A Useful Guide That Helps In Customizing WordPress Menus

A Useful Guide That Helps In Customizing WordPress Menus

Defining a WordPress Menu

To define a menu, you need to login to the WordPress dashboard of your website. Navigate to the Appearance section in the menus of the dashboard. Select the Menu option which will take you to the Menu editor. You need to set the menu name in the box provided for menu name. And your custom menu will be set. After clearly defining the menus, you need to work on adding items to it. Add items to the newly made WordPress menu so as to make the menu functional.

A number of screen options are available so that you can add the required item to the menu. There are some items such as the Posts that are by default set hidden. Go to the Pages section within the menu, it shows a well-defined list of published pages on your WordPress website. You will see checkboxes in front of the pages. Check those that you want to add to the menu. Then, navigate to the original menu editor and save the changes. All the changes you made will be saved to the menu panel. Finally, the custom menu is ready.

How to remove a menu item?

In case, you made an error, there is a way to correct it. Simply delete those menu items that are faulty. Go to the menu editor, find out the particular menu item, and remove it. You will see a small arrow icon placed on the top right of the menu item box. Click on it so as to expand the option. There, you will see the option to remove the link. Immediately, after clicking it, the menu item will be removed. Then, do not forget to click the save button to save the changes you made.


How to add the newly-made menu to your site?

So, that was the way to form custom menu for a WordPress site. In the same way, you can form a number of different menus. Even if you are using any WordPress theme, you can easily add custom menus to it. The theme can be configured to use the WordPress menus. It shows an option to select your custom menu. After selecting your menu, save it. Finally, the custom menu will appear on your site. Thus, a number of WordPress themes completely support the customization feature of WordPress menus and let you get the desired menus for your site. Similarly, the themes at VWThemes offer easy WordPress customizations with flexible menus. Our bundle of feature-rich, multipurpose Premium WordPress Themes can never disappoint you with regards to web development process. Furthermore, in case of issues, our theme support is always ready to serve you.

Our WordPress Theme Bundle has a superb collection of WordPress themes with each one of them being highly customizable. This allows you to change and modify several aspects of the theme. You can add custom menus to it. We have our themes thoughtfully designed so that you can add desired menus to it with utmost ease. Getting our themes for your business will never disappoint you.

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