9 Excellent WordPress SEO Plugins For Raising Website Traffic



The Best WordPress SEO Plugins are here to boost your site’s search engine ranks. 

Is your website facing a bit lower traffic these days? If yes, then this article is for you to achieve good traffic and boost search engine ranks. 

This is an obvious fact that most websites are getting lower traffic. And the reason is the increasing competition with everyday unique content. And the visitors visit where they find new and fresh content every time. 

The only way to achieve your ultimate goal of traffic is by using the right SEO plugins. SEO plugins help in optimizing your content well in order to meet the visitor’s choice. And there are so many ways of raising SEO practices on your site. And so, we have come along with the latest WordPress SEO plugins. Before that, you must consider the factors that help you find the best SEO plugin. 

Factors to look into for the Best WordPress SEO Plugins 

WordPress SEO Plugins come with a complete package of features and functionalities to use. But you need to figure out which fits your site’s requirements. And so, we are listing some factors that will help find the right SEO plugin: 

You must read through the whole plugin and its functionalities. Make sure your plugin has more features than your competitor. It should offer the best SEO tools to help in good traffic. 

Next, you must go for the SEO plugin that is easy to use. Not every time, a developer will use it to boost SEO. So, the plugin must fascinate a simple and easy interface to work with. 

Go for a plugin that is cost-effective and doesn’t bother your budget for website design. Else, there are so many free plugins that offer the best features and functionality without spending any money. 

All-in-one SEO 


The All-in-one SEO plugin acquires the best position while going for SEO plugins. As it conquers the best metrics making your website rank well on search engines. And thus becomes the most popular choice for users striving to rank well on SEO. Its functional system analyzes your whole site to detect errors and recommends taking action. This in return helps in boosting SEO and organic traffic of your site. Also, it helps to share sitemaps of your site with popular search engines to make you visible. Other than this, it proves to be the most powerful and user-friendly even for beginners. And it is fully optimized for Google and other search engines following best practices. 

Yoast SEO 


And now comes another popular SEO plugin for boosting search engine ranks. It is the Yoast SEO plugin that has raised millions of websites to rank well on search engines. It is a full-packaged plugin with fast and reliable services offering everything to manage for SEO. The fully optimized plugin includes SERP previews, XML sitemap creation, and more. Its On-page SEO technique is the best feature that incorporates your target keyword better. Also, it helps to optimize the meta title, description, and URLs used in the site. And thus, it makes a good guide for managing every element on the site. Additionally, it supports readability analysis and multiple languages. Our WordPress Themes are Compatible with Yoast SEO.

Rank Math SEO 


The newly updated version of the Rank Math SEO is worth using for SEO practices. With this, every website owner gets access to use advanced SEO metrics to boost the site’s ranks. It helps in optimizing your written content providing real-time insights without leaving the site. It also helps in optimizing meta titles and descriptions thus reducing occurring errors. Moreover, its speed optimization is the best part you will watch out for. And thus, it covers your site in the top search engine ranks for speed. Additionally, it has SEO features for E-commerce sites and error detections like 404 monitoring.  

SEMRush - Best WordPress SEO Plugins


Looking to make your content look engaging and count on top search engines? You must use this intuitive SEMRush SEO writing assistant plugin. It is best for writing engaging content that helps in matching this highly competitive market. Not only this, it gives you clues that help you match your competitor’s writing skills. It provides real-time checks as you keep on writing the content with suitable recommendations. This in return helps in producing content that can easily raise in front of search engines. Additionally, it uses readability checks plagiarism checks, and overall scoring. And for readability checks, it uses the Flesch Kincaid technique to show you the readability score.

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seopress-plugin - Best WordPress SEO Plugins

SEOPress is one of the best plugins that render good SEO ranks for your website. It mainly focuses on SEO, traffic boosting, and improving social sharing. It is the best for business owners who wish to give an enhanced look to their site for a better user experience. For this, it helps you build custom XML sitemaps, create optimized breadcrumbs, add schemas, and manage errors. And there is absolutely no need to install any extension when you have this all-in-one plugin for SEO. Also, you can easily manage the risk of conflicts and maintenance charges. Moreover, it is easy to use even when you don’t know how to code or spend in hiring a developer. Social sharing, meta titles, and meta description optimization are its features to notice. 

Monster Insights 

And now comes a plugin that helps you track analytics and performance to boost SEO. Monster Insights has been one of the most popular plugins with over 3 million+ active installations. Using this plugin, you will be able to track Google Analytics right from the dashboard and improve it. For this, you don’t need to use any codes or hire a developer. As you can easily track the performance along with knowing how users react to your website. Moreover, it displays a content report that lets you know how many visitors stayed for a long time. And it provides a user-friendly interface even accessible to beginners without any login details. Moreover, it lets you run multiple sites with a single dashboard which is great for multiple business owners.  

WP Meta SEO - Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Get this highly impressive and powerful SEO plugin for boosting your site’s SEO. The WP Meta SEO plugin is meant to optimize your site’s content including pages and images for SEO. And don’t worry, you don't need to rely upon the extensions for optimizing. As the plugin offers a whole site optimizing feature and thus saves your time. Its integration with the Google search console helps to dig accurate data from Google for a good keyword strategy. Also, there are more SEO features like XML sitemap and redirection manager. This was all about the free version and the premium version includes a duplicate title checker and broken link checker. 


If you want your website to acquire powerful SEO strategies, then the Hubspot plugin will help. All that you need to boost your site’s SEO is within this plugin. It comes with the latest features that let you perform advanced SEO practices. Its built-in analytics provides all the marketing performance and interactive dashboards. Also, you can easily monitor the quantity and quality of your site with an overall view. Plus, you can also view the traffic analysis on the page-by-page type and by zooming in or out. It lets you focus on the vital sections that have a chance of appearing on SEO. promoting best marketing practices, it allows live chat, email marketing, and forms to grow your business with better ranks. Its fine SEO and marketing practices are best suited for small-scale businesses. 

Ahrefs - Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Grow your business and be recognized on top search engines with the Ahrefs plugin. The plugin is specialized in providing the latest SEO practices and growing organic traffic. Earlier, the plugin used to have a go-to SEO toolkit for keyword research and other SEO practices. Fast forward to now,  it has become a plugin powering actionable insights from the dashboard itself. Also, it integrates more SEO tools that help in raising your site’s growth and performance. Its unique features have a list below: 

Allows backlink analysis with its backlink index

Counts SEO analysis according to the Google Analytics 

A content audit tool that keeps on recommending better content delivery. 


Choosing the right SEO plugin might be crucial for many users. But those who read the article have made their minds clear and started following. As a website’s traffic and search engine rank matters the most. It helps you grow your business well and make a good prestige. Getting your brand noticed on popular search engines is what you desired while web design. And so, we have compiled the 9 Best WordPress SEO Plugins with their features. Start finding the right SEO plugin and boost your site’s online presence and search engine ranks. 

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