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    I bought qnd installed the Medical Services Pro theme yesterday and after setting up for 5 hours, I am encountering the following issues:

    1. The option to change accent colors missing. I have only the “Global Color First” in the typography settings and no second or third color option.

    2. Topbar – how can I remove the search function?

    3. I added 5 testimonials, which showed up fine but at some point 5 became only 2. All of them are available in the back end, I double checked and re-saved them, but for some reason only 2 are visible on the site.

    4. Footer: How can I add the last section of main page before the footer? The one with latest posts, newsletter signup, contact details etc.

    5. Footer: How can I make the footer area vertically more narrow? It’s too wide at the moment.

    6. At the end of my Mailchimp forms, the button is a blue Submit button and regardless of changing the word on the button, it doesn’t change. Nor can I find how to change the color anywhere.

    7. It seems like all the Pages need to have a Title, but it is not possible to hide the title from being visible on the page? And for some reason all the titles are orange (my company color) and I cannot find where to edit their appearance. Right now I just deleted most titles, but now I don’t know which page is which in the backend without opening it and also that’s probably not good for SEO.

    8. The links in the Services menu are now broken for some reason even though they were working before. Not sure what the problem is there, the links look fine, but don’t work in the live mode.

    9. All kinds of problems in the mobile view: the text on the slider is not visible at all so the mobile front page starts with rotating images and just buttons on them – not good. There is a symbol of square with an X in it, like what you get when your OS doesn’t support some emoji. It’s on the left side of the Top Menu.

    developer vwtheme


    As per your request, we have seen your points.

    1)Global Color
    Vw Medical Care has only one highlight color, therefore, we have given one global color option.

    2)Removing Search Option
    In order to remove the search bar do following

    i) From WordPress dashboard select appearance >> customize >> Theme Setting >> Header
    ii) uncheck the show/hide checkbox option


    Our Live Site is working fine so we need to check your site why it’s not working please provide us with your login detail.

    4,5) The footer section is as per our template design you can not move it to top or bottom. but you can change the widget by following steps.

    i) From wordpress dashboard select appearance >> Widgets
    ii) add widget in Footer Column 1,Footer Column 2,Footer Column 3 and Footer Column 4

    6) Submit Button

    In order to add an email newsletter, you need to install contact form 7 plugin. first, create a new form with email and submit button and add its shortcode in “Text Widget” of footer columns.

    7) Section Title Settings

    We have already provided all settings of each section title in the customizer to change it do following.

    i) From WordPress dashboard select appearance >> customize >> Theme Setting
    ii) Change the title and its color setting from a respective section.

    8) Services Links

    You need to add correct links for your services. please provide us your side credential to check it.

    9) Slider Text

    In mobile mode slider text is not displaying because there is no space for it and if you want we can add it, but it does not look good.

    Make a user for us assign administrator role and send us the username and password with the site URL at [email protected].



    I just installed the VW Hospital Theme and it crashed my site!

    developer vwtheme


    What error is displaying after the process?

    Thank You



    I just downloaded your latest version of VW Hospital Theme but when i went to install the Zip file ( I got the following message “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” – Can you please advise?

    developer vwtheme


    Kindly please refer this:

    If you’d like, we may analyse the problem, create a user for you, provide admin privileges, and then provide the URL and credentials at [email protected]

    If you have any questions please let us know so that we can help you.

    Many Thanks!


    Hi there…

    I can’t get the Slider to function and I can’t find any way to look about to fix it

    Kind regards
    Hubert S. Freynhofer

    developer vwtheme


    Thank You for choosing us!

    Kindly provide us the Site URL to review so that we could provide you a solution.

    Thank You

    Michael Synowitz


    I want to extend the transition speed of the slider on the start page. I could not find any option in “slider settings”. Who has experience with it, any suggestions ?

    Thanks in advance for your help


    developer vwtheme


    If you want we can do it for you, make a user for us assign administrator role and send us the username and password along with the URL at [email protected].

    Many Thanks

    Michael Synowitz

    done – Thx

    developer vwtheme


    We have received your email, resolved your issue and replied on the email, please check.

    Many Thanks

    Svetlana Korostova

    17.07 bought VW Medical Care Pro and got a lot of problems.
    1. Demo Importer in two forms: Customizer Demo and Gutenberg, no Elementor. I tried to edit the site in Elementor – it began to work incorrectly. The texts are gone, the widgets are gone.

    2. How do I install social media widgets that you don’t have in your lists? Need additional widgets “VKontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”

    3. In the top panel “Topbar” you need to make information in two lines. How to do it? Is it possible to?

    4. In the “Primary Menu” part of the tabs is moved down to the second line. Is it possible to do everything in one single menu bar?

    5. The site must be in Russian. But in Settings ▸ Themes Settings, Russian words are not displayed. How to make words in Russian appear correctly?

    6. Only one of the slides is visible. Although Number of slides to show: 3. How to make three slides?

    7. I cannot configure the Contact Details Phone No. and so on, in Russian.
    Settings ▸ Themes Settings
    Contact Details are not displayed in Russian. And with Elementor, widgets disappear, Contact Details Icon1.

    8. Can I delete the theme and start over without losing my activation key? How to do this to start working on the site over again?

    developer vwtheme


    We have also received your ticket and we have replied back could you please check it

    Thank you

Viewing 14 posts - 76 through 89 (of 89 total)
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