Top 15 WordPress Development Trends in 2021 That are actually Relevant

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in this ever-evolving industry. It holds more than 39% of the total websites available worldwide and is getting success by whims and fancies. WordPress always attempt to enhance user experience by bringing new trends and advancements. That’s why you should know about WordPress Development Trends. Also, have a look at free WordPress themes by VWTHEMES.

1. Chatbots

You might have tried talking to support system of many sites. Mostly, a chatbot is the one who responds to you on that brand’s behalf. However, this is not the only task that these machines can perform. They also help in simplifying other administrative tasks for a business.

Chatbots are one of the important in WordPress Development Trends and also help in improving the response rate by automating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). It finds out important details like what is it that the user is finding difficult to search and what is catching user’s attention so as to place a personal touch on the user experience.

2. Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are currently at peak across the globe as they are known for providing the best in class experience for the users. The main purpose of this technological advancement is to provide the customer a preview of their choices by giving them a real-time experience. AR and VR allow customers to view 360-degree images and videos in WordPress by using plugins such as WP VR and AR play.

Virtual Reality is now the new normal as it came out to be very effective and helpful in the pandemic to make people take a better look at the things they want to order. This trend is more likely to survive even after the situation turns normal.

3. 3D Content

VR is still above the price range of many of the businesses and audience, so here is a cheaper yet effective alternative in gaining the attention of people. 3D content is becoming a choice of many companies as it helps to create an impression on the customers as well as is attractive.  

4. Motion Effects Animations

Adding animations in your design helps in giving users a better an entertaining experience. This is expected to mainstream on WordPress for 2021 since the signs of the trend appeared on the announced motion effects including scrolling and mouse animation plugins. This effect will certainly help you in making your site more attractive.

5. Oversized Typography

Typography is an amazing design tool. Font style and size can make your content more attractive. By using Typography, you can highlight your content as well as add animations to it. You can make your site look more live using this tool.

6. Drag and drop WordPress Page Builders

This feature is really amazing as it makes it easy for a beginner to handle his WordPress website without any need of hiring any professional developer. There are many page builders on WordPress. Some of them are given below

7. Elementor

This page builder is used by more than 5,000,000 WordPress customers. There are a lot of extensions and plugins in this page builder and the best thing about it is that it is budget-friendly and is available with paid as well as free versions. Pre-made templates make it more easy to use for the ones who are beginners.

8. Gutenberg

Now, this is a feature for which people were eagerly waiting for! Gutenberg editor provides you the amenity of adding background color without any coding. You can also highlight any particular blog post’s section as well as customize any single post or page with the help of Gutenberg. Needless to say, reasons are enough why Gutenberg plugin has 3,00,000+ active installations and is an important point in WordPress Development Trends. Availability in 50+ languages contributes considerably in its success.

7. Microinteractions

Microinteractions allow you to give your website a living feel. They make the visitor feel that they are actually interacting with the content and not just reading a bunch of text. These small details are important in determining the charm of your website. For example, an image will automatically pop whenever the cursor hovers over it. Also, you can highlight the text and directly share it on social media.

8. Slants and Diagonals

In order to make your website look modern, the prevailing straight look can be substituted by slant and diagonal formats. It may sound weird or unusual but it will give your site a stylish and fresh look. This bizzare look might help you in getting attention of the audience. They are available with plenty of choices and are fully customizable.

9. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search, though it was considered futile at the time when it was introduced, is now becoming a preferred choice for many businesses and personal use. By adding voice search plugins, you will be able to offer convenient features that you are accustomed to. It will literally improve your results.

10. Multipurpose Themes

This theme allows user to design any website with all the features that are essential for a website. Multipurpose theme covers a wide amass of website and that’s the reason why it is reaching heights of popularity. These themes offer everything at its best taking into the consideration the need.

11. Module-Based Themes

Module based themes are expected to be one of the most used themes in WordPress trends in 2022. These WordPress themes merge each and every knowledge domain into several modules pertinent to real world business organizational leadership. It enables us to call for functions as per our need and time.

12. Video Headers

As stated earlier, WordPress always attempt to upgrade itself. This can be evinced by the fact that every year, WordPress introduces a new default theme available for its users to use. Video Header is one of those best WordPress themes. If you want to add a background video to any element of your website, it is the best way to do it. You can also use some custom elements to make it look more interesting.

13. Customized Illustrations

If you want to design your visual branding, you need to commission illustrators. This will also create a unique identity as most of the websites use stock photography and animation with their text. Unlike them, it is more affordable to hire an illustrator. Customized illustrations will give your site a fresh look which will result in gaining more attention of people. But, you will need to find an illustrator whose style matches with your site.

14. Dark Mode

Dark mode is an impressive ultra-modern design that provides a vibrant impression with impeccable clarity and visibility. It will also help the audience to focus more on the content you are showcasing as dark mode reduces eye strain.

Even Google Chrome has optimized the app interfaces for their dark mode. It is more probable that people will choose dark mode over light mode if you consider using dark mode themes on your website.

15. Infographics

This tool will help you to create synergistic charts and infographics. A data visualization tool that is used by marketing teams, newsrooms, blogger, creators and students around the world. This latest Minimalist WordPress Theme development trends in 202 is helpful in getting essential data within no time. It also supports one-click embedding from the library. There are many other benefits of Infographics that you will see when you use it.

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