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Music is a most fevourite activity that people follows at a huge extent. That is why online musical websites gets accessible almost everyday. Today, we have come up with the Music WordPress Templates for developing such sites. The Music WordPress Templates are pre-designed layouts or themes specifically crafted for websites related to music, musicians, bands, music festivals, record labels, or any other music-related entities. These templates are designed to work with the WordPress platform, which is a popular content management system (CMS) used for building websites. Let’s start to know some popular themes under this category one by one.  Read More

1) Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

Audio Podcast WordPress Theme is a fantastic theme designed specifically for podcasters, music businesses, audio, and other types of multimedia websites. An stunning and stylish site highlights your media. It has both a dark and light color scheme, as well as other color variations to help you achieve the desired effect. The Audio Podcast WordPress Theme is a translatable design that supports WPML and RTL languages, making your website suitable for an international audience as well.   

2) Event Planner WordPress Theme

The Event Planner WordPress Theme allows you to demonstrate your management talents to the world online. This theme features a clean layout and a great design with brilliant colours that will make visitors feel like they are at a party or celebrating. The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, which provides great layouts for displaying products and all of the features and functionality required for an online store.  

3) Recording Studio WordPress Theme 

The Recording Studio WordPress Theme is intended to build a more sophisticated website associated with online music recording studios, audio industries, and other relevant disciplines. Online customers like websites that are well-organized and have user-friendly tools. The Recording Studio WordPress theme includes many fascinating features such as sliders with an unlimited number of slides, customizable text boxes, a configurable header and footer, and many simpler yet helpful aspects.   

4) Music Band WordPress Theme

Music Band WordPress Theme is a great WordPress theme for bands, artists, beat producers, label websites, live performances, music, and performance websites. The Music Band WordPress theme is the gateway to your inner universe. Music can refer to anything. Assume you are an artist, DJ or performer, agency musician, artist vocalist, producer, or recording artist. Your online portfolio allows you to showcase your talents to the rest of the world. In addition, the theme can be translated into a variety of languages. It's cross-browser compatible thanks to its RTL functionality.   

5) Theatre WordPress Theme 

  This Theatre WordPress Theme is a well-designed theme for theatres. It is a wonderful alternative if you want to create a modern platform for exchanging theatre information. It can also be valuable for drama and acting schools, as well as bloggers who enjoy theatre and want to write about it. The theme's dark and light color palette, as well as its incredibly dramatic graphics, give the ideal impact for portraying a theatre in its entirety.

6) Firework WordPress Theme

The Fireworks WordPress Theme provides far more than simply a lovely face on an internet platform for selling fireworks. WP Firework WordPress Theme offers the most user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to work with. It also doesn't require any coding expertise. Proper placement of call to action (CTA) buttons on landing pages is a phenomenon. It also enhances your website's conversion rates, allowing you to convert visitors into valuable clients. 

7) Magician WordPress Theme 

A Magician WordPress Theme creates a magical online portrayal of your skills. Sorcerers, wizards, and fate tellers can all utilize the design to showcase their work online. WP Magician WordPress Theme includes feature-rich yet open libraries, allowing you to utilize it however you wish. Configuration controls that do not require any coding make it easy to create your own website. You can design your full web page piece by piece using the drag and drop page builder tool to compile and put together your profile as a magician. 

8) Artist WordPress Theme 

Artist WordPress Theme is ideal for professional artists and painters. It is an excellent choice for creative individuals such as illustrators and artists. The theme includes an incredible array of templates and pre-built pages for building an artist portfolio website or showcasing their artwork. The unique selling point of this theme is its modern and professional appearance. Its bug-free coding ensures that it works smoothly and quickly. It is a useful tool for art bloggers who want to build a blog and provide content about painting, drawing, or other forms of artwork. 

9) Furniture WordPress Theme

The Furniture WordPress Theme is a comprehensive and feature-rich solution for enhancing furniture enterprises' online presence. With its clean style, powerful customization options, and easy interaction with e-commerce functions, this theme offers a full platform for displaying furniture collections and boosting sales. The Furniture WordPress Theme works smoothly with popular e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, allowing users to create online stores fast and efficiently. The theme's features, including as product galleries, shopping carts, and secure payment gateways, provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, driving conversions and income. 

10) Podcast WordPress Theme 

Podcast WordPress Theme (Audio Podcast 2.0) is the ideal choice for podcasters, music bands, and music companies looking to improve their online presence. The plugin allows you to create full playlists, separate albums, and categorize podcasts. One of the Podcast WordPress Theme's main features is its membership capability, which enables site owners to efficiently monetize their material. This creates a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem in which users can easily discover new information and connect with others who share their interests.   

11) Trailer WordPress Theme 

Trailer WordPress Theme has garnered positive feedback from customers for its high-quality design and extremely adaptable layout. The theme is to make a visually appealing video, movie, film, or cinema website. The retina-ready design enhances the appearance of the trailers and movies, as do the high-resolution photographs of film posters. Furthermore, the eye-catching slider and homepage feature well-designed Call To Action Buttons (CTA) that encourage visitors to explore further and complete the conversion process. A premium theme also supports many languages and is WPML and RTL compatible.  

12) Performer WordPress Theme 

The Performer WordPress Theme is a fantastic theme for representing performing artists, dancers, singers, magicians, stand-up comedians, and all other performing arts and professionals. The theme features a sparkling and lively design with vibrant colors and stunning graphics. Its slider does an excellent job. This theme's social network icons allow you to link the post to your accounts and create effective promotions.  

13) Singer WordPress Theme 

If you want to create a powerful website that highlights your singing ability, then Singer WordPress Theme is the best option. A fully responsive and mobile-friendly layout combined with fantastic features results in a dynamically working website that changes to the size of the viewing device. This theme allows you to completely alter the design to suit your singing style without having to write any coding. Even a non-coder would be able to simply create a website with this theme, which is up to date with all the latest trends. 

14) Online Cinema WordPress Theme 

  The Online Cinema WordPress Theme is ideal for streaming online movies, filmmakers, movie studios, and any film production company or streaming network. It features an excellent design with beautiful colors and pictures. An exceptional CSS effect provides a terrific online experience. The slider in the theme captures the eye at first sight since it displays the necessary images.   

15) Fun WordPress Theme 

If your website is about fun and enjoyment, you may reorganize it using the Fun WordPress Theme. It is easily applicable to theaters, operas, and other entertainment-related businesses and activities. The retina-ready design features an interesting color scheme that adds drama to your site and makes it more appealing. CSS animations and other effects bring life to the webpage. You can take use of the WP fun WordPress Themes' entirely transformable layout to showcase your nightclubs and DJ parties. 

16) Poet WordPress Theme

An exquisitely made Poet WordPress Theme has a default design that will best serve poets and other authors. Live theme customizer allows you to make changes without having to code. The slider flashing photographs of you and your work, interactive Call to Action (CTA) buttons, and simple navigation make it quite handy. 

17) Art WordPress Theme 

We present this fantastic Art WordPress Theme in the Music WordPress Templates category, which is developed with a minimalist approach. This helps to draw all of your visitors' attention to your presented art. Its layout provides ample space for displaying your artwork. The typefaces are bold, while the backgrounds and photos are in great contrast. The navigation runs smoothly. Call To Action buttons (CTA) in the theme can prompt visitors to take the appropriate steps. 

18) Drama WordPress Theme 

We created a Drama WordPress Theme to help such drama and theatrical performers have a fantastic internet presence. This theme from the collection of Music WordPress Templates is ideal for any performing arts center, including operas, circuses, and acting schools' websites. The images and dramatic colors create a sense of virtual theatre from the moment you land on the homepage. The theme features a stunning full-width slider with Call To Action buttons. The design of this theme directs your viewers' attention to the raw pictures and imagery of your performing arts. 

19) WordPress Poetry Theme 

The WordPress Poetry Theme associated with the Music WordPress Templates let’s people share their poetry and poetic quotes with the world in a professional manner. It is an excellent theme for experienced poets and writers since it displays your poems, verses, and writing skills with elegant and captivating font. With a number of settings available for modifying the various parts and aspects in this WP Poetry Theme, you can make the most of them to neatly stack your information and show it in the most appealing way to your target audience.   

20) Celebrity WordPress Theme 

A Celebrity WordPress Theme under the class of Music WordPress Templates is a must-have for any celebrity looking for a glittering and professional website that shines. It offers a great visual experience to your views and fans and does not miss a single thing to bring you to the limelight. Along with a banner that beautifully portrays you and your craft, it includes contempt spaces for showing the latest news and updates about you. You can add posts to your site.


Music WordPress Templates that we have seen consists of features and design elements tailored to the needs of music-related websites. The themes include sections for showcasing music albums, upcoming events, artist biographies, photo galleries, video integration for music videos or performances, and perhaps even a built-in audio player for visitors to listen to music directly on the website.  Overall, Music WordPress Templates provide a convenient way for musicians, bands, and other music professionals to create an attractive and functional online presence without the need for extensive web development knowledge.

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