Negative Impacts Of Slow Website You Should Know!

WordPress websites are vital part of business marketing. That’s why they have to be maintained. Having slow website can affect your business on huge term. How? Let’s know the negative impacts of slow website!

The Negative Impacts Of Slow Website!

1. Server-

The first negative impact that a slow website has is on server. Your server performance becomes slower with a slow website. This will result in losing the search engine rank and eventually viewership.

This is how it works! When a visitor clicks on your website, they are initially searching with a keyword. By clicking on the link they expect the website to open. Now the browser they are searching on sends a ping to your server. It asks for needed information and data to help and load website.

This is the process for loading website. When your website becomes slow to respond the whole process gets affected. The server performance becomes slow to react. Thus the visitors face a lazy or buffering website. This will result in losing viewership and the sole purpose of having website.

2. Traffic-

This may surprise you but having a huge amount of traffic on website can affect its speed. This traffic can also be the reason behind slow website. The server you are using has a limit to attend number of visitors. Every server has that limit. If it gets overloaded then it will result in slow website.

Having slow website has a major drawback that is losing search engine rank. The search engine rank is to attract more traffic and excessive traffic can make your website slow. It’s a vicious cycle you will be trapped in. After a while your website will receive less organic traffic.

As the studies have shown, people’s patience level on digital platform is of 30 seconds. They won’t wait more than that and won’t come back as well. So this way you will lose the traffic you need. Besides having speedy website will not only attract more traffic but also keep it engaged.  

3. Ranks:-

As mentioned before, the most negative impact a slow website has is losing rank. Search engine ranks are all we are working for on website. These ranks determine your place in digital world.

Google and other search engines have strong policies to provide good web experience to people. That’s why they don’t show slow websites in the top suggestions. If your website is consistently slow then Google will restrict your website to existing on it.

Search engines record the time each visitor spends on a web page and a count of page view. This is how they decide what rank to give your website. Websites with high speed and smooth functioning always get good rank, better viewership and best results. But slow websites always get negative impacts.

4. Revenue:-

Websites are not only the medium to reach people, but also a medium for generating more revenue. You must have seen big businesses have more focus on operating websites. They devote whole team on managing websites and other digital platforms.

Why? Because they generate huge amount of revenue! They reach more people and promote your products and services. The transactions happen online and everything gets done.

But due to negative impact of slow website this can cost you too. Slow websites decrease reach and don’t make enough money to afford a team to run it.

5. Complex Files:-

In order to impress the viewers you can add large images and some complex files. But they take a lot of time to load. They weight your website down. And in result it becomes slow. This will have a negative impact on your website.

How To Make It Faster?

  1. Know More:- To enhance the loading speed of website you need to first know more about it. There are speed analysis tools available online. You can use them to know about your website speed. You can find out what’s slowing it and resolve the issue.
  2. Host:- Make sure to choose a good hosting plan. Most of the people go with shared hosting. But if one server gets hacked all of the websites get affected by it. That’s why using VPS hosting service is advisable.
  3. Malware:- If you try and resolve all the possible reasons but your website is still running slow, then it can be affected by malware. So you will need to look into that direction to resolve the issue.  

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