Some Important Ways To Avoid Competition With Own Pages!

They say, “your biggest competitor should be yourself!” That’s right! You should compete with yourself instead of stressing about other’s performance. But sometimes at some places competing with yourself can hold you back from gaining expected results. That ‘someplace’ is WordPress website and ‘sometime’ is the SEO of your website.  When it comes to SEO, your own blog pages can become obstacle in the way of your selling page. You have to avoid competition with own pages at any costs.

For example, if you have an ecommerce website. You sell different kinds of products on your website. For that you have a blog page for boosting the SEO of your website. You are posting on it consistently on different, relatable topics. But the blogs are getting more attention than your products. So the results you are getting is more SEO, views but less money.

Is that what you aimed for while creating the ecommerce website? No! You aimed for more viewership and money too. You must be thinking how can you control what the viewers should do. But you can! There are ways you can avoid competition with own pages. You can direct them to read and buy your products as well.


In order to do that, you need to know the basics about it. I assume you know how the SEO works. If not, read on!

The SEO literally means Search Engine Optimization! This is for maintaining your search engine rank. The measure for it is SEO. On browsers or search engines like Google, when we search for a certain thing it suggests us places where we can get that thing. It suggests bunch of sites where you can get what you want.

In order to improve your reach to customers, you need to be listed among these suggestions. For this you need to add keywords the customers might search for. While writing the blogs you need to add these keywords multiple times. There are sites where you can research for them and add.

There are two types of keywords. The long tail keywords and short ones! The long tail keywords have better response than the short ones. So you may focus on them. These keywords will get you to be noticed by search engines like Google. But they are not enough. You need to provide efficient backlinks in the content as well. This will get you more SEO to current blog and others too.

The Other Factor!

The other important factor of a website is money to avoid competition with own pages. You need to earn from your ecommerce website. That’s the most important function of it. For that along with blogs and SEO your online store also matters. Here you sell your products and form a secure transactions.

The online store can be divided into categories and sub categories. These are the options you make your customers available for better user experience and sell. The process involves users registering, adding item into cart, putting address and payment details and buying the product. The transaction money directly deposits into your account.

Here the third important factor unveils. This factor is a forum. Your viewers should be so intrigued by your products and website that they should subscribe to your service and products. This will gain you loyal customers and increase the profit level of your website.

You need to create a sign in and log in form as well as subscription form if you please. This form should be easy to navigate through. Here the viewers will fill up simple information like name, email ID, address, phone number and other. This will give you direct information about number of viewers visited and registered themselves. This helps in further planning of business. You can add forms for customer review or feedback. This will give you an insight of customer’s experience on your website.

All these three things are important in a website. Blog, Form and Online store are all important to run a website smoothly and successfully. You can’t make them compete with each other. If this happens you will lose balance of your website. It won’t serve you good as you won’t be able to concentrate on all of them simultaneously. In such situations you can lose your SEO and loyal customers too.

For this first of all you have to stop using same keywords for SEO and online store too. Why? Well let’s assume you are selling ‘apples’ on your website. When a customer searches for it on Google, it will suggest your website. But it’s important to look which page does it suggests.

If the customer wants to buy apples Google should show them your online store. But if they want to just read about it, it should navigate them to your blog page. Here Google confuses the two things. It just goes with the numerical thing and shows results as per the keyword. That’s why you should avoid using same keyword for both sections of the website.

How To Avoid?

There are two ways to avoid competition with own pages. The first one is short while other one takes time. Depending upon the situation you have to use them. you can use keyword mapping method.

It all depends on your organization skills. You can even use some tools for it available on Google itself. What you have to do is, write down all the possible keywords related to your business. Arrange them into a document. Then segregate them in different sections of the website.

Assign some to blog pages, some to online store and other to forums. Use assigned keywords only for each page. This will avoid repeated usage of keywords. Eventually this will avoid competition with own pages of your website. It is just a simple solution you have to practice.  

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