Top 12 Best Website Builders For WordPress To Design Innovative Websites



No doubt, WordPress is one of the most superior web design platforms. It counts as the most reliable and flexible feature you’ll ever find on any platform. Therefore, users find it more convenient to invest in their firms with WordPress.

Since its user-friendly design, more users have come to WordPress to launch their businesses. It is super easy to learn, even for a non-techy person.

But once you have understood the basics of how it works and about its editor, you’ll wish to upgrade it. Not every time you can go with the basic editor that comes with limited functionality.

Then arise the website builder tools that integrate with WordPress for web design. Those who wish to customize their websites to be more advanced would strive for website builders. They come with a complete package to design a professional website.

So, we have bought the best website builders for WordPress under one roof in this blog.

Factors to look at while choosing the best website builder for WordPress

The best website builder for WordPress must count on the following vital factors:

First of all, you should not compromise on usability. A perfect website builder should be user-friendly so that non-developers can use it for web design.

It should possess widgets and templates for making web design easier and better. The widgets are added to ease the features, while the templates are ready-made designs.

Customization is the prime motive for choosing a website builder. A perfect website builder should have advanced customization.

Do not forget to count on the features each website builder has. More features will have the best functionality for web design.

Here are the top 12 best website builders for WordPress

1. Ibtana

The Ibtana WordPress Website Builder is a game-changer in the world of website building. It streamlines the process, making it incredibly efficient and user-friendly, especially for those new to WordPress. The builder offers a comprehensive selection of building blocks, simplifying the design process. Its emphasis on compatibility and user-friendliness sets it apart. The drag-and-drop feature allows for easy customization without the need for coding.

Ibtana adheres to best coding practices, ensuring optimal performance. Each block is fully customizable, enabling users to create unique and captivating websites. This builder is a boon for both beginners and experienced developers, allowing for quick and hassle-free page creation. Its extensive collection of building blocks caters to modern business needs. Mobile optimization is seamless, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices. With Ibtana, website creation is a breeze, eliminating the need to start from scratch. This builder revolutionizes the conventional web-building process, making it a top choice for WordPress enthusiasts.

2. Elementor

Our list of the best website builders for WordPress starts with the most popular, Elementor. This banner website builder holds the top position among the top website builders. Its drag-and-drop functionality is the most adaptive thing you will ever find in a website builder. And therefore, it sets a remarkable position for a powerful and user-friendly website in no time. Yes, users will find it easier to design websites without any codes.

It comes with a complete set of blocks that define your website's features effectively. There is another feature that sticks users to it: its responsive nature. Users will find it easier to design websites on any screen they wish. There comes the live preview feature; when you add any block, you can see how it looks.

3. WPBakery


There is another website builder for WordPress that counts highly in the digital world. WPBakery comes under the most considered website builders on the web. The specialty is that it can fit with any WordPress theme, giving the most enticing website building in no time. It primarily works on creating complex layouts, yet it focuses on the deep detailing of web design.

Its interface comes with full template support, grid layouts, and responsive design. Yes, this website builder even comes with a responsive design that fits on every screen. The drag-and-drop functionality is what makes it a more recommendable choice for users.

Its flexible design supports 50+ built-in widgets and 250 add-ons, encouraging students to stick with it. Further, it can be easily integrated with a variety of tools to increase functionality.

4. Beaver Builder

Dopping is another skilled yet fully polished website builder for WordPress on our list. It is the Beaver Builder that makes it a remarkable place, supporting beginners too. It comes with a customizable range of templates for web design that even beginners can use to start building their websites. You don’t need to start from scratch when you have this outstanding builder. It even allows us to save the customizable peace of mind for future use.

Further, it helps in saving your content even if you change the theme or even the website builder. It additionally equips the website’s media files to secure places without losing them. Landing page creation is its best specialty for small businesses and other web businesses. Another enticing feature is its support for WordPress translation plugins. Users can easily translate their websites into any language that supports international clients.

There is a drag-and-drop feature that helps you create websites without any developer skills. And further, you can extend its feature packs with premium versions.

5. Spectra

Spectra is even counted among the best website builders for WordPress-supporting block editors. There is a customizable range of blocks, premade designs, a variety of patterns, and whatnot for a complete website.

From just being an addon for Gutenberg to a fully polished website builder, Spectra has made its mark. It now comes with the most customizable range of templates and a complete solution to web design. So you don’t need to look out for any other add-ons when you have Spectra.

Since its roots are budded into the block editor, it comes integrated with the endless blocks. And that too supports all sorts of users, including beginners. That implies users don’t need to use a single line of code when they know how to use blocks.

Another attractive feature is that users can use formatting options and create enticing blocks. These blocks can be further used on any area of the website you wish.

6. Themify

Here comes another drag-and-drop website builder tool, Themify, with versatile functionality. It comes with the most customizable layouts and styling features you will ever meet. It then allows you to build websites for any niche using its pre-designed templates. And that too with the simple integration with any WordPress theme and extensive plugins like WooCommerce.

Customizing the website becomes easier as it supports on-spot undo-redo and duplicating modules. When you customize any feature, users can easily remove the changes or simply duplicate any modules. Another attractive feature is its support for animation modules. These can be further used to enhance the conversions on your website.

7. Site Origin

Site Origin counts millions of active installers currently serving the best web design elements. This is another great website builder that supports endless features for a customized website. What makes it most recommendable is its responsive design. Yes, the interface for web design can be easily fitted on any screen you choose to have.

Being the oldest page builder, it comes with the most experienced features and designs. Site Origin comes integrated with multilingual properties and plugins. A real-time previewing system allows one to see the on-site changes while designing the website. Also, this helps with fast web design without any extra effort. You can customize every bit of the website when you hold the rights to this tool. It seamlessly integrates with all WordPress themes, making web design easier for beginners as well.

8. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect counts on the best website builders for WordPress in terms of business websites. You can be any business owner looking for an ultimate solution for website building. Then comes this skilled and visually attractive website builder for WordPress.

As this is a business website-building tool, it counts on the best marketing practices to boost your business. A variety of pre-made conversion elements, like testimonials, lead generation forms, and more, can be used. Not only this, but the homepage designs further blow up the user’s minds. Users can include social media icons, slider galleries, and opt-in forms on the website.

Also, there are header and footer features to create convertible landing pages using blocks. This is an amazing feature for generating marketing practices for businesses. Also, there are 270+ pre-designed landing page templates to further help you design the pages faster.

9. Brizy

Brizy is another popular drag-and-drop website builder for WordPress. This comes with direct integration with WordPress in the form of a plugin. It even comes with self-hosting and hosting services for web design.

Moreover, it comes with a fully responsive design that easily fits on every screen you choose to have. There is a drag-and-drop feature that enables real-time editing for every feature. There is a whole bundle of pre-made designs for landing pages, portfolios, and other websites.

One outstanding feature is its global styling feature, which allows the entire site to adapt to the changes. That means you don’t need to apply styling features to every single page. It even comes with an auto-save feature that saves your work for future use. It further comes with attractive media integration, along with customizable formatting options.

10. Oxygen builder

Oxygen Builder is another website builder for WordPress that focuses more on the user experience. That means it completely works for the user’s satisfaction in terms of functionality. It comes with a fully responsive design that easily fits websites on any screen. Plus, the flexible layouts set the stage for your website, along with scrolling animations.

What makes it a unique website builder is that it helps hide and show the elements put on the website. It can be the layouts, spacing, colors, and more such elements. You can even customize the layouts according to your requirements.

Also, there are a variety of animation elements to set a great stage for your website, along with easy customization. It comes integrated with the Gutenberg editor so that users can easily add blocks to add different features.

11. Visual Composer

Visual Composer is the best website builder for WordPress when you need to start a small business. It even contributes to designing websites for basic projects. You don’t need to worry, as the page builder is fully user-friendly. Like Beaver Builder, it also comes with a drag-and-drop feature for adding elements.

Apart from this, it supports undo-redo, copy-paste, and duplication features. Further, the editor comes with support for the header, footer, and sidebar settings. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of plugins. It includes social media icons, WP Forms, Yoast, and many more. Plus, there is customization available for Instagram filters and media files to add. Whichever plan you choose, drag-and-drop helps in designing responsive websites that fit on all screens. For more extended features, you can purchase its premium version.

12. SeedProd

Don’t think that the last one is always the underrated one. SeedProd comes under the most considered website builders for WordPress. It covers all small businesses, marketers, and web developers. Again, it comes with a drag-and-drop feature that easily caters to all web design tactics in no time. There is smooth layout navigation that makes web design easier and boosts the user experience. Plus, you can customize the rows, columns, and other elements by accessing the settings page.

A new feature is included in it for favoriting the pages and accessing them anytime the user wishes to.

It further integrates with email marketing services such as Zapier, Mailchimp, and ActiveCampaign. It even comes with a live preview section that allows you to check whether the customization is done well or not. And most importantly, it supports a mobile-responsive design that fits on every screen.


So, this is how you can choose from the 12 Best Website Builders for WordPress in the blog. You must now be familiar with how website builders add an enhancing element to the website. It depends on how you want your website to look in front of users. Everybody craves a unique one. That uniqueness comes with adding custom features provided by website builders.

So, start picking the best website builder for WordPress and enhance it further with premium WordPress themes to design your dream websites. Your online presence will not only be unique but also visually stunning and highly functional.

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