3 New Features In Gutenberg 6.5 And More On WordPress 5.3 Makes Crazy

In intro we want to tell that the Gutenberg team has recently released 6.5 of the new WordPress block editor currently. This is considered to be a major release, and it will be the release to be merged into the WordPress 5.3 core. Significant thing is WordPress 5.3 was released on its planned date. Hat’s off to WordPress developers. In this blog, you will know New Features in Gutenberg 6.5 on WordPress 5.3.

Few New Features In Gutenberg 6.5 On WordPress 5.3 Are Given Below:-

  • Button block custom Border Radius Setting
  • Social links block
  • Gallery Captions
  • The Block Directory and Navigation Block
  • Supports Local Auto Saves

Button Block Custom Border Radius Setting: The button block getting a custom border-radius value setting is available now so that you can set if the button will have corner radiuses or turn into a pill shaped button.

Social Links Block: Addition of social profile links into a post or page with the social links block is recently an important feature with some hassles.

Gallery Captions: Here image alignment can be done. Gallery of some images can be done using gallery block.

The Block Directory and Navigation Block: Block Directory allows you/us the installation of the blocks we/you need though it is non-local. While Navigation Block allows you/us to add nav menus at the required place in our post or page.

Supports Local Auto Saves : Supporting the localised save can be done automatically. Thus local automatic recordings can be done to avoid loss of content  at the place with unstable internet connections. In addition, uninterrupted uploading of high- resolution images in cases of unexpected interruption of uploading process. It means the image will continue to upload from the point where it ended.

Thus in conclusion above details can also be called as New Features in Gutenberg.

Additional Features In Gutenberg WordPress 5.3

The New features in Gutenberg WordPress 5.3 work in progress is also very good. New Default Twenty Twenty theme is also included here. The New features in Gutenberg 6.5 on WordPress 5.3 are made more attractive for making it (WordPress 5.3) interactive and user-friendly for WordPress users. Content Management System has also become more easy to use. Here we can say that the new features in Gutenberg WordPress 5.3 has revolutionised the way of building the website content. The other properly taken new features in Gutenberg WordPress 5.3 are improvements in Site Health Tool, a brand new default theme, several theme designers, better support for PHP 7.4, and innumerable small modifications  like bug fixes, deprecations (restrictions on unnecessary), faster than previous version etc.

Need To Regularly Update WordPress Versions

The above is the point we ignored more often in our content. The new WordPress version here is Gutenberg features, required for safety purposes, bug fixes and as the name (here Gutenberg features) suggests new features. Moreover, it is crucial that WordPress (and WP themes) are compatible with 3rd party UI themes (concentrated on content creation). Thanks to the Site health check tool, as featured above helps us/you in learning all technical details about your site and you can do your WordPress version check in a second. Thus you will know exactly whether you need to modernise your system or you have WordPress newest version already.

Let’s See Some Interesting Gutenberg Features

  • Words to WordPress
  • Image and Text Side by Side
  • Drop cap
  • Handy Information Box
  • Displays the Exact Appearance of Content on a WordPress Site

Words to WordPress:- Many times copying Google docs or Microsoft Word content and pasting on the classic editor does not show in its genuine way. With new Gutenberg editor you/we don’t have this problem.

Image and Text Side by Side:- With Media, Text and column blocks blessings you can place image and text side by side.

Drop cap:- This Gutenberg feature allows us to style our content and present it in a better way.

Handy Information Box:- The built-in information box of Gutenberg Feature is special for bloggers and content creators, as they can check statistics related with their posts.

Displays the Exact Appearance of Content on a WordPress Site:- Gutenberg shows the content in similar fashion as it would appear on the site when published.

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