The Easy Ways To Fix The WordPress Keeps Logging Out Problem

If you have experienced the WordPress keeps logging out problem then you might know how frustrating this problem is. You simply can’t take it if your website suddenly starts logging you out of your WP Admin Dashboard when you are trying to use it. It leaves you unable to make any changes to your site, and the worst part is, it usually occurs without giving you a clue of the reasons behind this WP keeps logging out issue.

The reasons might be enormous for leading to such a problem but you can easily trace the source for fixing the problem. If you are still facing such an issue, I understand how irritated you might be feeling. But don’t you worry any more, as in this post, we will let you know some of the common causes behind the “WordPress keeps logging out” problem and discuss the different ways to fix it. Get the best collection of WordPress themes only on VWthemes.

Why Does WordPress Keep Logging Me Out?

When you login to your WordPress, your login session is authenticated by it by setting up a browser cookie. If in care, there are errors related to this cookie like slight difference in the URL set in the cookie and the URL using which you access your site. This makes WordPress unable to authenticate your login session and as a result, it logs you out. Usually, you will get to see a message that “your session has expired”. Buy WordPress themes from here and get great discounts on your purchase.

How You Will Be Able To Fix This “WordPress Keeps Logging Out Error”?

In order to fix this error, it usually involves and deals working with cache, cookies or the URL of your site.

1. Check The URL Of Your Site

There are many cases in which the cause of this WordPress keeps logging out issue is because of the simple error in the URL settings of your site.

Go to Settings > General for accessing your site’s URL settings. Now, in the General Settings page, check and make sure that the WordPress Address (URL) and the Site Address (URL) are the same.

If you find out that there is any difference between the two, then it is very much likely to be the reason behind this issue.

Consider an example: if one is using “https://” and other is using “http://”, or one is having ‘www’ in front of it and the other one doesn’t, then you need to correct this to make both exactly the same and access your site.

Just in case if you are unable to access your WP dashboard due to this issue, you can also make all these changes happen by accessing your website files with FTP. then you can edit the wp-config file for including the following info.

(insert the below info above the line saying “ That’s all, stop Editing! Happy blogging”):



2. Clear The Browser Cookies To Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out Issue

If in case the logout issue is related to the cookies stored in the browser, a simple and easy solution that could help you resolve this problem is to clear your cookies.

Just go-ahead to clear the cookies for your browser, and after that, try to login to your WP admin panel to check if the issue is resolved or not.

If you are able to log in and don’t face a logout problem again, it is awesome. Otherwise, you can keep on reading this blog further to see some other reasons and fix them.

3. Clear Your Browser And Site Cache

To help you fix the WordPress keeps logging out issue, clearing the cache of your browser can be an effective solution. This is quite easy to do and depends upon the browser you are using. Once you have successfully cleared the browser cache, just log in to WP to check if that issue is resolved or not. If the issue still persists, the next step is to try clearing the site cache if you are making use of caching WordPress plugins. After you are done, try to log in to your site. Hopefully, this will fix the error.

4. Make Sure WP Sites Are Permitted To Save The Cookies

Your web browser being unable to accept the cookies might be the reason for this error. When the browser cannot accept cookies, WP will be unable to save your session cookies and will result in you being logged out over and over.

So to fix this error in a popular browser such as Chrome, just click on the three dots that will open your menu options and then click on Settings. Scroll down the settings page and click on  Advanced. Then, in the advanced options, search for Content Settings and Click on that option. See if the ‘Allow Site To Save And Read Cookie Data’ option is enabled or not. If not, enable it.

For Firefox, click on the Settings (this is the gear icon in the top right corner). Then go to Privacy and Security, scroll to see the “Cookies And Site Data” section, and make sure that “Accept Cookies And Site Data” is selected. After it is done, log in to your WP site to see if the issue is fixed or not. Also, long with this have a look at our beautiful WordPress Child Theme with stunning features and designs.

5. Disabling The Plugins

This is the last thing to try if all the other methods have failed. Sometimes, any issues in any of your plugins might be causing you the “WordPress keeps logging out” problem. So to track down the source of this issue, you can try disabling the plugins. In this, you have to disable all the active plugins. Then, start activating the plugin one by one unless and until you find the one that is causing you the issue.

Wrapping Up:

The steps and ways included in this guide provide you some easy fixes for the “WordPress keeps logging out” problem. Following the above methods, hopefully, you should now have no issue while logging in and using your WP website. However, if you are still unable to find the cause of this error and fix it (which seldom happens), you can always contact us and ask for our services.

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