This Is Why Designers Need To Learn Basic SEO

The significance of designing a Search Engine Optimized website is on a boom and increasing day by day. SEO is one of the most important factors that affect your website’s ranking and traffic. And, if we go statistically, some reports state that nearly 75% of the researchers don’t even make it to page 2 of a search. Taking the competition into consideration, every designer and business owner needs to know how to survive in such a huge market, where everyone is trying to prove their dominance. In this article, we will see why a designer needs to learn basic SEO. Also, Eye-catchy WordPress themes are available on VW Themes.

Well, this is why SEO is considered to be a boon for everyone. A precisely used SEO will help you to optimize a website and enhance the user experience. Furthermore, it will also lead traffic to your website and that, needless to say, is what every website owner wants. From increasing the organic discovery of your site to helping in improving the trust and brand name in the market, SEO is something that provides many amazing benefits to those who learn to implement it. Also, Have a look at SEO Optimized WordPress Themes By VW Themes. So, in this article, we are going to share with you some of the important reasons why every designer needs to learn basic SEO. Let’s start! 

1. To Be On The Top

Well, this is one of the most basic reasons. Every designer is ought to keep in mind that the website should be on the top of a google search. They need to meet specific parameters to do that. Components like HTTP status code, URLs, meta tags, descriptions, and many other things are to be taken care of by the designers. And this makes it necessary for them to learn Search Engine Optimization. 

2. Searching Accuracy

There are millions of websites out there on the internet. From the smallest to the largest, almost every business out there has its digital existence. And hence, if your website is not properly SEO-optimized, then it will be difficult for your customers and audience to navigate your website. How would they find your page if your website does not meet the norms of SEO? And, to overcome this problem, the designer needs to be in touch with the on-page SEO to boost the search accuracy of the page. This is why SEO is also considered to be a long-term marketing strategy and the significance of the SEO increases.  

3. Device Friendly Webpage

With the advancements in technology, almost everyone nowadays is using a smartphone to make online transactions and purchases. Therefore, it is now a must for every designer to make a website optimized for smartphones to attract the majority that uses a smartphone. 

Designers need to make the pages of the website smaller and the webpages should load faster. In addition, they also need to increase the readability of product descriptions which will lead to an enhanced user experience as the audience will understand everything properly. One thing every designer and business owner needs to learn (and this is a secret, shhhhh……) is that, keep things as simple and user-friendly as possible.  This will result in more potential and loyal customers and will increase your credibility in the marketWith that being said, let’s move to the next point.

4. Higher Engagement

A website that is well optimized for search engines always has an intricate network of internal links that takes care of user engagement. That means this network of internal links makes sure that the visitors stay for a long period. And as the user spends more time on your website, their behavior is predicted and they are directed towards those segments of the website that the user finds the most useful for himself. This will boost the user experience by a mile as the right thing will be shown to them at the right time. And that takes me to the point that SEO teaches the designer to build a website in such a way that it will help both the owner of the site as well as the visitor, i.e. visitor will be shown personalized feed whereas the owner’s profit will be boosted. And Boom! This is the power of SEO! 

If you think you need more reasons to learn the basics of SEO, well, that’s what I am going to share with you! Let’s get straight to the next point.

5. The ROI of the Website

If we talk about why every website out there is built with a specific purpose or goal. That goal can be anything, business, promoting services or products or simply playing with words and giving out some useful information. Search Engines ensure that these goals are met. Give me a jiffy to explain. If a website is designed by following the SEO standards then it tops the rankings whenever someone searches for the related keywords. That leads to more traffic and more customers who have an authentic interest in the products or services or the information that the website is offering. This in turn leads to a term called Return on Investment.  The investment an owner makes in a website, whether money or simply his time, he gets better returns on that investment if the site is built by a person who has a nice hand on SEO. This makes it a compulsion for every designer to learn basic SEO. Now that we have touched on the topic of returns, we should also talk about expenses. That takes me to the next point. 

6. Cost-Effectiveness

So, a designer with nice skills and knowledge will know that the moment your site attracts traffic, it becomes a difficult task to rework the website. And hence, if the website is not SEO-optimized, it will cost a lot to rework that. 

This is why every expert in this field asks the owner to implement SEO on their site from the very beginning. Hence, to reduce costs in the coming future, every designer must know about at least basic SEO. From Meta description to URL and keyword, every single detail should be taken into consideration to prevent future problems and reduce costs.  

7. User Experience

Okay so, right from the beginning, user experience has played a crucial role in the growth of the website and in retaining customers. This is why your webpage needs to be designed in such a way so that the visitor stays on your website for a considerably large amount of time. This is another reason for every designer to learn basic SEO. 

The webpage should be highly interactive and responsive, and for that, as I said, you need to make your page as user-friendly as possible. And for that purpose, the basics of SEO would not be sufficient, some advanced tips and tricks will be appreciated. This will increase the chances of a visitor revisiting your website. 

8. Advancements In Technology

We are living in a digital era. Technological advancements are witnessed every day evincing the expression that “Change is the only constant”.  And to cope with the changes and as they say, to go with the trend, you need to optimize your site in such a way that it doesn’t feel outdated. And to do the same, the designer needs to be updated and erudite. 

If we take an example of the same, the voice search feature is now being used by almost everyone to search for things online. Pictorial Search is another example of technological evolution and advancement taking place around the globe. Therefore, to stay ahead of the competition, a web designer needs to have an eye on these ongoing trends and design a site in such a way that the latest features are offered on the site. 

9. Aesthetically Pleasing Visual Experience

It is a basic psyche of a customer that he/she will be attracted towards something that looks glorious. The same works with websites. A visitor will search for a website having an attractive and eye-catching interface, rather than having an interface that feels like a boring history class! 

And to make your website attractive, you will have to add pertinent images and videos to particular segments of your site. Further, you can also add attractive fonts and slogans to make your site more impressive. And this is why a designer must learn about basic SEO to implement the same. 

Remember, the more attractive your website is, the more time visitors spend on it. And as the popular equation is, “Time Equals Money”. Here the time will be equal to your ranking and that will be equal to money $$. 

10. Loading Speed of Your Webpage

Loading speed is to user experience what a catalyst is to a chemical reaction (hopefully, it makes sense). The loading speed of your webpage is that factor that affects both your ranking as well as the user experience. And this is why it becomes necessary for you to make some modifications to your site to improve these things. Loading speed is that factor that is important but underrated! Most people don’t care about it. And this is why it is a treasure for you! You will need to evaluate what things are making it slower to load your webpage. Factors like large images and video files, weak URLs, and themes with too many widgets are generally the trouble-causing ones. You can check your webpage’s loading speed on the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and compare the difference before and after making the modifications.  

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So, this was it for today. We shared with you some of the reasons why every designer needs to learn basic SEO. However, even if you are not a tech-nerd and deal with these things once in a blue moon, I will suggest you to learn at least SEO basics for beginners. That thing seriously helps a lot! 

Furthermore, if there is something I missed in the article, you can mention that in the comments section. And again, share this article with those who need it. Feel free to comment your views about this article and also what topics you want me to touch on in the upcoming articles. Thanks for going through this article.

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