Top WordPress Themes for Online Courses Selling Website



First and foremost, you need to decide whether you are planning to build best online course sites that will focus on offering online classes using WordPress or not. The realization that there always are so many options, from which the best to pick can be like too much. WordPress is a popular site building app with a vast and endless catalogue of themes for various usages. Matching the subject of your WordPress online course with the correct participant audience deserves special attention since it may highly determine the quantity of customers and the income of your course.
The functionality of your website in teaching online based course, therefore, depends on choosing the best WordPress themes for online courses. The best way to go is to build a well-versed and easy-to-use online learning ground that will assist you in meeting your purposes through the incorporation of the most appropriate features and layout.

WordPress Themes for Online Courses Website

1. LMS Education WordPress Theme:

The theme of engineering is very special in this sense. It cooperates with Tutor LMS plugin to give full space for adapting to different learning and teaching goals. Developed on a concrete basis of soundness, you will definitely have an LMS WordPress Theme which provides great performance and interaction with mobile devices. Customizing to own’s taste is its remarkable feature as this offers one the chance to select the preferred fonts, sizes of fonts and colours to suit their taste.
In contrast to traditional classrooms, customized environment becomes possible as a result of this flexibility. This WordPress themes for online courses can try to match a school brand in terms of its identity and visuals. Apart from its core function of being a quiz maker, this tool provides such options as student profiles, progress monitoring, an administrative dashboard with bulky tools, and the Tutor LMS plugin. These teachers’ features will enable them to generate amusing and unique teaching tools. There is a simple process for social media networking integration, which allows for the sharing of information on several channels.

2. Online Coaching WordPress Theme:

You get plenty of customization options, from a unique palette of additional widgets to mastering your website. Although it works almost fully out-of-the-box, you can also install many plugins immediately to add new features as your website grows in the near future. Compatibility with Woocommerce and Online Coaching WordPress themes refers to the fact that these platforms can work together without problems. Your courses might be accessed by your users via video, study, guides, and e-books. You can also deliver them online. This, Online Coaching WordPress theme, too has the memorable CSS animations, the networking photos, and the owl wheels in the teachers and team zone as well as the smooth scrolling.

3. Education WordPress Theme:

Your campus theme would need to provide a platform for presenting, selling and providing other campus services. To be honest, students invest a lot of hours into their college search and pinpointing courses they would like to major in. It is mainly the topic that will either wow them or will allow to provide all the facts in will need. If your online courses websites takes a lot of time to load, it will start shedding low traffic soon. This won’t really be the case with the one we are using.
If you need help we can offload the installation task to you by way of the instruction that we will send in regard to the installation procedure. These WordPress themes for online courses are compatible with latest WordPress version. from the variety of things such as the advanced search functions, services, testimonials, virtual campus tour, special faculty section, promoted blogs, courses, and product features among others, its user-friendly and responsive nature to perfection.

4. Academic WordPress Theme:

With the aid of this mined-third-party plugins, its academic capabilities of the WordPress Themes for Online can be engulfed. It was build by employing the latest WordPress standards and the newer version of WordPress in a bid to create fast, error free as well modern website which will be lasting for the longest time to come. Since it is well supported, a person whose skill coded level is not discover, they can easily create a functional site without having to write a single line of code. Such a feature as colour scheme changing, history alteration, fonts switching, navigation pattern adjusting, logo addition and etc. gives the opportunity to personalize your online presence and make your corporate brand conveyed. This education website design templates which comes with ultra-cool short-codes, is giving you the liberty of ignoring the necessity for engaging in some too complicated coding.

5. Educational Landing Page WordPress Theme:

VW Themes is your number one destination for creating website with highly aesthetic and functional landing pages. Instant website creation using the site importer function is part of the service, the user has thousands of templates to choose from and the ability to export demo content with 1 click. These templates are meticulously designed and created and specifically adapted to each market in mind. This ensures that it is 100% compatible with fundamental plugins like WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. The last one is helpful for study and educational service applications. Such a one-page layout offers simplicity and sufficient comfort by connecting the main sections, with the menus collocated to different sections of the same page. It one of our latest and best WordPress themes for online courses.

Education Theme Bundle:

The Education Theme Bundle from VW is worth one’s investment especially when you prioritize premium educational designs and metadata for your website. The advantages of these concepts are their simplicity and purposeful design, making them affordable for all groups of people.
The variety of high-quality templates will include templates for websites in the domains of kindergarten, training​ below 18 years, library, and academics and, additionally, other areas.
VWThemes arm you with many topics, yours or a field of expertise; therefore everyone entering fully is possible. We will talk about the part of education when it comes to Building your best online course sites with the best ever Classical and perfect WordPress themes for online courses. All themes which you receive use deep and thoughtful execution. Not to mention the ability to customize your homepage to suit your needs. Moreover, it highlights social media tools that can be class with customers and help to boost social media interactions between clients. And the best part is customizing them as much as you want with the number of slides included. On the other hand, it provides the area where you can set up different planes, and it is also a stage for advertising your products.


For an online course website, selecting a suitable education website design templates is crucial for determining its success. We offer many themes designed specifically for educational websites. Our WordPress theme bundle also includes such premium-quality themes. So, you must go for a theme that is perfect for your brand and website. So, get your educational theme for building your study and online course website now!


1. Is WordPress suitable for selling online courses

Yes, WordPress is a suitable platform for selling your online courses. You get multiple plugins one of such is Tutor LMS that is used for selling courses online on your website. So this makes it easier to build online courses websites for you.

2. Does WordPress work well for learning online?
WordPress offers course authors the necessary autonomy and flexibility, making it one of the top content providers on the internet. With marketing tools, complete site ownership, and an intuitive interface, you can grow and run your company, offering WordPress online course, with ease.

3. What is the financial viability of offering courses?
Selling online courses on a full-time basis can bring in a few thousand dollars a month for the average course author. A few hundred dollars should be your initial target if you are just starting out part-time, but this can depend on a number of things, including the cost associated with your course, your target demographic, and your ability to market and sell.

4. Can I get paid by WordPress?
Indeed. A WordPress website can be monetized in a variety of ways. You can start classes, sell courses and services, provide original material, run display advertisements, and publish affiliate links.
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