WordPress Plugins For Better Functionality On Your Website

WordPress Plugins For Better Functionality

Oftentimes WordPress beginners seem keen to know about plugins and how they are used on websites. WordPress plugins play a significant role in WordPress cms as they are vital in creating excellent WordPress websites. This article post will cover the essential information about plugins and how functional they are.

WordPress Plugins

Basically, a WordPress plugin is an app with the help of which you can add extra features and functionalities to an existing website. This is in the similar manner as smartphone applications do.

WordPress.org offers a variety of free plugins some of which come from 3rd party sites. Furthermore, a range of premium WordPress plugins is also made available by individual web developers and other firms. WordPress had started in 2003 with the aim to help people start their blogs. Since then it flourished into giant cms. Basically, the credit goes to the plugins.

How are WordPress plugins useful to us?

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A WordPress plugin is a small software component consisting of different functions that enable a certain program to run on a website. You can form almost any type of website with plugins. With the help of plugins, it is possible to perform almost anything on your website. If the default WordPress does not have a certain feature, then, of course, you will get a plugin for that. These plugins are helpful in improving SEO, boosting website performance, adding social sharing buttons, contact forms, beautiful galleries, etc. Usually, plugins are small offering a tiny feature. Plugins such as WordPress membership plugins can be a bit large making their own platforms. Furthermore, the feature-rich plugins have their own add-on plugins to enlarge them.

How do they function?

WordPress is so feasible that any developer can add his own code to it. A set of filters and hooks are offered by the WordPress plugin API through which the developer can alter or make new WordPress functionality. Also, the developers can store information in the database of WordPress. WordPress plugins make use of WordPress taxonomies, content types, as well as the custom fields so that the users can store a variety of content types apart from posts and pages. The plugins that are installed on your website are registered in your WordPress database. It’s up to you whether you want to activate them or deactivate.

When you visit your site, WordPress makes a connection to the database. Then, it loads the main software and your active plugins. Before being sent to the user’s browser, the codes are processed on your server.

How to search the plugins and install them?

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The plugin directory of WordPress.org offers a range of free WordPress plugins. Also, you can search them from your WordPress dashboard area. All you have to do is navigate to the plugins section, click on Add New and write the plugin name or functionality in the search bar. After searching through the plugin directory, WordPress will show the available plugins in an order. You can review the results, and install the plugin by clicking on “Install” next to the plugin. The search results within the admin area are restricted to free plugins only. Oftentimes, a WordPress beginner finds it tough to decide which plugin would be perfect for the site. Also, you can refer plugin tutorials on different websites to help you make a correct decision.

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