How To Make A Website From Scratch



Are you lacking knowledge of creating websites?

Don’t hesitate to read our guide and follow the recent trends. Understand the needs of websites in the technically modernized business world.

Taking your business online and competing with competitors is a challenge.

 It has become a primary goal for survival to be a part of a virtual world to earn a real massive income.  

That is why we have come forth with a detailed guide about How to make a website from scratch?

So let us start with the basics.

What is a website?

Your website is the digital representation of your business and an official address showing your social media presence. It plays a vital role in converting your product into a brand. The goal of your organization and its vision will be reflected through your business URL. So it has to be produced perfectly and up to the point. You will need to think from all aspects and design your website.

What types of platforms are used for designing a website?

You will explore various platforms, website-building tools, and content management systems available to produce a stunning site. A number of CMSs like WordPress are available to design and develop your business web URL. You can pick any that matches your business requirements.

How to develop a website from scratch?

Here we are unrolling some very important steps to construct a website from scratch.

1. Audit your technical skills

Before proceeding to develop your website from scratch on your own and conceptualizing it, it’s very important to prepare for some basic technical concepts. You must acquire some web development and coding skills which are the most common.

HTML is a markup language that is used for website building and CSS is used for styling purposes. You must know the HTML tags to create web pages and CSS codes to design your website. You can customize it with impressive font styles, colors, and layouts. HTML can create a foundation for your site, and CSS can make it appear magnificent on screen. Along with this, you will have to focus on the WordPress Database Connection, like SQL, that runs in the backend. So you need to gain knowledge about the server-side and client-side technicalities in detail.

JavaScript plays an important role in fulfilling the client’s requirements and meeting their expectations. So, you must understand and write the JavaScript codes that can help you make a responsive website. It’s a high-level programming language that is particularly used for creating interactive web pages. Apart from this, you need to adapt your analytical, interpersonal, testing, and debugging, SEO skills. In addition to this, a developer needs to work on the following factors so that they can improve all kinds of skills:

  1. Consistently practice for codes.
  2. Learn something new and out-of-the-box, or out of your comfort zone.
  3. Be mindful while practicing
  4. Enhance interpersonal skills.
  5. Manage your time
  6. Be a good listener
  7. Ask for feedback
  8. Follow the latest trends.
  9. Fix a goal

Once your skills get aligned, you will feel confident, and then you need to set a goal for your website. When you put forth and explain the vision for establishing a connection with your audiences, then it will be very easy to reach the target audience. It helps to build and maintain trust among the users. For this, ask the following questions yourself:

  • For what purpose am I launching this website?
  • Is it for the long term or the short term?
  • Is it for selling my products online?
  • Do I need to expand the brand's identity?
  • What kind of experience should users have on my website?

Once you enable to answer these questions, all your all queries will automatically get solved, and your vision will get cleared. You can mention these points in the ‘About Us section.

2. Select a web hosting provider

It’s a crucial and hard task to select a web hosting provider at the same time. Once you are done with your website, it needs to be uploaded onto the server so that it can be accessed worldwide. For this, you will have to select a trustworthy web hosting service provider. You will have multiple options in the market, with many leading platforms like BlueHost and others.

You need to select the web host based on the size and usability of your website. For example, if you are using heavy images, larger data files, or multimedia files, then they will take some more space and require more speed to run. So as per the requirements, you have to purchase a plan that should be cost-effective, reliable, and suit all your requirements.

3. Select a domain name

You must be aware of the domain name. Right?

If you don’t, let me tell you that the domain name is the address of your website, so that you can visit it anytime from anywhere. It is for identification. It shows the users what type of website it is. Some web hosting service providers offer free domain names. Otherwise, you can purchase from branded companies like

The domain name should be easy, impactful, catchy, memorable, and effective from an SEO perspective. It makes your website more searchable within the keyword search. So you won’t have to promote it with special digital marketing campaigns. So overall, selecting a domain name is a brainstorming task that will take some time.

4. Select a theme or a template

The basic requirement prior to developing the website is a structure or theme that provides a rigid foundation. When a strong base is activated, then your website gets completely ready to handle a whole website, along with the heavy images and additional plugins. If your theme is the best, then it will deliver the best user experience. Selecting an appropriate theme for your website requires prior research. The theme must be perfectly designed with an ample number of styles and different elements. You need to consider factors such as eCommerce elements, scheduling appointments, contact forms, plugins and widgets, color schemes, and other functionalities. You can use the WordPress E-commerce Theme.

Selecting a theme is the main thing. Once you choose it, you are free to create different web pages, as you must know that a website is a collection of multiple web pages. Every page has a different purpose. So you can start to create multiple pages one by one as per the plan, such as the Home page, about us, contact us, and many others that are required. The home page may have other connecting pages with different links. These are the primary building blocks of your website. If you are using a website builder, then it will be very easy to create pages and put the elements on them. It helps the user to navigate the site without any trouble. You can customize these pages as per your creative ideas.

6. Establish a payment system

Establishing a payment system is an important job if you are planning to build an eCommerce website. Developing an e-commerce website is somewhere very crucial in comparison with static websites. It has many integrations in terms of additional features and functionalities. An appropriate storefront layout can execute your e-shop smoothly. A perfect design and development eShopping site must have a trusted variety of payment modes, from credit to debit cards, along with services like Google Pay and PayPal. It should be secure, safe, and quick, and contribute to providing a positive user experience.

7. Test site

Once you finish the course, you will have to take it online. But before that, you have to test its functionality. It should be finely tuned with all the features and functionalities on the website. Once you keep all the pieces in one place and assemble a beautiful site, you must test the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) so that you can get an idea of how it may look once it goes live. Also, it should be technically flawless. You need to check the navigation, page loading time, and multimedia files as well. Apart from this, the different SEO factors like organic keyword search, backlinks, and content optimization are the ones that should be taken into consideration.

Your process of crafting and producing a website from scratch does not end here. A digital product should also get promoted to rank at the top of search results. So, you have to start promotions before and after its official launch. Once it gets launched, you will have to keep the site updated regularly.

That All!


Making a website needs to follow a hierarchy of multiple steps. It involves many factors that you need to study and analyze. You cannot jump directly to the last step of development. If you skip the steps in between, all your plans will be disturbed, and the result will be zero. So you have to follow a step-by-step procedure that we have mentioned in this blog.

We are sure that you will find this article useful once you go through it. So, All the best!

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