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Interior WordPress Templates

Interior WordPress Templates that we are going to discuss typically refer to pre-designed layouts or themes specifically created for websites related to interior design, home decor, architecture, or related industries. These templates are designed to provide a visually appealing and functional framework for websites focusing on interior design services, showcasing portfolios, featuring projects, or selling related products. Here, we have handpicked some versatile and well-known themes that comes under the category of Interior WordPress Templates. Let’s have a look at these themes and start to understand them in detail. Read More

1) Carpenter WordPress Theme

Premium Carpenter WordPress Theme under the category of Interior WordPress Templates is one of the unique options for building your carpentry business. It is both minimalistic and stylish, and it can also be used in related industries such as building. It is elegant and comes with optimised coding. It includes a call-to-action button [CTA] and simple, secure code. It is mobile friendly and runs on Bootstrap technology. It contains the WooCommerce capability, making it ideal for online shops with global sales.

2) Premium Construction WordPress Theme

A Premium Construction WordPress Theme belonging to the class of Interior WordPress Templates is used to create websites for online businesses that specialise in building and construction. It can be utilised by land dealers, real estate brokers, contractors, builders, architects, building material traders, property dealers, renovation and repair companies, and so on. Its distinctive style will provide the ideal internet platform for your company. You can even present your work in the gallery. It provides a large range of plugins for implementing any functionality.

3) Real Estate WordPress Theme

Real Estate WordPress Theme connected to a bunch of Interior WordPress Templates is a premium WordPress theme with brand, product, Instagram feed, and newsletter sections. It is beneficial to real estate corporations, real estate agents, and anybody else involved in the real estate or construction industries, directly or indirectly. It offers a responsive design for all devices. It contains footer widgets and an editor-style, in addition to section reordering and a customisable homepage. It is combined with the latest font amazing, and at the end of the day, you will have created a user-friendly website.

4) Interior Design WordPress Theme

The Interior Design WordPress Theme is modern, captivating, and extremely efficient. It is ideal for interior designers, home décor retailers, architects, furniture companies, and anyone who are passionate about designing rooms with new concepts. This theme is the greatest alternative selected from the group of Interior WordPress Templates for creating a comfortable environment for displaying your unorthodox ideas, with endless colours, various fonts, and many more. It is completely developed from scratch, with the Bootstrap framework serving as a solid foundation.

5) Handyman Services WordPress Theme

You must be informed of the handyman's working conditions. He is someone who does plumbing, carpentry, painting, and other odd things. Handyman Services WordPress Theme will provide you with a perfect layout for displaying your work as a handyman. The design is entirely responsive and produces a gorgeous, pixel-perfect display. It offers a sticky header and configurable menus. This theme's entire layout is customisable in a variety of colour schemes. The Google Font Awsome integration provides you with numerous options.

6) Architecture WordPress Theme

Architecture WordPress Theme is a premium theme that is specifically created to provide a solid foundation for architectural websites. Its high-quality design and impressive features. This theme provides ample content space, featuring a vibrant slider with multiple-image display on full screen. WP Architecture WordPress Theme from the collection of Interior WordPress Templates displays every aspect in an organised manner. You can keep the menus simple and add a sticky header. Smooth navigation makes it easier for visitors to find what they're looking for.

7) Wall Décor WordPress Theme

The Premium Wall Décor WordPress Theme related to the class of Interior WordPress Templates is a professionally outlined, feature-rich subject made only for businesses who practice in wall décor and craftsmanship. This theme is intended to give an attractive and contemporary web presence for wall decor businesses. The theme has a clean, modern appearance. It has a straightforward and user-friendly UI. Additionally, the theme is mobile responsive. It has configurable homepage sections, different layout possibilities, font and colour customisation, social network integration, and much more.

8) Plumber WordPress Theme

A Plumber WordPress Theme is designed to construct websites for companies that offer related services. It is reasonably priced and has excellent business features. This theme allows you to develop a powerful online presence and includes section rearranging and a customisable home page. It includes footer widgets and editor style. The theme is suitable not only for plumbing but also for home repair, carpentry, and a variety of other company websites. Plumber WordPress Theme belonging to the class of Interior WordPress Templates is SEO-friendly. It includes a pagination feature and is compatible with Contact Form 7. With the WooCommerce feature, you may succeed in the online company.

9) Home Renovation WordPress Theme

The Home Renovation WordPress Theme is a comprehensive and adaptable solution for professionals and enterprises in the home improvement and construction sectors. A premium theme from the bunch of Interior WordPress Templates features a sleek look. The theme provides a comprehensive arsenal for building an impactful online presence. The theme has a modern and sleek look. The theme is great for contractors, interior designers, and remodelling specialists that want to highlight their portfolios, services, and experience.

10) Electrician WordPress Theme

The Electrician WordPress Theme is suitable for blue-collar business websites such as electrical construction companies, electricians, and contractors. You may also find the layout appropriate for any handyman website. This WP Electrician WordPress Theme's Retina-ready design allows users to clearly view the information provided on each page. The CTAs assist you increase visitor interaction.

11) Air Conditioning WordPress Theme

Air conditioning WordPress Theme is the highest quality theme for creating a feature-rich website for AC Repair, Air Conditioning, Heating, and other HVAC services. It's an excellent theme among the Interior WordPress Templates with a wonderful layout for displaying the services. It also comes fully loaded with simple and handy single-click customisation options. We created this theme to be retina-ready so that visitors may enjoy your site's visuals.

12) Bathroom WordPress Theme

Bathroom WordPress Theme is a sleek and advanced solution for businesses that provide plumbing solutions, such as sanitary ware manufacturing enterprises. It gives optimal performance on all devices. It offers clean coding and beautiful styling to help your website look professional. With a 100% responsive layout, it can simply adjust to the size of the screen. The theme's full-width slider, which features excellent CSS effects, catches the attention. This theme's parallax scrolling features transform even the most basic website into something spectacular and exciting.

13) Flooring WordPress Theme

Flooring WordPress Theme is an excellent choice for flooring business websites. The theme contains a prominent place on the homepage designated for your company's logo. The menus are kept simple and organised, making navigation straightforward. Your theme's full-width slider creates a visually stunning slide display. WP Flooring WordPress Theme that comes under the Interior WordPress Templates group has clear Call To Action (CTA) buttons that can help you improve your site's conversion rates.

14) Painting WordPress Theme

It's an artfully designed theme. A Painting WordPress Theme includes a great selection of background colours and a well-textured layout. It can be utilised in a variety of applications, including wallpaper and painting businesses, as well as painting exhibitions. The featured full-width slider is the theme's most noticeable feature. The WP Painting WordPress Theme from the package of Interior WordPress Templates will make it easy for your visitors to navigate. The Call to Action (CTA) buttons prompt and direct visitors. In addition, there is a robust admin interface that gives you control over your website.

15) Decorist WordPress Theme

We provide you Decorist WordPress Theme that falls under the class of Interior WordPress Templates, which is created to make websites for florists, interior designers, landscape designers, architectural businesses, and so on. It shows the amazing modern-day decor enterprises using an excellently designed layout. The basic and easy theme allows you to get started quickly, and no coding abilities are required. WP Decorist WordPress Theme is clean and responsive, resulting in a wonderful site. The prepared options improve the whole website, making the experience more enjoyable.

16) Home Décor WordPress Theme

Home Decor WordPress theme is a fantastic, attractive, and sophisticated premium theme. This fantastic theme allows you to exhibit your portfolio in a professional manner. It provides a rapid and flexible development environment without the need to write a single line of code. The theme can be used as a portfolio or company website for home decorators, interior designers, and architects. The website is responsive and cross-browser compatible, so you may visit it from any device or browser. It provides a user-friendly interface for both the front and back end.

17) Paving WordPress Theme

A Paving WordPress Theme is great for creating websites for consulting firms and pavement solutions. It lets you to present your best work in a sleek and engaging manner. You're seeking for a complete website framework, and this theme fits the bill perfectly. WP Paving WordPress Theme features a sticky header. The bold photos on the slider will immediately capture the attention of your target audience. All of the sections and content areas are neatly mounted. Once you have a website developed with this highly professional theme, there will be no going back.

18) Municipality WordPress Theme

A high-quality Municipality WordPress Theme provides an excellent style for creating a professional website for any government-related website, municipal corporations, or other municipal bodies. It works well for any city portal. This excellent theme is well-designed and can be customised in several ways. A sticky banner and full-width slider display contact information and photographs as a slideshow, with arrow buttons for simple navigation. WP Municipality WordPress Theme provides ample area for displaying all of your details, including services.

19) Engineer WordPress Theme

A high-quality Engineer WordPress Theme is designed to meet the different needs of industry and heavy engineering-related websites. The theme effectively mixes modern appearance with great functionality. With a theme banner exhibiting eye-catching photos of your industry, engineering tools, and projects. WP Engineer WordPress Theme contains many features and current tools that will help you achieve the maximum level of uniqueness for your website and provide you with a variety of possibilities for identifying yourself as a brand.

20) Property Management WordPress Theme

A Property Management WordPress Theme offers eye-catching colours and a modern style that looks out of the box. It features a modern and professional design. It has a full-width photo slider to display images of your estates and properties. CSS animations take your website to the next level by making it more visually appealing. All of the sections are neatly stacked, making it easy for your visitors to move from one component to another by looking for important information in that section. Call To Action (CTA) buttons help to increase conversion rates. You can also compare multiple properties at the same time to help you get the best offer.

21) Residence Real Estate WordPress Theme

Residence Real Estate WordPress Theme among the Interior WordPress Templates enables any property dealing company to create a stunning website. The theme's incredibly appealing full-width slider focuses on displaying all of your properties and real estate services in a magnificent manner. The design includes a Search feature. The retina-ready design displays all property photographs with remarkable precision, and you may list them alongside the prices.

22) Building WordPress Theme

Building WordPress Theme design is professional and visually appealing. It might also be beneficial for individual builders. It comes with a stunning homepage. This theme's full-screen slider displays images that are retina-ready. To get your modern website up and running, a fantastic demo is supplied, which you can import using a one-click demo importer. With a comprehensive suite of premium tools, customising your website takes only minutes and requires little coding knowledge.

23) Architecture Portfolio WordPress Theme

The Architecture Portfolio WordPress Theme is intended to create websites for stunning and intriguing portfolios. This theme allows you to construct a stunning website without having to write code or learn web design abilities. It only takes a few steps to create a fully functional website. WP Architecture Portfolio WordPress Theme is built with clean and well-written code.

24) Fire Department WordPress Theme

Fire Department WordPress Theme provides a highly customisable layout for creating a functional web page. The theme is extremely handy and simple to use for beginners because it includes a large range of pre-designed templates and page elements. The theme features a full-screen slider. WP Fire Department WordPress Theme picked from the group of Interior WordPress Templates provides a comprehensive picture of your fire station via the use of images and text material. The design's graphics and CSS animations look fantastic on modern displays. The theme has call-to-action (CTA) buttons and an adjustable footer.

25) Spacious WordPress Theme

A Spacious WordPress Theme is an excellent solution for any business that wants to create a professional yet simple website. It is a simple, clean, and functional design that everyone will appreciate. The layout of this theme is suitable for any business or profession. WP Spacious WordPress Theme includes CSS animations and scrolling effects. However, they do not divert attention away from the essential topic and allow your content to shine. Its full-width slider welcomes visitors with eye-catching graphics, text, and Call To Action (CTA) buttons before directing them to take the essential activities.

26) Wood WordPress Theme

A Wood WordPress Theme can help you create a website for your furniture store or woodworking business. The theme's clean and elegant layout is advantageous because it ensures that all information presented on your website is clear. Furthermore, you may easily add adjustments and corrections to the basic design, resulting in a bespoke look that reflects your personal style. This provides complete creative flexibility to everyone, including those with little coding or web development skills. The WP Wood WordPress Theme displays a magnificent full-width slider to visitors of your site, which is enhanced by unique CSS animations.

27) Furniture Shop WordPress Theme

A Furniture Shop WordPress Theme is great for designing websites for online furniture stores. It will undoubtedly wow your clients and potential consumers with its crystal clear and retina-ready display of product photographs and details. The theme has a simple style, and you can easily input your text and other information with a few clicks. This well built theme includes a responsive design that adjusts its layout to perfection. Your website will appear stunning with cool colour tones and readable fonts.

28) Welding WordPress Theme

A Welding WordPress Theme is a very adaptable option for your website. This theme is optimised for all modern mobile devices and has a clean, elegant, and well-organized layout with all of the elements. The theme includes desired buttons and Call To Action (CTA) buttons in appropriate locations, as well as texts and textual content areas to convey important information. The fantastic full-width slider has beautiful Read More buttons and slider options, allowing you to tailor the content displayed on it.

29) Decorator WordPress Theme

We provide you with a high-quality design in the form of this Decorator WordPress Theme among the Interior WordPress Templates to promote your interior design and decoration agency and its services. The full-width slider on the homepage provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your work and projects. It works seamlessly with all browsers and devices because the theme is cross-browser compatible and responsive. You can include all of your contact information in the header so that your visitors see it right away.

30) Kitchen Design WordPress Theme

Kitchen Design WordPress Theme may help you construct a one-of-a-kind website to promote your kitchen and interior design business. Every element in the WP Kitchen Design WordPress Theme is carefully arranged and sized to provide your online presence the best possible appearance. It allows you to experiment with different colours, typography styles, font sizes, background images, headlines, and much more. You will be astounded by the full-width slider and its outstanding CSS3 animation effects.

31) Manufacturing WordPress Theme

Get this industry-specific Manufacturing WordPress Theme to create a professional website for your manufacturing business. Any manufacturing-related startup or established business can use this fantastic theme to represent itself online. The customizer interface provides access to the controls, allowing you to change the default colours, font, and much more. The huge header and full-width slider area display some eye-catching photos in an engaging manner, due to the animation effects and CTA buttons.

32) Waste Management WordPress Theme

Waste Management WordPress Theme is a professionally designed theme for promoting your recycling and waste management services on an online platform. It can be an effective technique for raising awareness about trash management and recycling. The theme comes with an appealing homepage. You can display all of the services on the homepage under appropriate headings and accompany them with brief text. Even with a sticky header, you may still manage the slider using the theme's slider options.

33) Pottery WordPress Theme

The Pottery WordPress Theme is specifically designed for representing pottery workshops, industrial ceramics production enterprises, suppliers, and distributors. The design of this theme is relatively modern. You can't miss the theme's slider, which steals the show with its vibrant images and full-screen display. WP Pottery WordPress Theme integrates well with several plugins. To support and encourage your company's visibility and make your site stand out, we attempted to add well-commented SEO optimised codes that take care of your site's search engine rankings.

34) Builder WordPress Theme

Builder WordPress Theme is an excellent choice, designed exclusively for builders and construction-related websites. Whether you are a small-scale builder or a large firm seeking for a website to promote your massive buildings and construction plans. The theme features a remarkable design, including a gorgeous slider that displays photographs of your building construction progress. There are several slider settings available to change the slider timings and other elements.

35) Contractor WordPress Theme

The extremely professional Contractor WordPress Theme is ideal for those that accept contracts for building, demolition, burrowing, architecture, landscaping, and other related enterprises. This theme's responsive design ensures that your website adapts to multiple screen sizes. The WP Contractor WordPress Theme includes various specific areas. The theme was created with WPML compatibility and RTL support. This allows your audience to modify the language of your website's content, making it easier for them to understand you better.

36) PVC Pipes WordPress Theme

PVC Pipes WordPress Theme provides a rapid, sophisticated, and professional website solution for your hardware store, PVC pipe manufacturing unit, bathroom fittings dealers, and other similar enterprises. This theme will work well for your online business. You can tweak and change the gradient colours, experiment with different type and fonts, and edit the footer. WP PVC Pipes WordPress Theme has an eye-catching slider and an excellent image gallery. We have taken a step forward in our research by including some extra functions that will benefit your business.

37) Showcase WordPress Theme

Showcase WordPress Theme belonging to the group of Interior WordPress Templates is a graphically customisable and retina-ready theme. Its layout is ideal for exhibiting your artwork or items in an eye-catching fashion. From the header to the bottom, everything is customisable. With a slider that displays fantastic CSS animation effects and product photos. Improved and clear documentation makes your task much easier. The basic design and clear fonts allow visitors to focus on the description and details provided on your website without becoming distracted.


Overall, using the Interior WordPress Templates is the most convenient and efficient option for interior designers, decorators, or related professionals to create an attractive and functional online presence without the need for extensive web development skills or starting from scratch. Every single theme that we have explained above is a premium quality theme consisting advanced features and functionalities. So, your investment will be worthy of it.

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