The 8 Best Map Plugins For WordPress In 2024 



Do you want to embed a Google map on your website?

Are you in search of the best map plugin for WordPress?

Putting a map on your website shows the visitors your business contact information. It is used for the convenience of visitors. Visitors can easily find your exact location if you share a map with them so that they can contact you directly. Physical existence gets visited only when the visitor finds an exact spot. It contributes to enlarging your business size as users catch you for a specific professional purpose.

Here are the 8 best map plugins for WordPress that can assist you in embedding the map effortlessly on the website.

Before that, allow us to describe the map plugins and their need to get connected to the business website.

What is meant by a Map Plugin?

The Map Plugin for WordPress is an add-on functionality that you can extend to display a map on your business website. Embedding the best map plugin for WordPress doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

You can produce and showcase customized maps on your website by using the Best map plugins. A dynamic and feature-rich Google Maps plugin can allow you to alter the theme, insert various locations, create custom markers, and much more.

Also, you are permitted to attach custom HTML code to fix Google Maps on your site.

How To develop an interactive Google Map in WordPress?

The best way to Add Google Maps in WordPress is to use a map plugin. Every plugin that is made to integrate Google Maps into the website comprises countless features for customizing the map, along with styling options. With this, you can change the whole appearance and design of the map according to the requirements of your brand.

How To insert Google Maps in WordPress?

You can insert Google Maps into the website using the following two methods:

  1. Insert Google Maps manually.
  2. Insert Google Maps with the Best Map Plugins for WordPress.

The second method is highly recommended, as it may result in a fast operation.

8 Best Map Plugins for WordPress

1. WPForms


WPForms is a universally known and used comprehensive plugin. Basically, it’s a plugin that is built and used to design forms. So it is known for form-building plugins. Although the plugin is not a standalone application, it has the ability to handle and support many other activities. The finest plugin that is used with Mapbox can create a wonderful Map for your business website.

In the pro-WPForms version, there is a Geolocation addon present. It helps to embed a map on the site without writing any custom HTML code. The excellent features of WPForms can provide the best user experience.


  • Uncomplicated and user-friendly.
  • Interactive drag-and-drop builder.
  • Monitor the source of form users.
  • Lets you design and develop autocomplete address forms in WordPress.
  • Allows you to keep your website visitors’ geolocation data with their form entries.
  • Provide flexibility for users to adjust their location by dragging the map pin.

Cost: $199.50/year

2. SeedProd


SeedProd is again one of the best map plugins for WordPress. Primarily, SeedProd is the leading landing page and Page Builder WordPress Plugin, accompanied by the Google Maps Block. That is why it can attach Google Maps to your WordPress website without adding any code.

Its influential features allow you to easily customize maps on your website. It won’t let you copy-paste any shortcode in order to manifest maps on your web pages. You just have to drag and drop the Google map block, put your location, and customize map settings.


  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Flexible definitions for zoom level, alignment, and width of the map.
  • Various border styles for Google Maps.
  • allows you to adjust the spacing around the custom map.
  • Insert Google Maps on any page/post without coding.
  • Supports 100+ blogs.

Cost: $39.50/year

3. Leaflet Map Marker

Leaflet Map Marker is an admired choice of users. A flexible Map plugin helps to design any kind of map. It can produce multiple locations and custom markets. The popular plugin offers base maps consisting of Google Maps, Bing, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, etc.


  • allows you to generate several types of maps.
  • Supports different geocoding providers like TomTom Geocoding, Google Geocoding, etc.
  • Filtering feature for uncomplicated map navigation.
  • Produce animated marker clusters for each map.
  • Supports GPX tracking.
  • Sort markers by date, name, and distance.
  • Gives a share maps offline via QR codes option.
  • Create a multilingual map.
  • Compatible with WPML translation.

Cost: $39.99/year

4. WP Google Maps


If you are looking for a free map plugin for your business web URL, then the WP Google Map is the best choice for you. It is available in both versions, free and premium. One of the most popular and demanding choices, the WP Google Map plugin has high-powered features for easy and quick customization of maps on your website.

Its Pro version can deliver more advanced features.


  • Pick from four Google Maps types: terrain, roadmap, hybrid, and satellite.
  • Flexible definitions for map color, height, width, alignment, and zoom level.
  • In-built map templates for a store locator, directional map, etc.
  • Design and develop Google Maps with various markers.
  • Map block for Elementor page builder.
  • Options to fix your own map theme.
  • Allows you to attach descriptions, links, and images to map markers.
  • Allows you to insert categories into maps.
  • Advanced filtering option for map categories.
  • Supply map markers to a CSV file.

Cost:  $39.99/year.

5. Interactive GEO Maps


As the name indicates the plugin can be utilized to design and create the most interactive GEO maps for your business web portal. It’s a freemium map plugin that can give you facilities with fewer or more features to create and embed a Google Map on your website.  If you go with the premium version, you can get more advanced and engaging maps.


  • Comfortably generate maps of continents and regions.
  • Elasticity to insert the colored marker.
  • Put custom image markers.
  • Vector icon markers.
  • Define the center of the map and zoom level.
  • Merchandise the map as an image or PDF.
  • Extensive customization options.
  • Responsive i.e. Mobile friendly.

Cost: Starts at $29.99/year

6. MapifyPro

MapifyPro is a dominant tool cum plugin that is used for easy mapping available for WordPress. The Lite version of the plugin has the potential to produce standard maps with images, videos, and custom map markers. Apart from this, if you want to add some more features, then you can opt for its Pro version.


  • Connect a video and photo gallery to any map.
  • Clustering is a characteristic feature for multiple locations.
  • Shows customized map tooltips.
  • Issues an option to allocate map locations on social media.
  • Put a location directory under the map for better interaction.
  • Styling option for tooltips and pop-ups.
  • 100% responsive maps.
  • Exclusive mapping API.

Cost: Starts at $193.8/year

7. Google Maps Easy

It is the easiest and most convenient to use a plugin for embedding Google Maps on your online business web portal. It’s a stretchable plugin that can easily be configured for your website. Google Maps Easy is available in both free and paid versions. the plugin can be used in 3 different embedding options:

  • Using shortcodes, you can insert Google Maps.
  • Open it in a pop-up.
  • Use the Google Maps widget.


  • User-friendly and responsive.
  • Map markers and locations are available in countless numbers.
  • Put an image, video, email, text, or phone number as a map marker description.
  • Insert a map with a shortcode or PHP code.
  • Customize Google Maps by using colorful skins and beautiful pictures.
  • Elasticity to import and export map markers.

Cost: Starts at $46/year


All the Best Map Plugins for WordPress are super beneficial from a business perspective. It helps clients reach you quickly. Once you meet the visitors, they can turn into paying customers if they find the perfect provider for their requirements in a business person or an organization. So it builds trust and connects you to the people. If your business is small, the Google Map on the site can take it to new heights of success and make it expand worldwide.

Also, you may want to know how your website visitors are discovering it online after integration. Google Maps with WordPress; you may do this by setting up Google Analytics.
The WP theme bundle concept has gained remarkable relevance in 2023, especially in the context of mapping plugins. Among the myriad options available, "The 8 Best Map Plugins for WordPress in 2023" stands out as an essential guide for website developers and owners seeking to enhance their sites with interactive and dynamic maps. When paired with a comprehensive theme bundle, these map plugins seamlessly integrate into WordPress websites, offering users a cohesive and visually appealing experience. These bundles often include pre-designed templates, layouts, and features that complement the functionalities of map plugins, resulting in engaging and user-friendly websites that effectively display location-based information. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the symbiotic relationship between theme bundles and map plugins showcases the growing importance of holistic website optimization.

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