The 7 Best Product Filter Plugins For WordPress In 2023


Have you analyzed the visitors that are coming to your website and are struggling to discover what they exactly want?

Don’t you think if you integrate the filters into your website, it may affect your sales positively?

What are Product Filter Plugins?

Product Filter Plugins are tools that are developed to sort out products based on certain characteristics. These types of plugins are needed for e-stores that show sorted results.
Additionally, plugins are employed to assist consumers in locating the product they are searching for, categorizing items by type, and specifying dates. It delivers a seamless user experience, amplifies navigation, and is an efficient way for advanced search, accompanied by an increase in sales.

How do the Product Filter Plugins play a vital role in eStore web URLs?

Sometimes customers visit the online store to find and shop for a particular item. On shopping sites, it becomes difficult to find it when there is a huge collection of the same items in multiple sizes, types, and colors. The Product Filter Plugins are handy, and they can allow the customers to show quick results and easily filter via category, price range, color, and more.

It’s a provision for easy and fast shopping that impresses buyers and encourages them to complete the purchase. The Product Filter Plugin implementation can increase conversion rates. A user-friendly e-store website can generate massive revenue by making use of these filter plugins. That’s why it plays a vital role in e-store web URLs.

7 Best Product Filter Plugins for WordPress

1. Search and Filter

Search and Filter ( is an Elementor-based, popular plugin that is easy to integrate. With the help of the well-liked WordPress plugin, you can provide your website with more sophisticated search and filtering options.

Visitors can quickly search for content using this plugin on the basis of custom fields, taxonomies, and other information. It offers more than 13 different input kinds so you may build unique search and filter systems for each form of post on your website.

Prime features:

  • Display results using AJAX to avoid reloading the page.
  • Checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus, multiple selections, and combo boxes for Post meta and custom fields.
  • jQuery date pickers, choose and multi-select combo boxes, and range sliders.
  • Drag & Drop editor
  • Custom templates are available.
  • Produce as many fields and different search forms as you want.
  • Make use of blogs, review sites, news sites, property sites, and more.

2. JetSmartFilters

JetSmeartFilter ( is one of the most admired product Filter Plugins that allows you to develop high-octane and advanced search filter tools for all kinds of websites. A Gutenberg and Elementor supportive plugin is not so complex to use.

It boasts an abundance of visual filter capabilities, including sorting filters, product selection filters, and multi-level search systems that assist your consumers in quickly and effectively locating what they need.

Moreover, JetSmartFilters has an indexer feature that makes searching even easier. With the help of this plugin, you can quickly alter search forms and layouts to go with the themes of your website.

Ultimately, JetSmartFilters is a great choice for anyone wishing to upgrade their WordPress website’s search and filter capabilities.

Prime Features:

  • Generate clean URLs for web pages
  • Indexer is available to show the filtered results smartly
  • Adjusted filtering logic
  • Dynamic filtering

3. Product Filter by WBW

The Product Filter by WBW plugin ( is the number three plugin that sorts your search on the basis of various criteria such as price, categories, tags, taxonomy, and attributes. The plugin integrates seamlessly with an Elementor, making it simple to create a product filter directly within the Elementor editor.

Additionally, the plugin offers a thorough filter statistics section that lets you gather crucial information about your customer’s filtering and searching habits, which you can use to make wise business decisions.

Prime Features:

  • Variations of a present at the front end
  • Live search with AJAX
  • Compatible with Elementor
  • Produce new product filters in a few clicks
  • Price filter design
  • Automatic price range settings accompanied by fixed step values
  • Uses any criteria to filter  

4. Filter Everything

As the name suggests, Filter Everything ( is a plugin that can filter every result and help your site visitors find the exact information that they search for. The plugin performs the filtering on the basis of any post type, like price, brand, product category, tag, custom taxonomy, custom fields, size, color, width, height, and so on. Compatibility with popular plugins like WPML, ACF, Polylang, and others is admirable. The plugin makes use of shortcodes for showing search filters.

Prime Features:

  • Numerous useful filter options
  • Flexible and mobile-friendly
  • Values can be filtered in any language
  • Compatible with common plugins and themes

5. HUSKY-Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

HUSKY ( is one of the important WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins that is professionally designed for eCommerce websites.

It’s an ideal plugin for WooCommerce websites because it has the potential to filter products based on different characteristics like categories, custom taxonomies, product tags, and price ranges.

Particularly, it includes an extension API that enables developers to construct a custom search form interface and related product loop template, and it supports the most recent version of the WooCommerce plugin.

Additionally, there are other extra features available, such as dynamic product recount, metadata filtering, search by SKU and price, unlimited scrolling, rapid search, step-by-step product filtering, and more.

Prime Features:

  • WooCommerce product text search by title
  • WooCommerce product shortcode
  • WooCommerce products searched by AJAX
  • WooCommerce products dynamically recount.
  • WooCommerce products are filtered by metaData
  • WooCommerce products: Search by SKU
  • WooCommerce products searched by price

6. Product Filters for WooCommerce

Are you willing to improve your e-store sales?

Looking for a perfectly built filter plugin for that? If so, then Product Filters for WooCommerce ( is the matching plugin for you. Customers may easily filter through thousands of products to locate the ones that suit their requirements and interests.

The store owners may automatically magnify conversions and revenues by providing customers with personalized and pertinent product filters. With the help of this plugin, you can define exclusive product filters and organize your products into groups. Filtering options for customers include categories, characteristics, colors, tags, custom taxonomy, price, star ratings, stock levels, and goods that are currently on sale.

Additionally, the user experience is made even more simple and entertaining by offering various style alternatives for each filter.

Prime Features:

  • Actual search results
  • Form builder with drag-and-drop
  • A number of filter combinations
  • Works with the Divi, Elementor, and Thermify Builder product modules
  • Vertical or horizontal layout

7. Advanced AJAX Product Filters


With the help of the potent filtering plugin Advanced AJAX Product Filters for WooCommerce (, users may narrow down their search results using attributes, tags, custom taxonomies, and prices.

The customizable features of this straightforward plugin include checkboxes, icons, and clickable color swatches. Furthermore, it supports a variety of page builders, including Divi and Elementor.

Customers may quickly and simply browse through the product catalog in WordPress of an online store using Advanced AJAX Product filter Plugins. It makes it a useful tool for improving the overall user experience and boosting sales.

Prime Features:

  • New button styles: checkbox, select, slider, color, and Image Filter styles
  • New slider styles
  • Horizontal styles are chosen for filtering
  • Single tick box selection
  • Simultaneous display of Select and Select 2
  • Various customization options for the collapse widget
  • Less HTML and JavaScript code for a similar effect.


We have seen top-notch Product Filter Plugins in WordPress that make it easy for your customers to find the products or content they want on your website. Moreover, these plugins enable customers to swiftly access custom post types, pages, and themes.

It is definitely crucial to read over the features and benefits of each plugin in order to select the one that best meets your needs and goals. Each plugin has its own distinct qualities and advantages.

The WP Theme Bundle is a curated collection of premium WordPress themes designed to cater to a wide range of industries and purposes. This bundle offers a diverse selection of high-quality themes, each meticulously crafted to provide a unique aesthetic and functionality. When combined with Product Filter Plugins, the potential for customization and optimization of e-commerce websites becomes even more powerful. These plugins enhance the user experience by allowing visitors to refine their product searches based on specific criteria like category, price range, brand, and more. This integration empowers businesses to create seamless, user-friendly online shopping experiences, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. With the WordPress Theme Bundle and Product Filter Plugins working in tandem, website owners have a robust toolkit at their disposal for building successful and visually appealing e-commerce platforms.

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