Updating WordPress Is Essential For All WordPress Websites

Updating WordPress Websites

WordPress is a well-known web building software used worldwide. WordPress needs to be kept updated to meet the growing demands of users. The WordPress team keeps on improving the major WordPress functions. They constantly keep fixing the bugs and updating WordPress security. To make your website function well, you should regularly keep on updating your website.

This post gives insights to updating WordPress Themes. Let’s begin.

What is the need to update WordPress?

Updating WordPress

Modifying WordPress is necessary for many reasons:

Latest Features

You can incorporate the latest features on improving WordPress.

Compatibility with plugins

After any major WordPress update, many plugin authors analyze their work to check whether their plugins are compatible with the WP or not. Whenever the requirement arrives, they update the plugins. If you want the plugins to work properly on your website, you should upgrade it to a compatible WordPress version.

Improved performance

On refurbishing WordPress, you can have additional functions that will improve the overall performance of your website.

Bugs fixing

After major WordPress updates, there are chances of the arrival of bugs. With the help of certain minor WordPress updates, these bugs get fixed.


WordPress powers numerous websites. Hence, it is vulnerable to get targeted by hackers. The WordPress community offers solid WordPress security and quickly addresses any security threat. For security purpose, it is necessary to go for improving WordPress. You should update the core WP, the themes, and plugins.

Updating WordPress – The know-how

Get to know how to update WordPress.

Precautionary measure

Remember to back up your WordPress site whenever you are going to make major changes on it. Updating becomes risky for a website that has compatibility issues and has many themes and plugins.

Test the updates in WP staging version

This is a way to know whether there are compatibility issues between your WordPress install and the WordPress update. And if such thing happens, you can troubleshoot before making the changes live.

Installing updates

When it’s about WordPress security, you anyhow have to install the updates.


Review the improved features of your website.

One-click WordPress update

Whenever any modification happens, the inbuilt system of WordPress will inform you about it. You can see it on your WordPress dashboard after logging into it.

If you do not log into your site on a regular basis, you won’t be aware of the improvements.

Automatic updates

By default, WordPress is set to automatically update minor changes and you won’t even know about them. This does not happen with major updates. Not everybody likes to have automatic updates. There are possibilities that the update is not compatible with the theme and plugin of your website. Also, perhaps you do not require the features that get added on updates. Also, you may want to control what is being installed on your site.

In such a case, you can very easily enable or disable the automatic updates. You can even change it to apply only to the major updates or minor releases. For this, you will have to make changes in the wp-config.php file.

Themes and Plugins

You can update WordPress plugins and themes just the way you do with WordPress. On the availability, you will get the notification in Dashboard > Updates. Through the one-click method, you can update them.

Child Themes

When you choose to improve the WordPress theme, the customizations which you may have made in the parent theme could be lost. But, if you use a child theme, you won’t lose anything. However, you will have to keep the record of the released improvements for WordPress themes.

So, pay attention to the improvements taking place in your WordPress. By updating WordPress, you can ensure the safety of your WordPress website.

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