Mistakes To Avoid Setting up WordPress Blog

In Todays topic of Mistakes To Avoid Setting up WordPress Blog, When you have made the setup for a WordPress blog, initially the installation process turns out to be simple. However, the real challenge comes up when you are unable to avoid or prevent complex errors, which need to be sorted out in order to ensure a smoothly running and high-quality website.  When you are unable to setup your WordPress blog error-free, then your website could have the potential for various risk factors.

Mistakes To Avoid Setting up WordPress Blog by VW Themes

In this article of Mistakes To Avoid Setting up WordPress Blog , You may do two things here, which are either rectify the errors made, or you could simply learn from the errors made and prevent them in the future. Either way, you learn a lot from both ways. Let's check out the mistakes or errors you should learn about before you start your successful WordPress Blog Journey. WordPress blog setup mistakes you need to avoid. Check out this amazing Premium WordPress Blog Theme for your blogging Website.

Unable To Choose A Good Web Hosting Platform

In Mistakes To Avoid Setting up WordPress Blog, Selecting a good web hosting platform for your WordPress blog is the first step that must be taken carefully. Selecting the right Web hosting platform is very important, even for small or medium scale businesses. Now that all businesses making their way towards going online, web hosting platforms have become even more crucial to begin with. Additionally, choosing the right web hosting services for business is a necessity. Furthermore, choosing the best web hosting platform is vital, as the quality of it determines how smoothly your website runs. You wouldn’t want your potential customers to be waiting a longer time for a website to load, or when they are unable to have access to the website. All of this is due to poor web hosting maintenance.

Here are few tips for selecting the right Web hosting platform for you:

  • Check whether the web hosting provider is fast and rapid. zx
  • Go through their security features and check if they suit as per your needs and requirements.
  • Choose the most reliable hosting for WordPress.
  • Web hosting should have a good security and protection system.
  • A good full time Customer support. Having a good and responsive customer support will help you solve your errors quickly and as well as efficiently.

 In This Mistakes To Avoid Setting up WordPress Blog, This is a very important WordPress blog setup mistake you need to avoid.

Unchanged WordPress Default Username

The default Admin username for the administrator's account will be displayed automatically when you instal WordPress. Changing this default name is so important cause it becomes easier for hackers to guess it or access it. If so happens, hackers can easier access your dashboard and do whatever their mind tells them. You don’t want that. Changing the username as soon as possible is very crucial evidently.

Setting A Weak Password

In this blog of Mistakes To Avoid Setting up WordPress Blog, It is very much important to set a strong and unique password. Weak passwords are prone to be guessed by hackers as they try several passwords to hack into the system. And if the password is weak it wont take long for hackers to break into the system. This WordPress blog setup mistakes should be avoided. Set a strong password as soon as possible. Here’s a tip for a strong password setup:

Strong passwords are usually made with an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and other characters. This allows passwords to be stronger and not one could guess it.

Not Having A Backup Plan Resulting In Loss Of Data

A smoothly running WordPress website has a good backup solution. Website crashing could happen anytime due to other factors. It is always a good plan to keep backup so that you don’t loose any of your important data or even the entire database. Therefore, if you want to save your valuable data, then plan a backup solution in case of unfortunate events.

There Are Too Many Categories And Not Sufficient Tags

WordPress makes it simple to create categories and tags. This might assist you in grouping related topics to better respond. Individuals who are new to WordPress make this mistake by frequently establishing many categories that accompany each new article. Leading to tonnes of categories with very less tags.  

Using The A Bad WordPress Theme

WordPress provides a plethora of themes from which you need to pick. In a vast variety of themes, some naturally prove bad and unsuitable for the website. Do not select a poorly developed theme. Bad themes are by nature not responsive and have less functionality with less features. Therefore be careful while choosing WordPress themes. If you have installed the wrong theme, contact a web developer or a designer in order to change the theme. This is an important WordPress blog setup mistake to avoid.

You need to be simple with the URLs on your website pages (permalinks). WordPress will assign lengthy permalinks to your web pages by default. Which is not attractive at all. A URL to a particular article must encompass information related to the subject of the piece. Both viewers and search engines are guided by the words in the URL. Therefore you will have to make them more friendly and alter your permalinks.

Lack Of A Mobile Responsive Website

The main reason you need a website that is Mobile responsive is that your consumers use their mobile devices on regular basis. Mobile devices account for 57% of all web traffic. You might be losing a lot of revenue if your website isn't mobile-friendly. The huge advantage of having a mobile-friendly website is that your website could have broader audience accessibility. Additionally, mobile convenience is a great Google ranking indicator. 

SEO Website Optimization Did Not Take Place

When you have finished establishing a WordPress website, it is important to perform optimization for SEO objectives. This encompasses crucial points like the addition of analytics, ensuring the appropriate use of keywords as well as ensuring that your site is both fast and well structured. In Mistakes To Avoid Setting up WordPress Blog, This is a frequent WordPress error that, if ignored, may have significant long-term repercussions for brand recognition. Hence very important WordPress blog setup mistake you need to avoid.

Unable To Alter Default Favicon

Usually, top WordPress themes include a default favicon when installed. This needs to be changed as per your branded favicon. This will be a huge WordPress blog setup mistake if you don’t remove it and even do not create a new one. This is because your site would completely look unprofessional to potential customers and we don’t want that to happen.


In Mistakes To Avoid Setting up WordPress Blog, A lot of effort and planning goes into developing a WordPress website that is successful. Certainly, from the beginning to the end, during the whole procedure, there is plenty of errors and preventive steps to address and acknowledge. This article explains the WordPress blog setup mistakes you need to avoid for a successful WordPress Website. Along with having a look at WordPress Theme Bundle By VW Themes with all the demanding features anyone could ask for.

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