Is Your Social Media Presence Enough?

It is an era of digitalization. Everything we need is on the internet. We can buy anything just by one click and it will be delivered at our doorsteps. This became possible because of the internet and Ecommerce websites. Internet is the best place for business marketing. But is social media presence really enough? The answer is no! You need to be consistent and relevant on social media in order to attract more people. You also need to have a working website for people to visit and contact you officially. This will make them build trust on you.

Social media has more effect than any other digital platform. Now days from kids to grandparents everyone is using social media. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, YouTube, TikTok, Amazone, Flipkart are being widely used by customers around the world. You have an option in each of these applications to remain private or go public. You can choose if the account is for personal use or for business. The monetization system of these apps is also secure and effective. So by having a business account on social media may solve all your problems regarding marketing.

There are a lot of points that goes in social media presence or social media marketing. Here in this article we are going to look at them one by one.

1. Social Media Isn’t Everything:-

To make use of digital tools effectively, you need to fit this in your mind. ‘Social media is a part of marketing strategies, it is not a strategy.’ You might think it’s a same thing. But its not! Believing that social media is everything will not help.

When talking about digital marketing, we need to understand that the digital world isn’t limited to social media. It’s way more than that and you can use them effectively. You can use other strategies as well to improve your business.

By using other strategies than just social media your customers can get a broader view about your company. It can answer some crucial questions for them, they can thoroughly review products and services and let you know about their needs through comments on the blog posts.

The other marketing strategies involve Podcasts, PPC, videos about your products or services and many more. You can expand your reach through SEO and be more close to the customers.  

2. Lack Of Home Base:-

Relying completely on social media presence can make you feel lack of home base. Through social media you can connect with the customers personally. You can peak into their lives through social media. But when they want to explore more about your products and services, social media fails to assure them.

Your inspiration behind the product, the foundation of it, the key things that involve in the product and more such details can’t be conveyed properly on social media. You need website for it.

The website must be connected with all your social media handles. The website has blog posts, pages, facilities and contact information that can make customers believe on your work.

You can redirect people to some demo, latest case studies and a detailed report on it.

3. Authority:-

With website you can effectively establish your authority over products and services. On social media you can only keep them posted about recent development. You can’t authorize your products through it. Customers trust on authenticity which can only be provided via websites.

Through website you can not only gain trust of customers, but also convince them of your past achievements and future goals. You can also share the strategy for it with them.

You can show off your genuineness and collaborations through testimonials. The blogs, webinars and eBooks on your site can make you stand out in crowd. You can even send a strong message through website to customers to keep them loyal.  

4. Better Advantages:-

Just like social media presence, website also has list of advantages. You can have additional analytics with the website. The social media will also offer you analytic approach but that would be basic. You can get such analytics on Instagram insights.

But on websites using Google Analytics you can get thorough analytics of your products and people’s response to it. You can have a deeper look with the website.

You will know the time customers spent on the page, about products they add in the basket, their wish-list, search history and much more. Based on this information you can decide your further strategy.

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