How To Create A Professional Product Catalog In WordPress



Help the consumers for making a purchase decision with a serviceable product catalog and increase your sales.

Your shopping site doesn’t show a Product Catalog?

Do you want it on your site?

If it’s the answer is ‘Yes’ and you wish to add a professional product catalog to your online business website, then here we will be explaining the process to create a professional product catalog in WordPress. Before getting started to learn the process, let’s get some basic knowledge about it.

What is a product catalog in WordPress?

A product catalog is a marketing plan. It represents the products along with their descriptions in a particular layout on an online store platform.

Basically, on eCommerce sites, product details are shown in a tabular or a listed form that includes product features, descriptions, dimensions, price, weight, availability, color, customer reviews, and more.

On an e-commerce website, a complete illustration gets loaded on the screen on performing a search for a particular product. So it’s nothing but a catalog with the image of your product along with its representation.

Adding a product catalog to the site leads to huge scope for differentiating various outcomes. Hence, a buyer can decide to purchase a product by comparing all the details of different products. Also, it becomes uncomplicated to gain information about the product from one place with a Product Catalog in WordPress. The presence of a WordPress Product Catalog Template further amplifies these benefits, making it remarkably straightforward for users to access comprehensive product information from a singular, centralized source.

In a nutshell, users can view, read, and understand the complete details instantly in the catalog. It saves time and effort to explore the upshots and their relevant information individually.

Why the product catalog is important in a site?

Adding a product catalog is important on shopping websites because an interactive catalog encourages the users to buy them. The alluring formation of pretty images and the short narration appeal to the user to click and know more about the by-product. Also, using a Product Catalog in WordPress provides the finest user experience in terms of searching for products on the site.

Secondly, many products are listed in an attractive format on shopping websites. Some of them have an undetermined price and so they cannot be sold online. Still are uploaded on the site to attract audiences.  

Generally, while shopping online, every product on the site has an ‘Add to Cart’ option. But if a user chooses a product whose price is not mentioned and still is showing on the site without the shopping cart option, delivers a negative impression and user experience. Integrating a product catalog without a shopping cart on an eCommerce platform looks unprofessional too.

Furthermore, there is one more reason for adding a catalog to the eCommerce site is a provision of a one-click purchase option. It’s an immediate way for customers to complete the purchase and bypass the checkout process. It’s a great solution that issues a better shopping experience and makes the entire process faster. That’s why the product catalog is required on the eCommerce platforms. You can use a Product Catalog WordPress Theme readymade option for your product-based website.

Who uses Product Catalog in WordPress?

A product catalog is beneficial to boost sales. So sales team always considers a product catalog best to monitor the overall vending. Not only the sales team but there are other users who require a product catalog for the welfare of business dealings.

Let us understand what type of users gets the benefits of implementing the product catalog in WordPress.

Product catalogs are advantageous for –

  • Sales reps and inside sales teams - Here, the product catalog in WordPress is used to pass the key information about a product or a service to their buyers. They can refer to it to gain the benefits of using their products.
  • Buyers and decision-makers – Consumers use the product catalog in WordPress. It helps them to decide and come to the conclusion of purchasing the product or not.  Consumers can compare different products or services from various vendors and settle on the most suitable option for their business.
  • Store and warehouse managers - If you are an owner of a store or a warehouse, there must be thousands of products. So you need to manage it in shifts? Right?

So, managers, and operators use it to manage the details of the inventory in their godowns. 

  • Field marketers view the product catalog in WordPress while they see the customer demos with their products and solutions. It represents the products with offers. 
  • External parties like agencies, partners, resellers, and value-added sellers can make it use to receive information about a product and service and share it with end-users.

Now let’s have a look at the procedure for generating a product catalog in WordPress.  

How to create a product catalog in WordPress?

We are explaining the two ways to create a professional product catalog in WordPress as-

  • Create a product catalog without implementing a shopping cart.

On some websites, the products are just listed where the e-Commerce functionality is OFF. So in such a situation, if an owner of the site wants to display the product catalog without putting a shopping cart is quite difficult.

As the eCommerce site shows an ‘Add to cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ button next to all your products by default. So, creating a product catalog without the shopping cart feature becomes complex.

For this, a YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin can be used.

After a successful installation and activation,

Visit YITH-> Catalog Mode page for plugin settings.

Here you will be allowed to enable catalog mode for all users or only for guest users. Many other options are also available to present product catalogs to users from particular locations.

Next, you can view more settings by scrolling down. Press the ‘Disable shop’ and go ahead. Remember to save the changes otherwise, you will lose all your settings.

  • Inserting Products into Your WordPress Product Catalog

Now, put on the products on your site.

Move to Products-> Add New page.

Provide your product information such as a product title, description, short description, product image, and product gallery.

You can see the price option under the ‘Product’ data section. You can leave it blank if you don’t want to show the product cost.

After this, publish your product.

You can add as many products as needed to construct your catalog by repeating the same process.

Once you completed, unroll your WooCommerce shop page to san your default catalog in action.

You can exhibit your products on any of the WordPress pages and use them as your product catalog. You will have to create a new page for this or edit an existing one.

A product details page will open when you click on any individual product. You can see the product images, description, gallery, and without an ‘Add to cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ button.

You can put your contact information in the product description for those customers who are interested to purchase your product; they should get easily get in touch with you.

  • Create a product catalog with a one-click checkout option.

If you want your buyers should complete the shipping immediately once they find their desired products, then you can display a product category with a one-click purchase option. Let your customers buy a product immediately by pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button and don’t have to pass through the standard checkout process.

For this, install and activate the YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout plugin.

After successful activation, go to YITH-> One-Click Checkout from the WordPress dashboard and alter the general settings.

For instance, you are allowed to enable the ‘Activate in shop page’ option.

Next, you can go for more settings. You can exclude certain product categories from the plugin.

The plugins also guide you about redirection after placing an order. You can Create Custom Page In WordPress to select a place where you would like to redirect the customer to a product page, payment page, thank you page or choose a custom page.

Also, you receive various customization options one-click button.

You can alter or change the settings for button labels, backgrounds, text colors, backgrounds on hover, and more. After completing the customization, don’t forget to press the ‘Save’ Option button.

That’s it!

Now, you may inspect your website to view the one-click or ‘Buy Now’ button.


So, we reveal the process for creating a product catalog in WordPress. You can go with another way to create a product catalog without using an e-commerce plugin at all. As the plugins may affect the loading speed of the web pages. Creating a custom post type can replace the plugins where you can store your product details. We hope this guide, combined with the use of Premium WordPress themes, may prove practical for you in the context of enlarging your business sales.

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