Steps On How To Fix White Text And Missing Buttons In WordPress!

WordPress makes it all easy for you. But it can cause a lot of errors in your way. There’s no reason to panic in this situation. Because you will always have a way out of it. Now one of these errors in white text missing buttons in WordPress visual editor. This issue appears because of several reasons. To fix white text and missing button in WordPress visual editor issue you need to understand these reasons.

Here we are going to see steps to resolve the error. Follow these and you will sort it out in few minutes!

1. Visual Editor:-

Visual editor is used to enhance the impact of your website. WordPress is the best platform for having a website with visual editor. Here you will be free to work with visual editor. But it’s also a place full of errors. So one time or another you will face the white text and missing button issue with the WordPress visual editor.

To fix white text and missing button issue, first we need to understand how visual editor works. We need to know what roles these white text and missing buttons play.

A visual editor in WordPress comes with a lot of white texts and buttons. They allow you to underline, to bold and write in italic. They manage the look of the text of your content. It is gaining quite a popularity among the web developers. They make the post stand out in crowd.

The white text and buttons play an important role in setting an impact with a post. That’s why white text and missing buttons can be harmful error. You have to resolve the issue as soon as possible. And it can be solved with easy steps. Here we are going to see how!

2. Cache:-

To fix white text and missing buttons in WordPress visual editor, first thing we need to do is clear the cache. Caches can seem minor part of a website. But they can be the reason behind many errors. It’s not only important to clear cache now, but just to keep website clean you can do it often.

Even if you are using certain cache plugins you need to clear them out. That being said, clearing cache can seem nerve wracking but it’s not! First we are going to clear all your browser caches. For this go to ‘more tools’ you will find it on the right side of the browser. Go to settings and from there click on clear browsing data.

This will clear the browsing caches. Half of our task in done. Now we have to clear the cache from your cache plugin. Whatever plugin you are using the procedure is same for all.

For this next step, go to settings of your plugin. There you will find an option saying either clear cache or delete cache. Click on it and the job will be done. This will clear the cache from plugin. All kinds of caches like images and files as well.

If you are using WP engine, then you will need to clear its cache as well. For this go to WP Engine menu in the admin bar. There click on settings. You will find an option for clear cache. Click on it and the caches in WP engine will be removed. Reload your website and see if the error is gone!   

3. Tiny MCE Plugin:-

If the white text and missing buttons in WordPress visual editor error still remains, then we have to move forward with this step. The Tiny MCE can go missing often. And this can cause the visual editor to glitch a bit. Some WordPress themes come with Tiny MCE missing. This causes some of the buttons to go missing.

If this is the reason for the error, then you have to replace the Tiny MCE plugin with another and it will be sorted out. For this go to dashboard and click on Plugins. From the drop down menu click on add new. In the search bar put the name of Tiny MCE plugin. Download, install and activate it.

After this reload the website. This will sort the error out. Your missing white text and buttons will be at their place.

If you already have installed the tiny MCE plugin then the reason might be the corrupted files. In such case you need to download a fresh copy of tiny MCE plugin. This will solve the issue of corrupted files.

In this process, after downloading a fresh copy of tiny MCE plugin navigate to FTP client your host has provided. After logging in go to public_html and wp-includes folder. This will help your spot the theme folder. Then upload the fresh copy on Tiny MCE in the FTP. Now reload the website and see if the error is gone.

If this doesn’t work, then go to wp-config.PHP file and click on view or edit. Read the content in the file carefully. You can also download the file and read it in your text editor. In this file paste this code-                            

define( ‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPT, false’)

Upload it into your root directory. This will fix white text and missing button error.   

4. Javascript:-

Despite of all these steps, if the error remains then our last option is Javascript. WordPress functions on Javascript settings. It minimizes the performance of your website.

You have to prevent WordPress from working on the concatenated files to prevent the issue. For this we need to use the same script in wp-config.PHP file. With this all the errors in your visual editors will be resolved.

If you are using visual editor on every content, then this error might frighten you. But the WordPress has excellent CMS so you can sort it out earliest. So these are the steps you need to follow to fix white text and missing button error in WordPress visual editor.   

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