendy theme that follows the latest WordPress standards. All the features included in this theme are very beneficial for making your website super functional. The slider is very pleasing in appearance and has CTAs. The drag and drop page building tool makes page building a breeze. And for this, you don’t need to shed even a single drop of sweat by getting involved in the brainstorming and cumbersome coding part.

Sports WordPress Theme

VW Gaming Pro

This impressive and visually appealing WordPress Gaming Theme is a fine example of professionalism and thoughtful efforts. Its highly impressive design doesn’t fail to wow any gamer. It is a full house package of features and top-class functionality that will result in a fine website for online gamers. This modern and sophisticated theme has a super-flexible front-end that can be easily modified to match the kind of online gaming services you provide. 

Its animation effects are highly impressive to take your gaming website to an altogether different level. It offers options for colors, typography and many other settings for making desirable changes. It comes with Google font integration. You can save your valuable time and efforts while framing a website as you don’t need to be a coding expert for using this theme. Its demo content can be efficiently used to craft a website within a few minutes.

Gaming WordPress Theme

VW Tattoo Pro

This Tattoo WordPress Theme is build to design a website that best suits to tattoo parlors. For designing the online portfolios of professional tattoo artists, this theme is a great option. It is easy to use and its time-saving module has proved beneficial for quick website designing. With time-saving, it means that you can use the demo data as it is to get started. Or you can also make the necessary changes using the theme options panel.

There are several features for demonstrating all the kinds of tattoos you provide. You can exhibit your tattoo business features for using the different sections of the theme. The responsive and mobile-friendly design makes your web page fit in well to the screens of varying sizes. It also comes with a contact form and shows compatibility with different third-party plugins such as Woocommerce, Social media, etc. It is made translation ready for targeting the global audience. 

Tattoo WordPress Theme

VW Church Pro

Get this Church WordPress Theme for a website that highlights your church, non-profits, and fundraising organizations. The theme has so many well-designed pages and sections for showing the different practices and objectives of the church. It has a slider that shows images of your church and gives the feeling of tranquility to the visitors. You can share the projects and different events organized by the church.

On the technical front, this theme is excellent as it has been built by maintaining the standards issued by WordPress. Along with plugin compatibility, this theme is also made to show compatibility with several payment gateways that would be an excellent medium for accepting donations. You can show information about the church pastors, upcoming events and recent updates and news regarding the church. It also comes along with a separate post type that allows you to display reviews and testimonials.

Church WordPress Theme

VW Digital Marketing Pro

Digital Marketing WordPress Theme puts together an excellent result of collective efforts in designing this theme. It is a detail-oriented and concise theme for representing digital marketing firms and agencies. This theme opens up a whole new world of opportunities for those firms that deal with marketing, promotion, and sales. This powerful theme is built using the Bootstrap framework and encompasses a lot of useful features.

The homepage is well-designed and conveys just the right amount of information about your marketing agency. It is integrated with Google fonts and has a beautiful color palette to work with. You can show the different plans and services and provide the option for your clients to choose any one of their choices. The theme supports Woocommerce and has social media icons. Your website will be spotted easily in the top ranks of search engine results because of its SEO-optimized design.

Digital Marketing WordPress Theme

VW Physiotherapy Pro

Looking for a theme with a knack for physiotherapy websites? Get this Physiotherapy WordPress Theme that contains all the essential elements for crafting a professional-looking website for physiotherapists, chiropractors, and physical therapy clinics. With a flexible design, it also offers a lot of personalization options for molding the theme the way you want. To provide its visitors with a great viewing experience, it is made responsive and mobile-friendly.

This theme shows all the facilities that you provide as a physical therapist. It shows your caring attitude towards your patients. The theme has a testimonial section where you can show the reviews of your satisfied patients. The drag-and-drop page builder tool is included to facilitate easy page-making without the need for writing codes. You can add multiple widgets according to the services you are providing. Luckily, this physiotherapy theme comes with an appointment booking form for patients that gives them a sigh of relief and saves them time as well.

Physiotherapy WordPress Theme

VW Consulting Pro

As a consulting agency, if you want to attract more potential customers, then go online with your business using this Consulting WordPress Theme. This theme has ready to use layout that will help you to get a website ASAP. You can simply use the pre-built content, introduce your own style into it using the theme options panel and you are ready to roll. The demo content of this theme clearly makes the website building a breeze for you.

This theme is explicitly designed to serve the needs of consulting firms and its user-friendly interface doesn’t demand any coding skills from the user as there is no programming involved for customizing the elements. Its clean and bug-free code ensures the smooth operation of your website on different platforms and browsers. This modern theme follows all the latest trends. The SEO-optimized design allows your page to feature in the top results of web searches. 

Consulting WordPress Theme

VW Pool Services Pro

Get yourself noticed with this wonderful Swimming Pool WordPress Theme. it gives a great looking website for your pool maintenance service business. Also, pool construction and cleaning companies can use it effectively for their websites. In addition to its modern source code, it has a user-friendly interface that doesn’t bother you while using the theme. It will make a complete package for crafting a pool service website available to you.

This theme has beautiful icons that add life to your page. You cannot miss noticing its beautiful animation effects. Its top-class features make it rank among the top WordPress themes. This theme supplies the user with drag and drop functionality that facilitates easy page building. Irrespective of many useful features, this theme is very lightweight and doesn’t slow down your website. Several WordPress plugins are also supported by the theme. it is a perfect pick for establishing a pool maintenance website that will popularise your business. 

Pool Services WordPress Theme

VW Fashion Designer Pro

This exceedingly beautiful and trendy Fashion Designer WordPress Theme for fashion stores. Fashionistas and bloggers can find this theme relevant for starting their blogs related to the latest fashion trends. With this multipurpose theme, you can make your fashion business grow by reaching out to people across the world. This fashionable theme will make your website stand out by adding extra glamour to it. Its elegant and out-of-the-box design will give a unique identity to your site.

This theme follows all the guidelines issued by WordPress and gives you an ample amount of features to make your website fully functional. Its layout has attractive colors that will blend perfectly with your business. There is an n-number of sections for showing several aspects of your business. There are options for section reordering and section enable/disable. It is social media friendly and has plugin compatibility so that you can add many useful elements to your site. 

Fashion Designer WordPress Theme

VW Industrial Pro

Crafted specifically for manufacturing industries, heavy industries, and factories, this Industrial WordPress Theme is capable of giving a solid web presence to your industrial business. With this theme, you will get a website that will help you in quickly generate leads for your business. It comes along with templates for Construction companies and plenty of demo data that is just a click away. It will help you to make your site function within no time.

The best thing about this theme is that it is very easy to install, set up, and use. Not only professional developers, but novices can also use this theme equally well. They can also refer to the documentation that explains and everything about this theme. Its translation-ready design allows your website to be translated into multiple languages. On top of all this, you can get the benefit of dedicated support from its developers as well as theme updates for a period of one year.  

Industrial WordPress Theme

VW Cleaning Services Pro

Cleaning Services WordPress Theme is made to work well for different types of cleaning services. It will give a website that represents every kind of cleaning service and business. This is possible because of its incredible flexibility and multipurpose design that can be effortlessly customized. You can customize almost everything including colors, texts, typography, background images, and much more. For making it user-friendly, developers have taken care that users can directly get things done without getting into the coding stuff.

It comes with a slider and a well-designed header that is also customizable. Different sections are also included that beautifully showcase the services you provide. You can display the information regarding your company, and your staff along with their pictures as well as different service packages. Make your website more engaging by including the client’s reviews. Using its Woocommerce compatibility, you can also sell your cleaning products and generate more revenue.

Cleaning Services WordPress Theme

VW Moving Company Pro

This modern and sleek Moving Company WordPress Theme is a perfect pick when it comes to websites for moving companies. Its versatile design suits well to companies that provide packing and moving services, logistics, and delivery services. One of the key things about this theme is that you don’t need to mess with the coding part while using the theme and modifying it as per your business demands.  

With the theme options panel and drag-and-drop page builder tool, website designing is just a matter of minutes or in some cases, it will take a few hours. With this WPML-compatible theme, you can make multilingual presentations for your business so that every person sitting in any corner of the world will be able to access your website and understand the kind of services you provide. You can stunningly show all your projects by using this wonderful theme. 

Moving Company WordPress Theme

VW Computer Repair Pro

Want to design a website for your computer repair service? Your search ends here. This Computer Repair WordPress Theme is among the most preferred themes for WordPress that will represent your services on the online platform. It will create an online space for your business where you can meet your potential customers and convert them into your clients. This theme has a super responsive and mobile-ready design that makes the site look fabulous even on smartphones.

Theme comes with so many page templates and demo data which can help you to get started with immediate effect. You can stick to the original default design or can modify it using the various options available. The choice is completely yours. It gives a high loading speed thanks to its highly optimized code. Anyone can access the website using any popular web browser as this theme is cross-browser compatible. With this theme, you can immediately start making progress.  

Computer Repair WordPress Theme

VW Jewellery Pro

Jewellery WordPress Theme is a visibly alluring and modern theme designed for jewelry stores and jewelry designers. It is intended to bring high aesthetics to your online model of a jewelry shop. It has an eye-catching design that is so effective in catching visitors’ eyes. The powerful administration options of this theme grant you control over several elements of the theme. The theme also combines the characteristics of a blog that makes it useful for bloggers that are keen to write about jewelry and other fashion trends.

The theme has various segments and includes a gallery as well for representing all your beautiful creations. Thanks to its streamlined design, your website will remain un-bloated irrespective of the array of features and functionalities that this theme provides. You can easily create content that would describe your store in the best possible way. It comes with Woocommerce support that lets you sell your jewelry and accessories online.

Jewellery WordPress Theme

Law Firm Pro

Represent your Legal organization with a powerful theme just like this Law Firm WordPress Theme. It comes with a slider allowing you to display multiple pictures of your firm in the form of a slide show. Its header and footer are completely customizable. The theme has a simple menu and sticky navigation for keeping the audience engaged. Developers have made it thoughtfully by considering each and every aspect of the law firm.

A whole section is dedicated to showing details about your company to help viewers understand what you exactly do and what your areas of practice are. As a law firm, it is important that you should put forward your record of successful cases. So, a separate section for showing your case studies is also included. Client reviews that you show on your page will render a positive impression on your potential clients. 

Law Firm WordPress Theme

VW Fitness Gym Pro

This Fitness Gym WordPress Theme will give your business a powerful presence that your potential customers can notice. Built with perfection, this theme is a perfect pick for gyms, fitness studios, and health clubs. It features an energetic design and has beautiful animation effects. The color scheme of this theme and unlimited personalization options makes it a great theme, to begin with. Users can simply use these options to make necessary changes in the layout without bothering about the coding part.

It has been packed with a number of shortcodes that helps you to add several custom post types and widgets to the web page. You can show the timings of the gym, different fitness packages, and plans along with their pricing. Visitors can browse through your website smoothly to get an exact idea about your services. A newsletter is also included for the visitors. It is surely among the must-have themes for fitness websites and blogs.

Fitness Gym WordPress Theme

VW Automotive Pro

Automotive WordPress Theme is an incredibly designed theme for automotive-related businesses. This is great for automotive dealers, automotive spare part sellers, and other service providers. It includes all the necessary data required to set up a website. Theme includes pages related to Woocommerce that will make online trade easy for you. Thanks to the page-building tools, you can now create web pages in just a few clicks without writing any code.

Using the theme options panel, you can now give a truly distinct and attractive look to your website. The design is very intuitive and contains search tools to facilitate your potential clients with an easy search for the required brand or model. It includes just the right amount of space for showing all the types of brands and car models. You can show all the details regarding your business, how you work, about your staff and much more. This theme is committed to giving you a prominent presence on the online platform.

Automotive WordPress Theme

VW Sirat Pro

Sirat is an extremely useful, versatile and Multipurpose WordPress Theme with absolutely stunning design. It fits well with businesses belonging to various niches. Sirat is 100% responsive and fully customizable with a live customizer to see the changes live. Along with colors, texts, font, and images, you can enjoy customizing sidebars, header, footer, and background as well. You don’t have to design a device-specific version of your website as this theme is already scalable and automatically adjusts itself to different screen sizes.

Its improved and latest code results in an improved performance in terms of speed and functioning. Social media icons included in the theme play a key role in popularising your business through social platforms. This theme is compatible with several popular plugins as well and is already optimized for getting better ranks in search engine results. You are also benefitted with automatic theme updates and technical support. With Sirat, you can start handling things just the way you wanted.

Sirat WordPress Theme

VW Travel Pro

WordPress Travel Theme is a beautifully crafted theme for travel destinations, travel agencies, and tour planners. Using this theme, you can also start a travel blog. It is among the top WordPress website themes that work explicitly for businesses related to tours and travels. The theme incorporates some of the best SEO practices and guarantees improved organic traffic on your web page. With this theme, you are able to add beautiful pictures of trips, travel destinations and tourist hotspots across the world.

To facilitate your clients and potential customers with a booking facility, it comes with an online booking form. It supports different payment gateways that allow your customers to pay online. This theme provides you with a lot of options such as the number of pre-built pages and layout to choose from, customization options and slider settings and much more. With this travel theme, you can get started with your website within minutes.

Travel WordPress Theme

VW Ecommerce Store Pro

Want to make building an online eCommerce store easier than ever? Get this WordPress Ecommerce Theme to get an eCommerce website ready. It is entirely capable of handling eCommerce websites of all kinds. It possesses a highly user-friendly interface that makes the users handle it with ease. There are many powerful elements that enhance the functionality of your eCommerce store website. It is coded with powerful HTML code and has CSS3 animations to take your website to the next level.

Some of the useful content blocks are already included in the theme that you can readily utilize as it is. Or, you may even tweak and modify them as per your wish. The Woocommerce compatibility of this theme is really helpful is giving a full-blown eCommerce website. Detailed documentation also accompanies the theme and explains each and everything to the users.

Ecommerce Store WordPress Theme

VW Eco Nature Pro

This Eco Nature WordPress Theme is made to create websites for businesses related to non-conventional energy, environmentalists and ecological organizations. This theme offers you the flexibility to create unlimited design solutions for websites related to nature and its conservation. It is optimized for delivering a great loading speed that helps to keep the visitors’ interest alive. It is integrated with Google fonts and has so many options for colors.

Another noteworthy thing about this theme is that if you are into businesses where you sell plants and saplings, organic manure and plants’ seeds, then also you can use it to take your business on the online platform. It has a Bootstrap framework that provides a robust design to the theme. Its responsive design shows adaptability to the screens of different sizes and resolutions. Shortcodes are also there for your use. With a website that is designed using this wonderful theme, you will hardly go unnoticed.

Best Eco Nature WordPress Theme 2020

VW Maintenance Service Pro

Get an extra edge for your website with this WordPress Maintenance Service Theme. This theme positively reflects the different maintenance services you provide. It results in a modern, updated and convincing representation of your business on the online platform. A lot of page templates and pre-built data are included in the theme that proves as a great help for designing a web page in a very short time. You can import the demo content in just a single click and get started with your work.

This skillfully designed theme has quite a long list of incredible features. But the most astonishing thing is that, despite being packed with the features, this theme doesn’t bloat your website. Your website runs smoothly with fast loading pages. You can choose from different layout including slider settings. The retina-ready and responsive design makes your website accessible from all kinds of devices.

Maintenance Service WordPress Theme

VW Furniture Carpenter Pro

Don’t just settle with a beautiful looking website. Grab this Carpenter WordPress Theme turns your website into a valuable asset for your carpentry and woodworks related business. In the theme demo, you can see the different kinds of templates available. The drag and drop page builder facilitates easy page making. You can stick to the default look or use the customization options to make it look different.

If you don’t like the arrangements of the section, don’t worry. You can simply change the arrangements of the section as this theme facilitates section reordering and section enable/disable option. There are many options for featuring your products and accomplished projects as well. With the display of your work in the form of images, visitors will love to browse more about your work. Its SEO compliant nature will make more number of visitors and potential clients reach out to you.

Furniture Carpenter WordPress Theme

VW Dentist Pro

As a dentist, make your unique identity by getting a website designed using this Dentist WordPress Theme. This mobile-friendly and cleanly-designed theme is good for websites that represent dental clinics and portfolios of dental professionals. It treats you with demo content that will get you online almost instantly. You are allowed to change and modify the design and get creative by putting in your ideas.

Its Call To action Buttons make it interactive. Your patients and visitors can book an appointment online by using the appointment booking form. Featuring all aspects and different services of your dental clinic is now possible as this theme as a complete section dedicated to the same. You can provide all the details regarding your clinic and its staff as well. With Google Maps integration, your patients can easily find you. If you think anything is missing, you can make use of plugins to add the required elements.

Dentist WordPress Theme

VW Landing Page Pro

The importance of a well-designed landing page cannot be overlooked and this WordPress Landing Page Theme understands these things very well. This theme is a multipurpose theme that can be used for multiple businesses. As the landing page is the first thing that your customers and visitors will be seeing, it is made super attractive and appealing by using trendy colors, modern design elements, and fantastic CSS animations. It has a vast collection of design elements and pre-built data that can be easily utilized.

On top of this, the theme is packed with plenty of shortcodes for adding the desired elements such as testimonials, and other post types. With its SEO-optimized design, you are much likely to get featured in the top ranks of SERP. Full attention is given on maximizing your site’s performance by using a clean and bug-free code that results in minimum loading time. Your client’s and potential customers’ time will never be wasted.

Landing Page WordPress Theme

VW Kids Pro

Kids WordPress Theme is kids and child-oriented theme dedicated to kids’ stores, toy shops and stores selling kid’s accessories. It can also be modified to work effectively for kindergartens and playschools as well. It has a very intuitive design with playful icons. The color scheme is simply wonderful and attracts visitors. The customizable homepage of this theme consists of a beautiful slider and other sections for showing information about your kid’s related establishment.

You will be able to show the items for sale and the latest arrivals using the segments. This responsive and retina ready theme gives you advanced typography options along with theme options panel for personalizing the overall look of the website. All the elements of this theme scales and fits perfectly with the different screens of the various devices you use. You can’t miss the benefit of dedicated support from developers and automatic theme updates.

Kids WordPress Theme

VW Gardening Landscaping Pro

Landscaping WordPress Theme is among the popular website themes for WordPress. It is a beautiful example of how you can go online with your gardening services with the help of this theme. Its beautiful demo explains each and everything about the theme including the animations, functionality, and features. Its responsive layout will result in a scalable website that looks perfect on any device. A bold and beautiful slider is there to welcome your audience.

The well-designed structure and thoughtfully included sections of this theme put everything in a well-organized manner. With this, your visitors will be able to get an idea about the different landscaping and gardening services you provide. Using the gallery, you can post the pictures of your work which will act as a proof of your work to the potential customers. Its built-in header, customizable footer, and theme options panel give you the flexibility to change the overall look.

Landscaping WordPress Theme

VW Personal Trainer Pro

Personal Trainer WordPress Theme is a multipurpose theme that is a perfect fit for personal trainers. Let it be a personal fitness trainer or a yoga trainer; this theme can be transformed to fit well to any kind of personal training services. It comes with a capable Bootstrap framework and has a design that scales to all the different sizes of screens. It is cleverly designed to show all the details and facilities that you provide as a personal trainer.

You no longer need to be a coding expert for designing the website for yourself. The easy-to-use customization options available in the theme allow you to easily frame a website without even shedding a single drop of sweat. With the help of featured content, you can highlight the important content and posts. The theme supports Woocommerce and many other popular plugins that may prove handy. If you want to make your website a hit among the others, try this wonderful theme.

Personal Trainer WordPress Theme

VW Education Academy Pro

This well-decorated Academic WordPress Theme is a great tool for designing a website that represents an educational institution, schools, colleges, universities, or any education and teaching academy. It is super interactive with Call to Action (CTA) buttons that make your audience and students to take necessary steps for knowing more about the institute. It has a search bar allowing visitors to search for the courses they desire to join.

You can feature your popular courses and other services as well that will add to the quality of education you provide. It comes with a beautiful gallery for showing the images of your institution, campus, libraries and much more. It also comes with a registration form for students. Visitors can also subscribe to your newsletter for staying connected. On the technical front, this theme is made compatible with the latest WordPress version and supports different add-ons and plugins.

Education WordPress Theme

VW Event Planner Pro

With Event Planner WordPress Theme, you can get started with the website for your event planning business. If you are into any kind of event planner business then you must get a website for you. This theme does a commendable job in designing such websites. Its layout is well-organized and shows every aspect of your business including the different event planning services you provide. It highlights the important aspects and projects.

For publicizing your work, it comes with social media icons that will greatly influence your appearance on social platforms so that more number of people will be able to know about your services. This theme is cross-browser compatible and doesn’t demand any kind of coding knowledge from the user. It is extremely speedy and SEO optimized too. With this theme, you are sure that your website will look marvelous on any platform. This event planner theme is all you need to enter the world of event planning business with a bang.

Event Planner WordPress Theme

VW Medical Care Pro

This Medical WordPress Theme is a user-friendly and vividly designed theme for representing any medical institution, hospital, and clinic. The content and sections are very well organized and displays all the vital information at a glance. By showing various departments, you can help the patients to understand the different health services and treatments you provide. You can also facilitate visitors with pricing plans.

Through your website, the patients can take an insight into the quality of health services, your doctors and other staff as well. There are so many catchy elements that make your hospital website steal the limelight. A lot of widgets, shortcodes, and pre-built data are included in this responsive and retina-ready theme. It is made WPML and RTL ready for making your website easily translatable into different languages. With this theme, you can be fully assured that nothing important is left out.

Medical Care WordPress Theme

VW Yoga Fitness Pro

Are you a Yoga studio owner or a yoga teacher and want to spread a word about it? Get this Yoga WordPress Theme and design a beautiful website out of it. It comes with a streamlined layout and its minimalist design allows important content to fatter. The design elements are just perfect and don’t overshadow your content. With the Woocommerce integration, you can sell the yoga equipment and other stuff directly from your website.

Its RTL and WPML compatibility makes it suitable to be used by people across the world. The theme has plenty of personalization options and allows adding widgets, post types, and other elements to make your website more functional and interactive. Slider settings are also provided for modifications if required. Its documentation explains everything about the installation, setup, and features. Besides this, you are sure to get 24/7 dedicated support and theme updates for a year.

Yoga Fitness WordPress Theme

VW Transport Cargo Pro

By choosing this Transport WordPress Theme, you open a new doorstep of success for your transportation business. This theme results in an excellent website for businesses related to transport, logistics and plying services. You can create an ideal website that looks the same as what you have always desired. This is possible because of the different easy customization options offered by the theme. They will help you to get the perfect look for your website.

In the theme demo, you will see the simple menus and smooth navigation. It also has a collection of page templates related to the transport industry. It eliminates the need for hiring any web designer or SEO expert for your website because the developers have already made it user-friendly and can be used by any person with or without coding skills. Its SEO optimized code helps your website to fetch higher ranks in web searches. Its social media options help promote your business on a larger scale.

Best Transport Cargo WordPress Theme 2020

VW Car Rental Pro

Car Rental WordPress Theme is suitable for any kind of car rental business website. Irrespective of the type of vehicle you rent, this theme is able to deliver a professional website that will surely make an appeal to the target audience. Packed with a beautiful and impressive selection of pre-built pages and demo content, this theme offers you the luxury to use the content and make it suitable according to your preferences.

The theme is very easy to navigate and is furnished with a simple menu and search options so that your potential clients must be able to find out the desired vehicle they are looking for. With this theme, you will also be able to access the various features that will aid you in converting your potential clients into regular customers. There is a provision for listing the prices and other details regarding the vehicles. This theme could be a highly rated option for your car rental business.

Car Rental WordPress Theme

VW Health Coach Pro

Health Coaching WordPress Theme is for those who aim at providing health and lifestyle coaching to people. Various professionals such as health and wellness coaches, fitness coaches, yoga trainers, dieticians, etc. can show their services online using this theme. If your ultimate aim is to provide any kind of coaching that helps people to stay healthy and fit, then this theme is for you. It has so many website templates for WordPress that can be utilized as it is.

With the theme’s page building tool, you can create a web page for you without seeking anybody else’s help. It is very easy to manage and maintain your website as this theme offers you a theme options panel that enables you to do things just like that. You don’t even need any coding skills for this. You can now let the people know you through your website and help them get connected to you.

Health Coach WordPress Theme

VW Driving School Pro

Driving School WordPress Theme is a user-friendly and clean theme that is perfect for displaying your driving school and related services. The theme utilizes attractive colors and images that are conducive for conveying the information about the driving services you provide. This also comes with the demo content that is easy to customize. There are plenty of settings available for the slider, header, and footer.

Its live theme customizer enables you to make and see the changes online. For displaying your driving class timings, it comes with a timetable. You can also show the pricing plans for different types of courses you offer. With its drag and drop page builder, page making is just a piece of cake. There is enough space for showing information about your instructors and their specialization. Apart from all these things, the theme supports different plugins and add-ons that will prove beneficial in enhancing functionality.

Driving School WordPress Theme

VW Parallax Pro

Get this elegantly designed Parallax WordPress Theme that is suitable for multiple businesses. The stunning parallax scrolling effects of this theme will make your website look out of the box, no matter what type of business you run. It is made to work with perfection with the page builder tools. It offers a layout that can be changed the way you like it. By utilizing its large collection of content modules, you can swiftly build the inner pages of your website.

The homepage default design is pretty good and has a generalized appearance so that it fits any kind of business. The theme has smooth navigation and pagination options. There are settings available for header, footer, and slider. It also has section reordering and section enable-disable options available for the users. It has a minimalist design and its simplicity is enough to draw the attention of viewers. This theme provides you the fancy ways to put your projects and accomplished work in front of your audience.

Parallax WordPress Theme

VW IT Company Pro

If you are looking for something that is fancy and creative and offers a perfect platform for your IT company website, then this IT Company WordPress Theme is exactly what you are looking for. Its rich collection of WordPress elements and exclusive features will empower you to hit the online platform with a bang. Its layout is just perfect for IT corporations and other IT-related companies.

This theme is built on Bootstrap framework and uses CSS3 animations. It is robust and is capable of handling a large amount of traffic without bloating your website. It utilizes cutting edge technology and follows all the latest design standards issued by WordPress. With this theme, you can show the images of your work and introduce your developers and IT experts to the world. Its SEO friendly design takes care of your ranks in SERP and makes sure that you get the maximum number of visitors.

IT Company WordPress Theme

VW Solar Energy Pro

Solar Energy WordPress Theme is an opulent theme that is pleasing as well as compliant to solar energy-related businesses and firms. Manufacturing companies that produce solar-related products such as solar panels, solar lamps, solar water heaters, etc. can also use this theme to spread a word about their business. The theme is dynamic in nature and can be easily modified by using the different personalization options available.

With the integrated and effective admin-panel, one can effortlessly improve the look of the menus included, try out different typography options and finalize what suits them best. Its responsive design makes your website adjust automatically to the screens of various devices thus eliminating the need for a device-specific version. The extensive collection of shortcodes that this theme has proves effective in adding the different elements and post types to your site.

VW Solar Energy Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Painter Pro

Do you offer painting services or run a painting company? If so, then this Painter WordPress Theme is a must-have for you. It will represent your painting company to the world in a stylish way. It has plenty to offer for professional painters as well. An attractive slider is there that allures the potential clients with beautiful images of your work. The colorful layout of this theme will make your website pop.

By using the beautiful gallery, you can show all your previous work. With this, you can sell your services to your targeted audience. There are also a few extra features that will add to the USPs of your website. The contact form included is very helpful from customers’ point of view as they will be able to send their queries to you. There is also a separate space for displaying clients’ reviews and testimonials. Use this colorful theme and generate more sales for your services.

VW Painter Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW One Page Pro

One Page WordPress Theme is a multipurpose theme that displays all the content of your website on a single page. It fits well with any kind of business you name and has an extremely responsive design. With a beautiful slider and sticky menus, it will entice your target audience and shows them the different perspective of your business at a glance. There are different Call To Action (CTA) buttons, various sections for showing relevant information.

There are different settings provided for header, footer, and slider. Its cross-browser compatibility and WPML support make it even more useful in designing websites that are translatable. This theme is not just known for its features. The support that you get from its developers is simply outstanding. You can boost your one-page website with additional features by using plugins. It has all the things that are required to design a one-page website. 

VW One Page Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Mobile App Pro

WordPress Mobile App Theme has a design that is suitable for online mobile app stores and other related products. The exclusive functionality incorporated in this theme makes it one of the most preferred themes for WordPress. This pliable theme offers personalization options and makes tweaking easy. Its visually polished layout has been developed to attract the target audience and fulfill your business goals.

This innovative theme is made fast-loading and contains a bug-free code at its core. This code is also optimized for SEO and works well in fetching good ranks for your website, thus resulting in more traffic. Anyone, with or without prior coding experience can use this theme and modify it to perfection. The theme is the latest WordPress version compliant and has engaging capabilities. It is mobile-friendly and works well on different browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

VW Mobile App Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Bakery Pro

Bakery WordPress Theme is built for professional bakers and baking experts of all guilds. It has every tool embedded that will help you to bring your bakery website to fruition. With this theme, you can present a stunning portrayal of your baked delicacies and bakery products. It has been built with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Its ease of use doesn’t depend upon your previous coding experience. Anyone with or without coding skills can use it to perfection.

It has a beautifully carved gallery for projecting the images of your baked item, cakes, and other dishes. The retina-ready display of images will definitely make your website look stunning. It has well-designed sections that are placed systematically for making your content look well organized. Its cross-browser compatibility is the added advantage along with its support for plugins and other add-ons. The website designed using this theme is sure to impress visitors.

VW Bakery Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Photography Pro

WordPress Photography Themes can make a huge difference to your profession as a professional photographer. It will give you a website that will promote your photo studio far and wide. The eloquent dispersal of your services is the specialty of this theme. For a photography website, your pictures must look bright and crystal clear. Keeping this in mind, the theme is made retina-ready. This makes it handle high-resolution photography as well.

Built using the Bootstrap framework, it is coded using HTML code and has CSS animations for giving a great overall look to your website. You can fine-tune every aspect of this theme as its detailed customization options allow you to do so. For user’s ease, the theme is accompanied by well-written documentation that explains everything. Thanks to the bunch of shortcodes available within the theme, you can now easily add any of the custom post types to your page.

VW Photography Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Security Guard Pro

There is no need to look for other WordPress themes when you have this Security Guard WordPress Theme. This responsive WordPress theme is capable of catering to the needs of security agencies, security service proving firms and detective and surveillance agencies. You can discuss your expertise with your target audience with the help of a website that is created using this theme. The header and footer are editable and the menu is kept simple for providing smoother navigation.

Providing contact information is possible as this makes it easy for your potential clients to reach you using the contact details such as phone number or email ID. Its easy to use Drag and Drop interface makes the page building process much simple. You can have an idea about the functional elements of the theme just by looking at the demo. Moreover, the theme is extremely easy to install and setup and doesn’t demand any kind of coding or programming knowledge from you.

VW Security Guard Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Interior Design Pro

Want to have a trendy and up-to-date theme for representing your interior designing business? Go for this Interior Design WordPress Theme. It takes care of the needs of any interior designing business and can be modified to fit modern architectural firms as well. This theme offers you plenty of options to consider. You can always choose from the different page templates available with the theme. It makes customizing the layout pretty straightforward by providing you direct options for colors, typography, and other settings.

The large slider grants you an opportunity to share the full-width images of your creative work. Using the theme’s eCommerce support, you can now sell the interior designing and decorating items right away from your website. You can project a good portfolio of your completed projects in a stylish way. Apart from all this, you can easily get started with the blog. Projecting your pricing plans is also possible. This theme supports multiple plugins.

 WordPress Website Themes

VW Writer Pro

WordPress Themes For Writers is an excellent choice for getting started online. It is not only a one-stop solution for all the writers and authors out there but also well suited to freelancer and anyone who want to depict their writing skills. This theme is ever ready to take your website to the next level. It bears a professional design that perfectly matches your writing profession. Its minimalist design focuses on highlighting your written content.

Its 100% responsive design scales to different screens with perfection. With the mobile-first design, it will now make your content readable on smartphones as well. With so many built-in features, it offers easy customization options that will allow any person to fine-tune or modify the look without seeking any technical assistance. For quick promotion, it has so many social media icons. This theme will surely make your personality shine as a writer.

VW Writer Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Book Store Pro

This multipurpose and flexible Bookstore WordPress Theme is one of the most preferred themes for designing websites for book stores. This theme allows designing a full-fledged website for your book shop and enables you to have full control over all the website elements. A lot of demo data is included that can be readily imported in a single click. You can also promote and sell your digital books online.

Several categories and sections are designed that will help to display the books according to the different categories they belong to. Thus, visitors can easily find the books they are looking for. They can even directly search for the desired genre in the search box. With the Woocommerce plugin, you can generate more revenue by selling the books online. Also, the theme supports several payment gateways such as Razorpay, PayPal, debit cards, etc. for facilitating easy payment methods to your customers.

VW Book Store Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Portfolio Pro

WordPress Portfolio Theme is a minimalist theme that results in classy and professional online portfolios. It will attractively show your professional skills, no matter which profession you belong to. This theme is extremely easy to maintain and it serves as a great advantage as you can easily keep your website updated without seeking any kind of help from the developer. It encompasses a number of personalization options with over 100 Google Fonts and color options.

It comprises of a gallery as well that shows your work pictures and keep them segregated from the blog posts images. You can import the design form the demo content anytime and use it as it is. Or, you can also fine-tune it using the theme options panel. The code is clean and bug-free and takes care of the SEO requirements of your website. It lands you in top SERP rankings, eventually improving the traffic on your website.

VW Portfolio Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Wedding Pro

WordPress Wedding Theme is a super gorgeous and among the most romantic website themes for WordPress. The layout represents a simplistic and modern approach towards getting a wedding website. It is a perfect choice for those who have decided to walk the rest of their lives together and want to share their wonderful story with people. It is flexible enough to be used for other events such as engagement, anniversary, etc.

The images and pictures used fit well for the occasion. Even the fonts and typography perfectly complements the design. A separate space is provided for introducing would-be Bride and Groom. You can tell your story and invite your friends and relatives to be a part of this memorable day of your life. You can share the date, venue, and timings and appeal to people to join you. This theme offers possibly everything that you might require for sharing this wonderful occasion.

VW Wedding Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Hotel Pro

WordPress Hotel Theme is tailored to meet the demands of any hotel or hospitality related website. It has made creating a hotel website very easy. Using the slider itself, you can show the pictures of your luxurious hotel, rooms and accommodation services. Its niche-specific features will benefit you and will add a new dimension to your website. You can extensively customize this theme and make it suitable for your accommodation business.

ts code is clean and prevents bloating. On technical fronts, this theme works perfectly and shows compatibility with plugins. Utility wise, it is provided with an online booking form for customers and potential clients. There is a provision for online payment as well as it supports several payment gateways. For delivering better user experience, it is tested thoroughly for speed that results in fast loading pages. It is a fine theme for showcasing the hospitality services that help you reach out to the global audience.

VW Hotel Pro WordPress Website Themes

-browser compatible giving your page flexibility and stability. It is also among the most popular top WordPress themes and is reliable.

VW Startup Pro

With a modern and clean design, this Startup WordPress Theme is ideal for diligently showcasing your startup. The content focused design of this theme will result in a website that radiates professionalism. Along with the responsive and mobile-ready design, some other key elements of the theme are its big screen slider on the homepage for displaying your best work, theme customization options offered by the theme, logo upload option, etc.

There are separately designed sections for displaying information about your company, its products, and services. Its HTML code is clean and adds various attributes to the theme. Along with fast loading pages and smooth performance, it also takes care of the SEO. It works effectively for fetching good ranks in the SERP so that more number of visitors should visit your site and get to know about your services. It builds a solid flexible foundation for your website.

VW Startup Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Newspaper Pro

Though there is n-number of WordPress Themes in the market, this Newspaper WordPress Theme stands apart because of its wonderful design. Its legible and comprehensive design makes it the most suitable one for a newspaper website, online editorials or for publishing online news as well. This theme has many practical features that will impress all the readers. Tablets and smartphone users can also rejoice as the theme has a mobile-friendly design that seems to look perfect.

There are amazing header and customizable footer along with slider settings. It comprises of an amazing gallery that will readily host the pictures of your work. It offers plenty of personalization options for making the desired changes in the layout. You are also offered with a wide range of choices for colors and typography. The best thing is that it doesn’t require any prior coding experience. There is also an online subscription form that allows users to stay connected and receive updates about the recent news.

VW Newspaper Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Business Pro

If you are looking to design a successful business website, then this WordPress Themes for Business will fulfill your wish. It is a multipurpose theme that can adapt to any business and makes an intuitive and user-friendly interface available to the users. For maximizing the performance of your site, it comes with a core having clean code. Every detail about your company as well as the product is smartly highlighted by the theme.

When it comes to personalization options, this business theme has tools that will get you covered. With this, it accommodates any user irrespective of the technical knowledge. With the social media plugin, you can get the global audience covered. This theme also supports Woocommerce, thus allowing you to open a new revenue stream for your business. The simple menus and easy navigation results in an excellent browsing experience for all the visitors and potential customers.

VW Business Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Hair Salon Pro

Hair Salon WordPress Theme is truly a jewel when it comes to designing a modern website for your hair spa, hair salon, or hairdresser services. At very first glance itself, the theme literally casts a spell on the audience and leaves them curious to know more about your hair salon. It is a great combination of sophistication and style. The developers have paid attention even to the smallest details of the theme and have made it well-equipped to show every aspect of your salon.

It comes with an enticing home-page that has a slider for showing the beautiful images of your hair spa and salon in the form of slide shows. It is very effective in captivating the visitor’s attention. You can display your contact details, working hours and show the different pricing plans for various services you offer. With the appointment booking form, the visitors will be able to take appointments online.

VW Hair Salon Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW School Education Pro

School WordPress Theme has a set of attractive page templates for designing a school website. This premium theme gets you to access all the exclusive features and functionality that you seldom find in other premium themes. It has enough space for publishing all your courses and learning content online. It has inbuilt social media icons that will prove very effective in promoting your school. There is always a better chance of reaching out to more number of people by using the social media plugin.

For publishing your study content and material, you can make use of the LMS plugin. For creating a website within minimum time, this theme comes with a Drag and Drop page building tool. Its user-friendly interface allows you to have control over your website and helps you to easily manage it without seeking any sort of technical assistance. With this popular theme, you can get things done just like that.

VW School Education Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Charity NGO

Premium Charity WordPress Theme can certainly handle the task of presenting any kind of charity organization and undertakings on the online platform. Your website will never remain unnoticed if you design it using this theme. It is very easy, to begin with. You can install it within a few clicks and get the complete information regarding the features and set up in the theme documentation. As the theme also contains the demo data, you can use it for your website by importing it using a single click.

It has images and sections for highlighting the noble cause for which you are appealing to people for charity. You can display your upcoming charity events and appeal to people to be a part of your noble work. When it comes to promotion, it has social media icons and supports social media plugin as well. This theme makes accepting donations easy as it has compatibility with different payment gateways. This allows donors also to make donations online.

VW Charity NGO WordPress Website Themes

VW Magazine Pro

Premium Magazine WordPress Theme is an excellent theme for online magazines, editorials and reviews sites. With unmatched flexibility, this theme can be modified to cater to the needs of various publisher websites as well. This theme is visually stunning and functionally capable of fulfilling the demands of a magazine website. And ensures that your content is delivered in an attractive way that engages people while reading. It helps to makes your content shine as it offers a lot of typography, fonts, and color options.

The theme has a polished design and user-friendly interface that makes this theme easy to manage. The theme has various categories for magazines and provides selectivity for layout with different arrangements of the sidebar. It uses cutting-edge HTML5 code and follows the latest WordPress standards. Plus It is also made WPML and RTL compliant so that your website can be translated into multiple languages. Overall, it is a great theme for managing a website with a diverse range of magazines.

VW Magazine Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Pet Shop Pro

Premium Pet WordPress Theme is among those themes for WordPress that are intended to be used for websites related to pet shops and pet stores. It gives you a strong foundation along with the demo content and templates for establishing a pet shop website as well as pet grooming store website. You can get started like a champ as this theme offers an easy to use design along with so many options for improvisation.

This pet theme supports all the devices irrespective of the screen size and resolution. It is coded well to have fast loading pages and perform equally well on different browsers. With its Drag and Drop page builder, you can save a lot of your time and effort as you can get things done quickly. It also comes with a comprehensive newsletter or email subscription form. There are social media icons that thankfully, simplify the process of promotion.

VW Pet Shop Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Construction Estate Pro

Premium Construction WordPress Theme is a great option to be looked upon for the construction company website. Its modern and intuitive design fits well for any kind of construction business. With little modifications, even architectural firms can achieve the same results as construction companies. The theme layout has been curated for displaying the content and creative side of your business. Its retina-ready design displays all the images radiantly and more brightly.

The minimal and responsive design makes your website scalable and it can be viewed on any device. The smooth CSS3 animations of the theme add life to your site. With unlimited color changing and typography options, it also offers customization tools for fine-tuning the design and make it look unique. This theme supports plugins and has SEO optimized code for getting more traffic.

VW Construction Estate Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Blog Pro

If you want to get a website that boasts your blog then you must go for the Premium WordPress Blog Theme. It is among the popular WordPress themes for blogs. For those who are just interested in writing blogs, this theme is simply perfect. Its unique design features beautiful typography and offers choices for sidebars. Its wonderfully crafted layout makes the site look gorgeous and doesn’t require any coding skills.

You can tweak it to match your preferences as it has multiple customization options. This theme is retina ready and flexible enough to be used by users with different skill levels. This theme is very easy to install and its documentation explains everything in detail. There are different Google fonts and color options that offer selectivity. It also supports custom post format and has plenty of shortcodes to add them to your site. It has in-bundled social sharing options.

VW Blog Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Lawyer Pro

Being a lawyer or a private attorney, you must have a promising online appearance. This can be achieved by using a Premium Lawyer WordPress Theme. Its great-looking design makes your site standout. The simple and easy-to-use interface proves to be a boon for those who are not tech-savvy or don’t have any kind of coding skills. Its core is strengthened with a bug-free code that is also helpful in obtaining high-speed performance and quick loading pages.

It offers you all the elements, to begin with, a law firm website. The Drag and Drop page building tool will prove extremely handy for quick page making. The demos that are included can be used as it is or can also be modified and fine-tuned to represent your profile as a lawyer. Different services and case-studies can also be depicted on your site. Along with contact information, other information about your services such as years of experience, number of clients, etc. can also be shown.

VW Lawyer Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Ecommerce Shop

In order to get a smart and good looking website for your eCommerce shop, you must try out this eCommerce WordPress Theme. It is ready to serve daily deals and all kinds of eCommerce stores. Packed with a lot of demo content, this website designed using this theme is good to go live the moment you finish adding your content. The commercial capabilities of your site will be enhanced using the wonderful in-built features of this theme.

If you are looking to open an updated and modern storefront online, there could not be a better choice except this theme. The social media icons and social media plugin compatibility allow you to market your store products around the world without undertaking any extra efforts. You can check all the features and the overall look that your website will have by going through the theme’s demo. It is made robust by the Bootstrap framework and works effortlessly on different browsers.

Automobile WordPress Theme

VW Automobile Theme

Automobile WordPress Theme is created specifically for the automobile industry and automobile dealers. The different useful features of this theme barely need an introduction as it has already been depicted in the theme demo. This multifunctional theme gives you all the options so that you can come up with just the right page for your business. A simple page builder tool is included, so you don’t have to get into the coding part to have the desired website.

This automobile theme includes all kinds of pre-built and original designs for displaying the desired and necessary information. Also, the sections are thoughtfully created for showing the different categories of vehicles along with their prices. For easy communication between you and your clients, it comes with a contact form. The visitors can also request for the quote and can easily search for the desired vehicle. There is a separate place for publishing client’s testimonials.

VW Automobile Theme WordPress Website Themes

VW Corporate Pro

This ultramodern Corporate WordPress Theme is a great combination of elegance and professionalism. As the corporate sector based company needs the best online representation, you need the best theme to meet the purpose. This theme will definitely serve the purpose and allows you to be your optimal best on the online platform as well. You cannot afford to miss out on this theme that promises to give a phenomenal representation of your business.

To whichever corporate business you belong; this theme is sure to perform well. It has the power to boost your sales as it has various features and functionality that will make your website conducive for business growth. The crystal clear display of product images and the in-built social media icons will be beneficial in promoting your services. This responsive theme makes your website scalable as it fits well with different screen sizes. This theme is really worth investing in.

VW Corporate Pro WordPress Website Themes

VW Hospital Pro

Hospital WordPress Theme is a wonderful solution for hospitals, healthcare clinics, and institutions. You can comfortably create a page for your clinic or hospital just by using the easy page building tools. With the theme customization options, you can now hammer out a functional website within minutes. As the theme also has demo content, you are free to use it as it is or modify it using the personalization tools.

For patients and visitors, this theme provides a search option to see the availability of doctors and their OPD timings. They can also book online appointments through your website. For first-class performance and results, this theme is optimized for speed. Last but not the least; its SEO optimized design does a commendable job in fetching more organic traffic thus increasing the number of visitors on your site. This theme will take your hospital and healthcare services to new heights.

Premium Hospital WordPress Theme

VW Education Pro

As the name suggests, this Education WordPress Theme is for all kinds of education-related websites. For creating interactive education websites that are dedicated to online learning, this theme is a great choice. It must be noted that this theme support different plugins that serve as a great help for enhancing the theme’s functionality. It is user-friendly, highly customizable and allows you to tweak to have the perfect look for your site.

This theme also features modern search boxes that allow the student to search for the desired courses and blog posts. The Drag and Drop tool will help you in finish designing the pages in minutes. The theme showcases different sections for depicting different subjects, courses, and curriculum. The slider can be used to feature the beautiful pictures of your educational institution and its campus. This theme is an excellent tool for building your dream website.

Education WordPress Theme

VW Spa Pro

Spa WordPress Theme is one of the modern, stylish and beautiful website themes for WordPress. For any spa, beauty and massage center, this theme gives absolutely gorgeous websites. The moment you see the demo, you will immediately be impressed by the stuff. It will result in a website that makes the visitor get hooked immediately. With the purchase of this theme, you will be benefitted from the professional services from the developer.

With a full-width slider and sticky navigation, it doesn’t fail to engage the audience. This technically advanced theme doesn’t fail your website in terms of performance. It will make your page load with lightning-fast speed. The theme comprises of different sections for displaying various services of your spa. For selling the different spa products, you can get started with an online shop using the Woocommerce plugin. Its social media icons will let you expand your client base.

Salon Spa WordPress Theme

VW Tour & Travels Theme

Travel WordPress Theme focuses on delivering a visually stunning and eloquent website for the tourism industry. This theme understands that tourism being a complex industry requires a set of advanced features for properly showing the various aspects of tours and travels business. The theme comes with a detailed guide in the form of documentation that explains everything about the theme. The custom admin panel has plenty of tools that allow you to fine-tune the overall look.

Its fluid layout will give a smooth running website that works effortlessly on different web browsers. Different travel destinations can be represented in the sections according to their popularity. The social media links add pace to the site’s promotion. It also comes with plenty of widgets and shortcodes for adding custom post types and several other elements. By using this theme, you can expect an outstanding response to your website.

Free VW Tour WordPress Theme

VW Restaurant Pro

This Restaurant WordPress Theme is well equipped with intuitive and powerful web designing tools that will help webmasters from all walks of life to get a professional-looking website. It has the most alluring content for restaurant websites that will result in an engaging presentation and impresses your target audience. This theme works magnificently for restaurants, personal cooks and chefs, as well as all kinds of food-related businesses.

Using the impeccable image showcase of this theme, you can delight the visitors and audience with the beautiful images of your meal. By featuring your popular dishes and day-wise menu, you can give the target audience a chance to take the deep insight into your restaurant and know more about the food it serves. Its modern and stylish design represents your food with perfection. Many business-friendly features such as pricing plans and an online booking facility help to earn more revenue.

Restaurant WordPress Theme
Restaurant WordPress Theme

VW Fitness Pro

Premium Fitness WordPress Theme is one of the top WordPress themes that work wonderfully for fitness related websites. It is created especially for gyms and fitness centers to help them promote their services. A few out of the box demo designs provide ample choice for the users to get a perfect looking layout for their fitness studio. Once you grab this theme, you don’t have to look for any other option as it will fulfill all the requirements of a fitness website.

Right from class schedule, pricing plans, and different services, you can also show information about the trainers and their area of expertise. The powerful Drag and Drop page builder makes page making incredibly easy for you. Though this theme has all the features embedded into it, you can still add more if you want by using the different plugins and add-ons. With this theme, you don’t need to be worried about the performance as its highly optimized design will give you stunning performance and fast loading pages.

VW Fitness Pro WordPress Website Themes

This is certainly the best offer you can grab if you are looking to purchase WP themes in bulk. WordPress bundle is undoubtedly a one-stop solution that fulfills all your project requirements as a developer. Forget about buying single themes now and then and get all themes belonging to various business niches at once. Buying individual themes might break your budget but this bundle will not do so. You can make the theme bundle yours at an extremely discounted price and avail its benefits.

All its themes cater perfectly to the basic requirements of businesses of modern times. These ultra-modern, stylish and elegantly built themes are rich in features and deliver fully functional website in a matter of minutes. With the purchase of this bundle, you get support and updates for new as well as existing themes. You can make the theme bundle yours at an extremely discounted price and avail its benefits.