Install WordPress Theme Step By Step Procedure

How Is WordPress Ruling Entities, Worldwide?

Today, WordPress has created a unique and vital identity for users all over the globe. WordPress delivers highly customizable and some premium WordPress themes and also its own default themes for better attraction to new visitors and a theme that keeps the users engaged to see the wonderful and specially designed WordPress themes. Learn to Install WordPress Theme Step By Step Procedure.

There are multiple businesses and industries today, which are speedily shifting themselves from the traditional techniques of marketing and/or promotion to digital marketing to save energy, time, as well as labor.

The modern and innovative digital marketing techniques not only offer their services but also serve much better offerings through representation like graphics, tables, testimonials that offer large information in a short time. This attracts a higher number of clients, gains their trust, and eventually converts them to the clientele list. In this blog, we will see how to install WordPress theme Step by step procedure.

Learn To Install WordPress Theme Step By Step Procedure

So, if anyone is planning to install a theme that is customized, their businesses will hold greater potential for investments. In case, if users install a theme, but are not offering the desired or expected results, users can simply upload them to WordPress and attract more visitors.

Users of WordPress themes as well as individuals willing to install WordPress themes or themes, try to get the best yet graceful theme so that users are engaged and gain more information from users’ products and services. These themes must be updated, user-friendly, and also properly designed so that the visitors, as well as your existing customers, would be able to understand more and more about you and your recent updates, promotions, new product developments, and news. Also, learn how to Create Menu In WordPress Theme with VWTHEMES.

What Does The Present Scenario Say?

Today, businesses or companies which are unable to use WordPress themes, are more vulnerable to losing their business to a significant amount of visitors and also reducing the number of existing customers. Owing to the same, if the entire layout and/or content are not attractive to the visitors and clients, the business is more exposed to losing the investment, business, and customers.

According to the reports associated with the install theme of WordPress, the businesses might lose approximately 38% of clients. In order to help your business move ahead of the competition in any particular industry, updating your WordPress is mandatory. A business can get the most unique and eye-catchy theme to help grow investment and customers. Businesses can also make use of superior customized backgrounds and install theme on the website.

Of course, there are benefits of the default WordPress theme that most of us know, but there are also unique and vital information and benefits of a customized install theme.

1. A Custom WordPress Theme Will Surely Keep You Ahead Of Competition In The Industry:

To Install WordPress Theme Step By Step Procedure, In order to beat the competitors in the industry, the content must essentially be unique and different from others. Making use of the key points and attractive terms will keep the readers and visitors engaged on your website’s pages. Hence, make sure that the content written and posted on the page is displayed with special features, such as bold, italic, capitalized, and also colored for better attention.

Undeniably, your business delivers similar services to customers, but to make your business unique and profound as compared to the competitors. The mentioned key points are extremely important to differentiate your business from others and keep you on the top ranking! The designs provided by WordPress have been proven to help businesses and entities to a great extent.

The catchy layouts and designs remain in the minds of customers for a long time and will try to reach your business in any manner. Your business automatically creates a professional image and makes you the best amongst competitors. Moreover, your website will guarantee the most unique look that no competitor can imitate.

2. Easy Update And Highly Customizable:

To Install WordPress Theme Step By Step Procedure, With the regular or standard install WordPress theme, businesses understand the features, but they are prone to offer difficulties with respect to the addition of more features and might also create complications. For instance, if the business wishes to add a slideshow of images on the home page, this could create difficulty. In case this feature is not in the template in old WordPress, it could offer complexities.

Nonetheless, installing a WordPress theme will help to add all the required features and can position it as needed. As the business is emerging and growing, the website will help you to gain more profit by digital marketing using the option of uploading themes to WordPress.

3. Bugs-Free Is Another Benefit:

Irrespective of the size of the business, it is important for the website to functional all the time, and therefore while selecting the option of installing a WordPress theme (customized), users are choosing the option of the professional product.

Custom install theme includes properly written code that will guarantee bugs-free or error-free website, all the time. In another way, if users select a regular WordPress theme, most probably they are selecting the product with the code written in hurry. The website will be more prone to face issues in the future.

4. Support Is Another Major Benefit:

The notion of producing a theme from the basic sounds unapproachable, wherein you need not worry. Users will not be alone in it. WordPressOnlineSupport delivers (real-time) live demonstration as well as support each and every step of the way.

WordPress also holds its own huge resources to assist the users with anything they want. Moreover, installing a WordPress theme is the optimal option for businesses. Hence, businesses must not be short of experience and select the best theme.

For you, there are just 3 steps to install a WordPress theme!!!

Install WordPress Theme Step By Step Procedure from the WordPress theme Dictionary:

This method or technique is just restricted to free selections in the dictionary. Users should not consider this as an issue; rather, users only need to follow these steps:

1)  Just float above the appearance and click on themes in the next section and add new ones.

2)  Click on the feature filter to assist you to choose your favorites.

3)  After this is done, check all the boxes of the criteria go to APPLY FILTER. Now, users will have to float over the selected theme and choose the Install option to perform the next step.

4)  Once this is done, click on activate. After this, just see the NEW THEME ACTIVATED notice.

5)  Now users can go to click on the site to view how the website is appearing to the viewers.

Try Uploading WordPress Manually (mainly for Premium themes):

This technique will help users to learn how to upload premium or free WordPress manually. Initially, just download the install theme as a .zip file from other sources (external). Now perform the following procedure:

1)  Follow the first step from the previous technique, but after the user gets on the MENU tab, UPLOAD THEME, and then SELECT FILE.

2)  Locate your .zip file of the install theme. Once the uploading process is completed, go to Install Now. After this procedure, choose Live Preview to see Active or a sneak peek to finalize the change.

3)  Most of the third-party ‘install themes’ options need more tweaking to operate as marketed. Users can also visit the site of the theme provider to view its documentation and/or to get technical support.

Install WordPress Theme Through FTP Client:

An FTP or File Transfer Protocol is basically a protocol that facilitates the exchange of files between computers and also servers on any network. This technique will help the users to learn the procedure to install top WordPress themes using FileZilla. Hence, ensure to have this already downloaded and installed also in the first place. This technique can be majorly helpful if the file upload constraints set up by the hosting providers are not very large to upload the desired theme.

To Install WordPress Theme Step By Step Procedure, If in case of, use of the Hostinger plan, it is essential to consider that the default PHP upload constraint is pre-set to 128MB and must be more than enough to cover maximum themes available at that time.

When the FTP client is installed, just perform the following processes:

•   Connection of the File Transfer Protocol Client

•   Upload the WordPress theme file through File Transfer Protocol

You are then good to go to change between the best WordPress themes installed in the library, which takes just a few seconds. Just go to Appearance > Themes. Now scroll to search the theme you wish to apply and click Activate. Then click on Visit Site just to check the new look of your theme.

You can then change the themes through phpMyAdmin and change the features by editing the code. If this is not done properly, one can face bugs or a completely white screen. In the worst case, users will not be able to log in to the WordPress dashboard login to change the theme and allow the website to function rightly. Hence, it is important to make changes to the MySQL database, we recommend you backup all files.

Below are the steps to change the WordPress theme with phpMyAdmin:

1)  Initially, find the name of your database of WordPress by locating this on File Manager.

2)  Now select the application and then search wp-config.php with the help of the search option available on the screen.

3)  Then double click on the file and scroll downwards to search the line, i.e. the name of the database for your WordPress.

4)  Whatever you are searching for is given in the lower line particularly the string of numbers alongside the database name ‘DB_NAME’ and save it for later use.

5)  Now in the same installation library, you can search for the name of the current wp-content file to open the sub-folder ‘THEMES’.

6)  Backtrack to the dashboard and find for phpMyAdmin and double click on the option. Here, you will get a list of all your active or present databases. Now you can press ‘ENTER’ phpMyAdmin on the place located in step number three.

7)  Then double click on the wp_options to disclose other tables. Now scroll down and move to page 2 by selecting the single right arrow and then place the Stylesheet and Template. You can now change the names by just double-clicking on them.


To see the changes you made, go to the WordPress site and click on ‘Visit Site’.

These are a few steps you can use to install your WordPress theme and give a better and more engaging look to your website. I hope the steps are way much easier than paying your technician and saving a lot of time.

To Install WordPress Theme Step By Step Procedure, The above-mentioned steps can easily help you out to change the look of your website and increase the viewers as well as clients to request you to offer your products and services. The below-mentioned link will help you to change your website faster. So why wait??

One-Click, and you’re good to go!

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