How To Create A Directory In WordPress Website?



Are you planning to create a directory on your WordPress website?

Now create an online marketplace with categorized and niche-specific information regarding different products and establish your C2C and B2C commerce online.

Creating a Directory in WordPress website is the most advantageous way of generating income on the internet. A C2C or B2C online business web URL that handles various deals can take advantage of the benefits of a web directory for growing sales. It’s a fruitful way to increase revenue.

We must Thanks to WordPress, an open-source platform that allows anyone to edit it and make customizations. It means that you can easily create a Directory in WordPress with an uncomplicated process in less time and add it to your C2C web portal.

Today, in this article, we’ll be studying how to create a directory site by making use of WordPress Directory plugins.

Let’s travel through the detailed guide to creating a Directory in WordPress website. Before that, some fundamentals regarding the concept are:

What is meant by a web directory?

A web directory is a systematic index consisting of a list of businesses or individuals. Every listing comprises a piece of serviceable information like the location of an organization, a business email address, and the services they offer.

Significance of creating a Directory in a WordPress website

A directory in a WordPress website is like multiple compartments or divisions that have different kinds of information related to multiple service-providing organizations or individuals.

For instance, if you are looking for an electrician, plumber, or cleaning service, you can visit a C2C or C2B web directory, say Here you will discover a directory comprising complete information regarding multiple services under one roof. In this way, you can simply create a directory website to list out anything like real estate, local businesses, and cars.

In short, a web directory is helpful for providing the exact information that visitors are looking for. They can view the content in well-organized categories, tags, interests, and other characteristics. Creating a directory in WordPress website depends on the type of URL that you use.

Process of creating a Directory in WordPress

  1. Select a specific niche
  2. Discover a way to monetize it.
  3. Pay attention to branding
  4. Configure your directory website
  5. Embed the primary features

You have to think and plan to set up your web directory. Identifying your market can help you build a basic plan for this. It will require some research. Here we have stated some points that you can keep in mind and plan to create a Directory in the WordPress website.

Consider what you might be interested in selling:

If you are making a web directory then first you need to think about what type of products, industries, and services you’re interested in selling so that people will catch you on this web directory.

For example, if you enjoy wearing fashionable clothes, then you can list out the most popular fashion stores at your location, the type of clothes and accessories that they provide, etc.

Check out what people are looking for:

Once you identified the taste and requirements of your target audience about what actually they are looking for then it gets very easy to choose a niche and type of product or service. Here you need to implement the research on finding keywords. The latest trends can help you to find the exact requirements such as

  • Spa in my area
  • Spa and beauty parlor in my area
  • A hair salon near me
  • Beauty treatment in my area.

From there, you can check which keywords are getting searched more and you can target them accordingly.

Check to See If Any Websites Already Serve Your Niche:

Having a list of popular longtail keywords is one thing, but it will be less valuable if they have been delivered by directory websites. You may use SEO tools to see who is ranking higher in search results. You can also view the competitiveness of each of your keywords. If there is little competition, you've identified the ideal marketplace.

Other than this, once you go through this primary stage of performing research, you have to

  • Ask to pay before getting a list of services
  • to sell advertising space.
  • Take care of access control for membership websites.
  • Branding
  • Set up a Directory in WordPress.

After passing through these steps, we will now turn to our prime topic of the article, i.e., the technical procedure for creating a Directory in WordPress. Let’s begin

How to create a Directory on a WordPress website?

There are many WordPress directory plugins specially introduced to create a web directory. Here we have handpicked the Business directory plugin and will be discussing the step-by-step process of developing a web directory in a WordPress website with this.

Business Directory Plugin is a free and easy-to-configure plugin.

Step 1: Traverse to Plugins->Add New in your WordPress dashboard

Here you can see the Search text box. Type the name of a plugin and hit the search button.

You can find their details too including compatibility, and access to important installation documentation.

Once you find the ideal plugin, you may click on the ‘Install Now’ button and start the installation process. Then, hit the Activate button.

Once you activate the plugin, navigate to Directory->Settings. Here you will receive a popup asking to generate ‘create a new page’.

Take the mouse over to the ‘create required pages for me’ button and hit it.

Step 2: Create a Directory in WordPress

A plugin will start to generate a new page called ‘Business Directory.’

Now go to Directory->Settings.

Here, you’ll see the following sections:

  • Listings
  • Email
  • Payment
  • Appearance.

You can select these tabs and check their settings, to see whether you require to make any changes.

Step 3: Add Directory listing and import the required data

Once you click the ‘Add Listing’ button a form will get open to your website. Now you will need to provide all the information for the listing.

After finishing this, press the ‘Complete Listing’ button at the bottom of the page to submit the listing.

Whenever visitors submit a listing in this way, you’ll have to approve it manually. For this, navigate to Directory->Directory Content on your WordPress dashboard.

Step 4: Customize Your WordPress Directory

In WordPress, you will obtain the freedom to customize the directory form as per your business requirements via the Directory Admin menu to make it appear in a compelling form.

You may use the free version that is open to customization, such as the WordPress Directory Themes and form fields.

Step 5: Finish the Settings and Publish Your WordPress Directory Page

You will get an option to submit the listings in the Business Directory plugin. Here, you can set up your user settings before publishing your directory. To accomplish this goal, you need to go to Directory Admin > General > Registration.

When you finish all the customization settings, the Business Directory page must be published. Now you are allowed to construct your directory!

How to create a Directory in WordPress without using a Plugin?

If you wish to design a Directory in WordPress website without making use of a plugin, then some components may be tedious to implement without having substantial programming experience. However, you may create a simple directory utilizing directory-friendly themes and some built-in WordPress capabilities. There are free themes aimed toward directory sites available in WordPress. Theme Directory, although many of them require an extra plugin to fully utilize the theme's functionality.


Using a Formidable form to generate a Directory in WordPress is also one of the most sophisticated options, allowing you to construct a variety of forms such as surveys, payment forms, booking forms, and others. Formidable Form is a WordPress form builder plugin that comprises a robust 'Visual Views' option for displaying user-submitted data on your website. You can quickly construct directories, real estate listings, job boards, event calendars, and more using this functionality.

Apart from this, you can use the WPEngine plugin to create a Directory on the WordPress website.

It might be a lucrative new option for your organization. To support that site, you'll also need fast and dependable WordPress hosting. WP Engine offers a number of plan options, as well as tools and solutions for WordPress developers. Combine WordPress's versatility with the reliability and security of our fully managed platform to get your online directory site up and running quickly!

A WP theme bundle, especially when creating a directory in a WordPress website, can be a game-changer. These bundles typically consist of a collection of premium WordPress themes designed with various functionalities and aesthetics in mind. When setting up a directory on your WordPress site, having access to such a bundle can provide you with a diverse range of themes, each tailored to different directory niches. Whether you're building a business directory, a listing platform, or any other type of directory website, the versatility of a theme bundle ensures that you can find a design that suits your project's specific needs. Plus, these themes often come with customizable features and robust support, simplifying the process of creating and maintaining your directory within the WordPress ecosystem.

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