How to Create a Non Profit Website in WordPress for Your NGO Organization



Do you wish to create a non profit website to raise a noble cause in society? And not finding the right ways to implement it. Well, that’s a great thought, as more people will get to know about it.

Creating a non-profit website will help you reach a wider audience and increase donations as well. You can even share blogs, organize charity and fundraising campaigns, and much more.

For this, you don’t need to get help from a developer, as you can self-design a website. WordPress will help you create a non profit website in no time. And here is the most useful guide for you, with a detailed study of the steps.

What is a non-profit website?

You must be well-versed in non-profit websites, right? For those who don’t know, here you can know it well.

A non-profit website is nothing but something developed for a noble cause. A non-profit website willing to support charities and non-profit organizations This is the way to join hands with powerful charity organizations via online camps and donations.

Therefore, we are here to help you design a non-profit website using the steps below.

Create A Non Profit Website With These Easy Steps

Creating a non-profit website with WordPress is also the best choice. WordPress is the most dignified and qualified platform, raising standards for any website. This is one of the best CMSs, getting ease of use, features, designs, themes, plugins, and a lot more in a single place. So, you don’t need to find another platform when you have WordPress. So, here are the vital steps to ensure while creating a non-profit website:

Step 1. Choose between and

Users newly visiting WordPress might get confused between and As these are both like the two ends of a rope, is free open-source software that enables completely free usage. You need to pay for all the other expenses, like hosting, domains, themes, and plugins. This is custom-type software that enables free software while paying for other web design elements.

While is the most user-friendly software you’ll ever find, this is also the most preferred pick when it comes to a startup business. It comes with a complete solution under a single roof at a single price. That means you get hosting services, domains, themes, plugins, and much more.

So, our preferred choice for this blog will be So, let us start looking at the steps.

Step 2. Get a hosting provider:

So, are you ready to create a non profit website on WordPress? A website runs on two main pillars: the hosting provider and the domain. A hosting provider is like the house for your website, where all the important details are stored. It works like a professional space for your website, where all the data is stored. It highly impacts the speed, reliability, and performance of the website.

Getting a good host for your website is somehow crucial, as there are many promising choices on the web. But you need to pick one that takes your website to success peaks. There are some hosting providers that not only provide a server for your website but also come with a free domain.

Let’s just not complicate it more for you. I’ll tell you the best web hosting for WordPress website. Developers often recommend Bluehost as their preferred choice in terms of a complete package. This is said to be one of the finest platforms to get your website hosted. And the features below will help you make a firm decision.

Some features of the Bluehost hosting provider are:

  • Bluehost comes with the most user-friendly platform that even beginners can use for web design.
  • This fully optimized service offers the best speed and also boosts your website’s performance.
  • The customer service is beyond imagination, giving full support for 24/7 services.
  • This is not just over; customization is the best feature you will find while dealing with Bluehost.
  • It comes with Secure Shell Access, keeping your website safe from security breaches.
  • The best part is that you get a free domain name for a whole year.
  • Now that you have learned the best features of Bluehost, let’s move on to knowing how to use it for web design.

How to use Bluehost for your website:

  • Take your mouse pointer to the Bluehost website and tap the Get Started button.
  • The next page will help you choose from different plans for your website. You can choose from basic, Choice Plus, online store, and pro plans.
  • Those who have just entered the web design world can go with the basic plan. This is a cost-effective plan with a free website. Its range is $2.95 per month with 10 GB of SSD storage.
  • To get a domain name for a whole year, you need to switch to the Choice Plus plan. The plan availabilities have changed with 3 websites, 40 GB of SSD storage, and email service as well.
  • Once you select the plan, you will be able to set the domain of your website.

Step 3. Choose the perfect domain for your website:

You know very well what a hosting provider is and its role in website design, right? Since the hosting is said to be the home of your website's data, the domain is its address.

Yes, the domain is the address that refers to your website. It mainly ends with the extensions “.com”, “.co”, ".in,” and more. It is the unique address that usually visitors call to remember your website. For example, “”, will look like this: But that doesn’t end here; you need to have a unique domain that only addresses your website. For this, you must keep the following factors in mind while choosing the right domain:

  • You must always keep the domain shorter and more precise.
  • You must avoid the use of numbers and dashes while choosing or creating a domain.
  • Make sure you are not using trademark names or copyright materials in your domain.
  • The domain should be simple to pronounce for all types of users.
  • You must go for a domain that is easily understood and available.

So now that you know which type of domain you must select, let’s move ahead. We were at the step where you had chosen the right plan for Bluehost.

The next page is where you need to select the right domain for your website.

Here, you can see two columns: the first one is where you can create your domain. The next one tells you to either go for the existing domain or you must make a choice and then tap the Continue button. The next step is to get WordPress installed.

Step 4. Install WordPress:

After getting the perfect web host and domain, it's time to move forward and install WordPress. Some of you might get confused about how to get WordPress installed after the hosting. But let me tell you that this is the easiest step when you have chosen the right web host.

When you have a professional web host, it takes over all the vitals that make web design easier.

The same goes for the Bluehost hosting services. It kindly makes its clients a priority, lightening their work of installing WordPress with a single click. After completing the process of setting the domain name, you will be taken to the billing page. Here, you need to enter the payment details and finalize the payment.

Once done, this will send you a confirmation email in which all the signup details and links are mentioned. There are vital login credentials, including the password and username, respectively.

You need to follow the signup link, and the page will prompt you to enter your login credentials. Once you have done this, you will reach the Bluehost homepage, which has a sidebar panel. It has already installed WordPress for you. Either way, you can simply tap the My Sites option from the sidebar. Select the Add Site option and then the Create Site button from the right side of the page.

This will help you reach the login page to enter the vital credentials, and you will have your blank website ready. You can now splash out your creativity on how your non-profit website must look. And this implies having a perfect theme selection.

Step 5. Choose The Perfect Non Profit Theme:

You have your blank website ready to be personalized. It's time to put some effort into making it a perfect non-profit website. For this, the very first thing that hits the mind is the theme selection. A theme is nothing but the visual appearance of your website and the controller as well. The theme selection decides how your website is going to be presented in front of the audience.

This is not just a visual part of the website but controls more parts as well. It includes features, templates, layouts, formatting, and much more. It comes with a complete package full of what a perfect website includes.

Now the question arises: where can I find a theme that resembles non-profit organizations? Well, WordPress again takes control by providing a huge range of dignified themes in its theme directory. The themes come in two types: free and premium. The free themes do not require any installation charges and have basic features and designs to use.

Whereas the premium ones are superior to the free ones. They require installation charges along with all advanced features, designs, and templates. Accordingly, you will find themes for almost every niche you choose, just like we are searching for non-profit themes. Various portals hold their native WordPress themes on the web. Some may promise to provide the best features and whatnot. But you need to go for the right themes with true promises.

Some of the features you must look for in a non-profit WordPress theme:

  • The theme chosen should have a simple yet minimalist design.
  • The theme should possess a user-friendly interface and clear navigation.
  • Customization is the key to having a personalized website. So, the theme must have customization.
  • SEO optimization is a must-have when choosing the right theme.
  • Woocommerce integration with secured payment gateways for accepting online donations
  • The theme must support responsive design to fit on all screens.
  • It should be well documented and updated to its latest versions.
  • It should be well-compatible with the necessary plugins and cross-browsers.
  • The theme should support multiple languages so that your website can reach a global audience.
  • Look for the reviews, ratings, and customer support of the theme you are going with.

So, these are the vital factors you must look for in a non-profit theme. As said, various portals will have the best non-profit WordPress themes.

And you might get overwhelmed trying to choose one from thousands of options. Making a clear choice for you, VW brings a certified range of the best non-profit themes.

VW Themes is the best place you’ll ever find your desired themes at cost-effective prices. This is where you get to implement the finest websites without any codes required. To help you perfectly create a Non Profit website we have mentioned some of the best themes at the end of this step by step guide.

Steps to install a Wordpress Theme:

lets see how to install WordPress themes for your website

  • Reach your WordPress dashboard and tap the Appearance tab.
  • Under the Appearance tab, choose the Themes option. This will help you reach the themes page, where a theme is already installed.
  • You need to tap the Add New button. Then you will reach the Themes directory page, where you can find your desired theme.
  • Or simply, you can search for your non-profit theme in the search panel.
  • Once found, tap the Install button and then the Activate button. That’s it, you have your desired theme installed on your website.
  • And now you can customize it according to your needs and see the demo content. Also, you can add demo content to it.

Step 6. Add posts and pages:

Now that you have your desired non-profit theme, it's time to add content to your website. Content on the WordPress website is in the form of posts and pages. Specifically, posts are in the form of content that is posted on blogs and portfolios. Posts follow the reverse chronology order while displaying.

Whereas the pages are the static entities containing various posts. They can have various posts and content without moving anywhere. They mostly appear as the homepage, About Us page, Privacy Policy page, and more.

Well, to add posts and pages in WordPress, you must take a look at the below steps:

  • To add posts, simply tap the WordPress dashboard and then tap the Posts section.
  • Here, you need to tap the Add New button.
  • You will reach the post editor screen, where you can add content of your choice. You can add blocks for adding features such as images, tables, videos, and more.
  • You can have more formatting options and categories too.
  • Lastly, tap the Save Changes button to store all the changes.

This is how you can add various posts without using any codes. Similarly, you can add various pages by simply reaching the Pages section under the dashboard.

Step 7. Install vital plugins for raising functionality:

You are now on the next podium to create a non profit website. You need to raise your website’s functionality by adding plugins. Plugins are tiny software elements that, when added to the website, will increase its functionality. And in WordPress, you will find plugins for almost every feature you choose to add.

WordPress has a nearby range of 55,000 plugins supporting every feature you need. You can choose from them and add them to your website. It again confuses your mind about which plugins are the best for a non-profit website.

Not to worry, as we have collected some vital plugins you can install on your non-profit website.

Vital plugins for non-profit websites:

This is a list of vital plugins for your non-profit website.

  • PayPal Donation and Give Plugin: These are the plugins to help you accept online donations on your website.
  • Event plugins like Event Calendar and EventON can be added to organize online campaigns.
  • Social sharing plugins like Easy Social Share and SNAP must be added to integrate social media platforms.
  • Security plugins like Wordfence, iThemes Security, and Sucuri must be added for a secured website.
  • UpdraftPlus is the best plugin for having automatic backups on your website.
  • WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are the best caching plugins.

Now it's time to learn how to install the plugin.

Steps to install the plugin:

  • Reach the WordPress dashboard and tap the Plugins section.
  • You will reach the page where already-installed plugins are listed.
  • You need to tap the Add New button. Then, on the next page, search for the desired plugin and simply tap the Install button.
  • Then tap the activate button.

Step 8. Optimize your wordpress for speed and performance:

You have conquered every part of the website design. Are you sure?

Let me tell you that you have forgotten to optimize your website for better speed and performance. Speed is the most vital factor for a smooth-running website. If your website is not loading well, you will lose your potential clients. Trust me, this is the time to make it well optimized. And for this, caching is the only way you can boost your website’s speed. It is the process by which you temporarily store your website’s data in another location.

This WordPress speed optimization makes your site load faster and boosts performance. Unfortunately, WordPress does not support caching. Instead, it allows caching plugins to be used on the website. The WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache plugins are the best you can go for.

List Of Best Non Profit Wordpress Themes for 2023:

1. Non-Profit WordPress Theme:

Creating a non-profit website has now become the easiest way when you have this creative Non-Profit WordPress Theme. The theme is made for all sorts of non-profit, charity, donation, and NGO websites. Having a website for non-profit campaigns will raise better leads for you. And this theme is a complete package of what you were looking for. It has everything, including smooth sliders, templates, responsive layouts, and much more. You just need to pay $40.

Key features:

  • It has a fully responsive interface that users will find easier to use on every possible screen.
  • It holds a live theme customizer that lets you make on-site changes without any heavy codes.
  • It comes with SEO-optimized codes that further help in ranking your website well on search engines.

2. Premium Charity WordPress Theme:

Create a non profit website with this highly responsive and perfect Premium Charity WordPress Theme. It has everything you need for a comprehensive non-profit website. Not only non-profit websites but also charity, donation, and NGO websites can be formed. For those looking to start a website for a noble cause, this is the right junction for you. It comes with a complete package of dignified templates, customizable features, and more. All you need to pay to avail yourself of all the features is $40.

Key features:

  • This is the most user-friendly theme beginners would love to use to start noble practices through blogs.
  • The theme comes with a fully customized interface for a personalized non-profit website.
  • It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and payment gateways to accept online donations.

3. Campaign WordPress Theme:

Campaign WordPress Theme is one of the finest themes that perfectly suits social work, NGO, and non-profit websites. You can create a non profit website in minutes when you have this top-quality theme. Its powerful and flexible design perfectly suits candidate selections and election websites. It has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface that is ideal for professional websites. And it is available only for $40.

Key features

  • It comes with a full-width homepage design, including smooth sliders and menus.
  • It has Bootstrap integration that gives a mobile-responsive design and cross-browser compatibility.
  • The theme is translation-ready and can be easily translated to any user-desired language.

4. Social Activism WordPress Theme:

This Social Activism WordPress Theme is the perfect theme to easily create a non profit website. The theme comes with a lot of customized features that even beginners can use. Its flexible design not only supports social activism but charity and donation websites as well. It comes with a quality range of templates that support enough custom features. Also, it has a Gutenberg editor that supports block editing without any codes. So, you are ready to create a non profit website for only $40.

Key features:

  • The theme comes with a fully documented interface with pre-coding standards.
  • It proves to be a fully responsive interface that can easily work on every screen you choose.
  • There is WooCommerce and other vital plugin integrations for excessive functionality.

5. Animal Rescue WordPress Theme:

Then comes the Animal Rescue WordPress theme, which is eligible to create a non profit website. The theme mainly relies on designing pet rescue and other non-profit websites in no time. You don’t even need to use heavy code or hire a developer for this. Its interface has pre-coding standards that even beginners can use. Smooth sliders provide clear navigation along with a responsive design. There is a lot more to explore for just $40.

Key features:

  • The theme supports a drag-and-drop page builder facility, ensuring smooth customization.
  • It requires no codes to derive the best non-profit website in no time.
  • It has a fully responsive interface that not only supports mobile interfaces but also suits cross-browsers.

So, this is how we have made a handpicked list from which you can select your desired theme. Now that you have made a good choice, it is time to see how to install a WordPress theme.


This is how we have helped you accomplish the ultimate goal of creating a non-profit website. With the above steps, any beginner can even start a non-profit website without a developer. Also, the non-profit Premium WordPress themes will surely help you build your website easily and will save your time.

We have made every single step easier to understand in a descriptive manner. So, you don’t need to worry about creating a non-profit website on your website.

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