10 Best WordPress Plugins For Marketers That You Can't-Miss.



Do you want to keep your website high in demand by extending marketing practices? Here in this article, you will find the 10 Best WordPress Plugins that Marketers can’t miss.

WordPress is a big platform having plenty of users to access and surf. You can’t be sure which trick of yours will attract users and how. And getting your website poured with organic traffic is what you desire, right? So, you must imply best marketing practices that justice your efforts and goals.

And the Best marketing plugins are the only way to connect more audience on your site. So, we have compiled a list of the 10 best plugins reviewed and recommended by experts for marketing. These plugins will help you find the best marketing practices for an enhanced and professional site. 

So, let us start looking at our powerful list of the 10 Best WordPress Plugins that Marketers can’t miss. 

List of 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers 

Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO is the most preferred and popular plugin known for marketing in WordPress. Over 1 million marketers have trusted this plugin for getting better SEO ranks on their websites. And the best part of it requires no codes at all to embed this plugin on your site. Also, you can come out as a strong competitor in the market world when you have Yoast SEO. It comes packed with plenty of features to help you rank better on search engines. It focuses on improving the technical ability that blocks your site from being appeared on search engines. Also, it uses advanced XML maps making it easier for visitors to locate you. Moreover, it manages your site data in such a way giving faster loading pages. Thus, it proves beneficial if you are looking for a good marketing plan for your site. 


Elementor is said to be the best drag-and-drop page builder for websites. It proves the most efficient tool for marketers with its high-end features to work with. With the most number of installations, it comes with a package full of exciting features. It lets you build fully professional and pixel- websites creating great marketing strategies. Also, it comes with 100 templates and pre-built sections of page building, testimonials, and CTAs for better interaction. Customization features like animation, headline effects, and background overlays attract more visitors. The pixel-perfect designs make your website look more realistic catching more visitors. Moreover, it is super-responsive giving faster loading pages to adjust on every screen.

Monster Insights - Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

Monster Insights is a great tool if you are searching for marketing your website. Using this plugin, you can add Google Analytics to your site without any codes. And with over 3 million installations, it becomes one of the most popular plugins. It helps you grow website traffic with easy google analytics by viewing it from the dashboard. This is the benefit that you do not have to leave your site to see the analytical reports or search for every report. And this easy linking direct to the dashboard makes it easier and more powerful to use. That’s why most of the small companies and huge ventures are getting this marketing tool. 

WP Forms 

WP Forms is another popular plugin for form building and marketing as well. It comes with easy form-building metrics with easy customizations. With this, you can build contact forms, registration forms, surveys, polls, and much more. Creating any type of form is made easy using the drag-and-drop feature. You just need to drag and drop the fields you want to insert and no need to add any codes. Creating interactive forms including various attractive elements will make visitors engaged. And this will further you generate good leads on your website. Moreover, you get 300+ stunning templates for quick form building. Also, it comes with more features like email marketing, multi-page forms, and payment integrations.  


Counting on another popular plugin that can be a great deal for marketing on your website. It is the Hustle plugin that helps in creating popups, slide-ins, and social sidebars. Popups and social sharing bars are the most effective ways to market your site. As these engage users to jump on your site via promotional content in the form of discounts and offers. It also uses embeds in the form of content ads that pop before or after you post content. It allows placing embeds anywhere on the website using widgets or shortcodes. Moreover, you can generate a good amount of leads using its targeted marketing popups. Its powerful templates come with great custom features for styling your forms and popups. Also, the plugin seems to be fully responsive proving great in marketing. This is the reason Hustle could be considered as Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers.

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Google XML Sitemaps 

Placing Google sitemaps on your site can do a great marketing thing. And that is why, we are here with the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. It is meant for inserting XML maps on your site that help users find you easily. Also, search engines find it a powerful feature to index your site for SEO. And for bloggers, it can be a great alternative to find your blogs and easily retrieve them. Moreover, it comes with a unique feature in which all the notifications of new content created are sent to search engines. It comes compatible with all types of WordPress pages and custom posts. Additionally, it has multilingual support and woo commerce compatibility. 

Market your website using this very powerful Pretty Links plugin. Marketers must opt for this simple plugin to rule the market with your brand. It counts as the most popular plugin with its dynamic features to look upon. Create shareable links for your website using the domain name. And it allows you to shrink, beautify, track, and manage links on your site. Apart from creating links, it helps in tracking hits on the links along with giving a full report on them. And affiliate marketers who wish to clean their affiliate links or track clicks can easily use this. The plugin proves great for marketers having zero knowledge of creating links. As the plugin is so simple and intuitive so you can easily create and manage links for marketing. 

All-in-one SEO 

Featuring the most popular All-in-one SEO plugin for collecting organic traffic and SEO ranks for your site. Most importantly, it proves beneficial for marketers looking to generate organic traffic. It comes with jam-packed features for generating traffic and securing SEO ranks. It works efficiently for those with professional coding skills and non-professionals as well. It works as a whole in auditing your website by finding errors and bugs on your site. After that, it gives you actionable recommendations to improve them for improving SEO and organic traffic. It has a feature called TruSEO score that lets you know about the optimizing score of your site. XML sitemaps, google analytics, and custom post types are other features that are useful for marketers. 

OptinMonster - Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

One of the best popup builders and opt-in form builders is here for marketers. It is the OptinMonster plugin that helps create lead-generating popups for your site. Creating popups and opt-in forms helps in growing sales and email subscribers on your site. You can also control abandoning visitors using its conversion tool kit and strong form-building tricks. Surprisingly, beginners will find it efficient as it requires no codes to build unique forms. Additionally, it offers mobile responsiveness and more opportunities to grow sales on your site. Its smart targeting features help you catch the right audience at the right time and place. And keeping the marketing factor in mind, it optimizes the popups for web servers and performance. 

Icegram Express 

And now presenting Icegram Express another most popular plugin for email marketing you can’t miss. This is the best marketing tool for those having WordPress websites and looking for traffic on the site. It comes with a low cost along with integration with other popular plugins and themes. And thus, bloggers, marketers, and Woocommerce businesses find it more efficient to grow visitors on their sites. Email newsletters are another feature that helps marketers send limitless triggered emails. Apart from organizing email campaigns, you can convert your web traffic into subscribers with opt-in widgets. The easy drag-and-drop feature helps in building all parameters for marketing your site.  


Marketing your business is the best way to generate leads and get traffic. So to build marketing moves on your site, you must have the Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers. We have collected the finest list of 10 plugins that are expert-tested and recommended for marketing. These have the best marketing solutions that will help your business grow in all forms. You don’t have to use heavy codes or hire a developer for this. As the plugins seem to be user-friendly and easy to customize. So start building marketing solutions that help you grow your business using the above plugins. 

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