Enhance Your WordPress E-commerce Experience with Smart Product Filter & Search

Enhance Your WordPress E-commerce Experience with Smart Product Filter & Search


Do you have trouble finding the right goods for your WordPress e-commerce website? Do you desire your customers to have a better user experience and find it easier to navigate your online store? If that's the case, you may need to create an smart product filter & search tool.

The growing trend of online buying makes it imperative for e-commerce websites to provide users with a seamless and uncomplicated shopping experience. One way to do this is to incorporate an advanced product filter and search function into your WordPress website. Using this feature, users can quickly and easily filter their search outcomes by entering specific factors like the cost, brand, terms of size, colour, & more.

What is Smart Product Filter & Search?

Product filters are interactive elements that enable consumers to personalise and expedite their item searches. They are integrated into e-commerce structures. By integrating them into your online store, you provide your consumers with the chance to look through the products that are available and select a well-chosen selection that fits their needs.

The products that fit the consumer's criteria are taken out of the product catalogue using a product filter. For instance, the sector filter alongside with the cost filter can help a consumer who wants to invest $100 to $200 on a trainer to locate options that fit their budget.

Product Filters' Importance 

Product filters must be carefully considered in order to provide smooth shopping experiences. Both traders and buyers benefit from product screening.

1. Higher conversion rates

  • The application of efficient product filters on a platform for online shopping helps raise conversion rates.
  • When products are easily found that fit their preferences, customers are more likely to make a purchase.
  • The likelihood that customers may exit the page before making a purchase is decreased by this streamlined checkout process.

2. Improved user experience

  • Retaining an excellent user experience is crucial for attracting and retaining clients. Smart product filter & search makes browsing more enjoyable and easier, which raises the possibility that users will return to your site.
  • A seller's prospects of succeeding over the long haul are increased by repeat business from satisfied clients.

3. Possibilities for targeted advertising:

Product filters provide useful information regarding customer tastes and behaviour. You can utilise these statistics to ascertain whether features, pricing ranges, or categories of goods are popular.

With the application of this type of data, which is crucial for targeted marketing, you could maximise the effects of your marketing funds by developing campaigns and ads that appeal to specific clientele.

  • Enhanced product sorting using metafields, choices, vendors, tags, and more.
  • Intelligent instant search driven by AI that includes typo tolerance and auto-suggestion.
  • Using clever advertising to highlight top sellers and increase sales
  • Advanced analytics to improve comprehension of searches and filter.
  • Advanced synonyms to provide more relevant and useful search result.

How to Set up Smart Product Filter & Search in WordPress?

Listed below are the steps for setting up smart filter using Smart Search for Woocommerce plugin. You can also use other plugins. We've suggested some of the best product filter plugins in our previous blog, you can check them out.

1. Setting Up Smart Product Filter & Search Using a Plugin:

Install and Activate the Plugin

  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search for "Smart Search for WooCommerce".
  4. Click Install Now and then Activate after installation completes.
    Configure the Plugin Settings
    1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings in your WordPress dashboard.
    2. Click on the Smart Search tab. Here you will find various settings for configuring the search and filter functionality.
    Set Up Smart Search
    • Under the Smart Search tab, configure the following settings:

    • Search Form Position: Choose where you want the search form to appear (e.g., in the header, sidebar, etc.).
    • Autocomplete: Enable autocomplete to help users find products faster.
    • Search Results Layout: Customize how the search results are displayed.
    • Adjust the settings according to your preferences and save the changes.

      Add Smart Filters

      • Still under the Smart Search tab, go to the Smart Filters section.
      • Configure the filters you want to use: You can set up various filters such as price range, product categories, attributes (e.g., size, color), and more.

        Add new filters by specifying the type of filter (e.g., dropdown, checkbox), and selecting the applicable attributes or categories.
      • Customize filter appearance to fit your site’s design.
      • Save the filter settings after you have configured them.

        Add Search and Filters to Your Site

        Use Widgets:

        • Go to Appearance > Widgets.
        • Drag and drop the Smart Search and Smart Filters widgets to your desired widget area (e.g., sidebar, footer).

        Use Shortcodes:

        • Place shortcodes provided by the plugin in your pages or posts where you want the smart product filter & search to appear. Typically, the shortcodes can be found in the plugin’s documentation or settings page.
        Use a Page Builder:
        • If you are using a page builder like Elementor or WPBakery, you might find custom elements or modules related to Smart Search and Smart Filters that you can drag and drop into your layout.
        • Test the Search and Filters
        • Visit your site and perform a few test searches to ensure that the search bar is working as expected.
        • Test the filters by selecting different options and verifying that the product listings update accordingly.

            Adjust as Needed

            1. Review the performance and user feedback.
            2. Go back to the plugin settings to make any necessary adjustments to improve the user experience.

              Optional: Additional Customizations

              1. Styling: If you are familiar with CSS, you can add custom styles to match the search and filter elements with your site’s theme.
              2. Advanced Features: Explore any advanced features offered by the plugin, such as analytics for search queries, custom indexing, etc.

                2. Setting up Smart Product Filter & Search Using WordPress Theme:

                Setting up Smart Filters and Search using a WordPress theme that already includes these options is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance the user experience on your WooCommerce store. Most modern WooCommerce-compatible themes come with built-in features to easily add and configure smart filters and advanced search functionalities. 

                Clothing Store WordPress Theme:

                Clothing Store WordPress Theme

                This Clothing Store WordPress theme caters to an extensive variety of clients, including established merchants and boutique owners looking for a feature-rich and elegant website. It was created specifically for apparel enterprises. The numerous premium features that make this theme special. Thanks to its wide range of customisation decisions, customers may meticulously craft the look of their web-based shop to precisely align with the unique corporate identity. Better e-commerce features, including linked gateways for payments, complex displaying products options, and robust stock management systems, are every part of the extras in the bundle.

                This theme has smart product filter & search built-in. The theme has three main menu sections for men, women and kids. In these sections you'll find the clothing products listed for the category for example, if you chose women then you'll find products listed for women. The filters provides options to select the categories such as jeans, skirts, t-shirts, etc. You can also filter price range, brand and colors. It is a perfect choice for your clothing website.


                  Product filters are essential in e-commerce to expedite and customise customer inquiries. They help businesses find features, cost points, and categories that are popular in order to improve user experience and conversion rates. By using the intuitive WordPress plugin, businesses can efficiently manage and organise their products and articles, increasing customer loyalty and conversion rates. The plugin makes it simple and quick for users to build up smart product filter & search, such as taxonomy filtration systems, groups, and subgroups, with just a couple of mouse clicks. For easy navigation, many filters are also supported.

                  In addition to basic filters for significant product attributes, the plugin offers advanced top and side filters, as well as look and texture customisation. With enhanced e-commerce capabilities, a stylish, contemporary design, and customisation options, the Clothing Store WordPress Template is a premium WordPress theme ideal for clothing companies. Additionally, it offers devoted customer service for quick problem-solving and query settlement.

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