Use Facebook Debugger To Fix WordPress Links On Facebook With Easy Steps!

Social media is a very good medium to promote your business or work. The reach of social media is so vast that it can take your products worldwide within seconds. But to make it all professional you have to have a website. WordPress websites are the best option for this. When WordPress websites are linked with social media, they create a new relationship. The Facebook has more reach than any other social media. People have trust on it. Millions of people are currently using it for various purpose. Your WordPress website will form a link with Facebook through which you can directly promote your work from website. But there can be a lot of issues in between. You will have to tackle all these issues every-time. Here you can use Facebook debugger to fix WordPress links on Facebook. It will be easily done. But before that let’s know the reasons!

Why The Error Occurs!

The main reason behind this is often cache and CDN. When Facebook has to retrieve the data it uses same process. If you haven’t cleared Facebook cache, it can use show older images with your posts. The second reason is the OG or open graph tags. These tags provide Facebook the information about your posts.

Your certain posts can have missing OG tags. This will result in malfunctioning Facebook post. The image you post on Facebook can show different image. To resolve this you will have to use Facebook debugger tool which will be available in Facebook developer site tools.

It involves a simple process. You can use Facebook debugger to fix WordPress links with Facebook. Let’s dig into it!

How To Use Facebook Debugger Tool! 

Step 1-

Facebook debugger tool is quite easy to use than you think. The one thing that you can find it in the Facebook tools itself. So go to Facebook tools and enter your WordPress website URL. This will give the Facebook debugger tool a door to access your website.

The whole process here is automated. You don’t have to do anything. The Facebook debugger tool will get into your WordPress website and clear the cache created by Facebook posts. You just have to follow the steps carefully. The tool will do its job perfectly and resolve the issue.

Step 2-

To allow WordPress gather new information you need to make space for it by clearing caches. You have to clear caches regularly in order to avoid such errors. This can be the main reason why you are seeing old posts than new ones. In order to resolve the issue you need to first clear the cache. If not the Facebook debugger tool won’t be able to help your properly.

If clearing caches every time seems a lot for you, then you can get a third party plugin to auto clear it for you. You can clear caches for recent posts only.

Step 3-

After clearing cache of your WordPress website, now you need to allow Facebook debugger tool to do the job. It will scrap your WordPress URL all over again. For this you need to put your website URL in the tool. Then click on ‘scrap again’.

It can show errors like the image is too large to scrap, but click on scrap again and the tool will fetch the latest images again. By taking a closer look at OG tags you can make out that it’s a new image. This will spot you a new file name for concerned image.

Step 4-

Facebook has certain settings for the size of the image. If the size of your image exceeds that limitation, then it can refuse to post it. So when the error occurs you may have to rethink about the image size you are posting.

With Facebook debugger tool you can do more than just fixing WordPress links. You can review, edit, update title, meta tags and more with this tool.

To avoid such errors you can use Yoast plugin to resize the image and upload it on right post. This plugin has more ratings because it provides the images required OG tags.

Step 5-

Sometimes you can come across an error where it shows missing FB_app ID. You can ignore it if you want. But to use Facebook insights you need to register for Facebook app and get the Facebook ID.

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