Make Striking WordPress Posts By Using The Following Tips

Striking WordPress Posts

It’s quite difficult to grab the attention of your audience when there is a wide amount of content in your blog post. If you want to promote any product or want people to connect through an email newsletter, or want an increased fan following, you need to see that you are able to engage readers in your blog posts. Afterall, you are making blogs for people to read. How do you generate interest in the visitors about your blogs? This article covers some of the tips required to produce striking WordPress posts.

Avoid producing heap of contents

There are many blog beginners who forget that a blog is just a small piece of content and not a book. While going through any blog post, people want to understand it in an effortless manner. While searching for something on the internet, people are simply impatient to get what they are looking for. Therefore, you need to focus on the way you present your blogs so that everybody gets a clear idea about what they are going to receive from your post.
Use your time and efforts judiciously and try not to produce a heap of content in the form of text chunking. Leave appropriate spacing among the different paragraphs. Try not to include more than 100 words in a paragraph. Use a line break to show the paragraphs separately. Thus your blog posts get simplified and the users find it easy to read. So, you see it’s all about the contents you use which make striking WordPress posts.

Add Sub Headings and Bullet Points

Use sub headings and bullet points frequently throughout your blog posts. Usually, people prefer to go through the bullet points so as to get the main essence of the article at a glance. Insert Call To Action buttons at appropriate places within the blog post. With shorter blog posts, there are more chances of getting a large number of readers. Bullet points are really the effective concept you must apply in your striking WordPress posts. Make subheadings of appropriate length such that they do not beat the motive of your article. Make them short and simple so that they give an overview of what the reader will get from the text.

Create an impactful Title

The title of your striking WordPress post is the first thing people notice before going through the entire blog post. Pay attention to this fact and produce blog posts with interesting titles. Make them impactful enough to grab the attention of the people towards your blog posts. Display sufficient amount of information so that it automatically entice the readers to know more.

Insert eye-catching images to your posts

Just the way a healthy content with a good title is important for every blog post, so is the existence of eye-catching and mesmerizing images in your blog posts. After some time, it becomes boring to just view the content without any images. Irrespective of how engaging or impactful your content is, you need to add images in the blog posts as that adds to the curiosity to read among the readers. Imagine that you are viewing a blog post that has alluring images in it. Of course, a post with media files such as images is fascinating to view rather than the one that lacks media files.

Pay attention to the font size

Oftentimes, we see conflicts regarding the size, type and regularity of font people use in their blog posts. While playing around with the different font types, you may often come up with some stunning visual interests. Still, you need to carefully work with the fonts as excessive use of different font types can give rise to cluttered posts. The readers will be confused while reading your post and will move away to some other blog post. You could better start by using different font types for the contents, titles and the headings in your blog post. For improved visibility, you could increase the font size.

The Premium WordPress Themes by VWThemes offers considerable options for typography. From the Customizer, you can change the font family on just a several mouse clicks.

Wrapping Up

When you start writing blogs, with the passing time, you come to know the different tricks that help in making a blog post really stand out. It helps in engaging the readers to your striking WordPress posts for a long time. All the above practical tips are really effective. If you have any other idea to help make stunning blog posts, share with us.

No one is interested in reading a huge amount of content. So, while writing blogs, make sure that your content is engaging, to the point and more importantly, it should be short. It should be written as per the reader’s convenience. You need to put relevant and eye-catching images to the blog. Considering the needs of blog writing, VWThemes has a spectacular collection of WordPress themes that are ideal for blogs. All these themes are packed in this WP Theme Bundle. These themes have amazing typography to give the viewers the best possible reading experience.

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