Things You Can Do To Restrict Content In WordPress Website!

In WordPress websites when you post something it is available for everyone. But there will be specific content that you want to use as a bait for getting more subscription. Because if users are getting everything for free, why would they subscribe! Here come restrict content in WordPress website strategy. There are two way, coding and plugins, that will make you able to restrict content on website. Coding will need a thorough knowledge and time. So we are going to look into plugins.

1. Restrict Content:-

As said before to restrict content in WordPress website you have two ways. One is through coding and other is plugins. In plugins Restrict content is one of the best choices. This plugin has free membership policy, so you don’t have to spend any money to use it.

By using this plugin you can restrict your valued content for only logged in users. Restrict content is a light weight plugin. It comes with , and and shortcodes. They are used for showcasing front end user registration, login and password reset forms with first two ones and for limiting content access a restrict code.

The code will limit the access of your content to logged in users only. The premium version of this plugin has more exciting features like payment options, subscription option and payment getaways like PayPal Standards, PayPal Express, PayPal Pro, and more.

2. Private Content:-

This plugin is known for its perfect results. With this plugin you can not only restrict content in WordPress website, but also manage it. Private content is easy to use and play with kind of plugin. With this plugin you can display a short part of an article only for the logged in users.

You can divide who can access the blog posts and who can not. You can specify it by professions like professors, authors, doctors or artists. You can allow only your subscribers to read those special articles. It will make the content available for the people with same role and upper role. For example, the content for subscribers will be visible for Administrators as well.

The authority of deciding who will be able to read the articles is in your hand. You can allow or restrict content in WordPress website from appearing.

3. WP Private Content Plus:-

This plugin will make it easy for you to restrict content in WordPress website and share it only with authenticated users. The posts, pages, widgets, post attachments, navigation menus and custom post types can be restricted and made available for only certain people. You can allow users, member and subscribers to access your content.

You can restrict content according to the user roles, user role levels, their WordPress capabilities or even by user groups. You can decide whether to restrict entire post or pages or some part of it.

This plugin also works good with creating and controlling limitless subscription level for free and premium. You can accept payments for premium ones via payment systems, restrict post, pages and more by subscription levels.

4. WP Customer Area:-

This plugin is an ultimate solution for web content restriction. WP Customer Area is an inclusive plugin custom built to make you able to manage your website content easily and quickly. With this plugin you can make files, posts, pages, conversations and more go private from all users.

You can keep them available for only selected users. This plugin is totally secure and easy to use. It will make selected WordPress website content hidden from not only specific users but also from search engines.

If you want to experience more interesting features, filters and functions, then you should look into the extensive version of this plugin.

5. S2Member:-

This plugin will give all kind of ways to restrict content in WordPress website. You can easily segregate the content according membership, role and capabilities. This plugin has over million downloads, knows as a reliable framework and has hassle free functionality.

S2Member is a free plugin. With this plugin you will get PayPal standard button integration, WP roles and capability controls. You will also get content restriction options. With its pro version you will be able to manage multiple sites.

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