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Marketing is something that matters most in this world. We sell many things to get what we want. A thing to decorate house, a food to feed or even a dream to live! Selling involves two parties, buyers and sellers! Marketing is something that connects the both. We see advertisements for different brands and products. We buy some products that we essentially don’t need but want. Why? Because of marketing! Internet is has a very important role in this. When it comes to business, we want perfection with affordability. Social media platforms and websites are the medium for it. And in websites creating menu in WordPress is the first task you will have to do.

On the internet, presentation matters! What looks good and convincing, will be sold the most! In such times Websites become the face of your company or service to the world. People across the globe will judge your work by your website. To make an ultimate first impression on them, professional website is must. For building such website WordPress is the most efficient platform.


Choosing The Right Theme In WordPress

At WordPress you can create a perfect website without any error. Even if you don’t know coding and programming, with a little help you can make a perfect website. Here WordPress themes will help you. We suggest you to look for top WordPress themes. They contain all the qualities that are must in a professional website. Even if you buy ready-to-use WordPress theme, you will have to create menu in WordPress. Creating menu in WordPress, WordPress dropdown menu, edit menu or delete one from it, you have to know them all.

Before buying ready-made WordPress theme, you should know about WordPress.  After all it is the place where you are going to establish your website. WordPress has two hosts, and  With you won’t be having complete authority on your website. Here it is easy to create a website but while operating it you will face a lot of difficulties. But on you will have complete authority over your website which you can set and design as per your wish. The recommended host is There are many ready-made WordPress themes for Choosing your host is the first step to making a perfect website with the best WordPress theme.

There is a number of companies around the world that create and sell the best WordPress website themes. But choosing the best is important. While choosing the right WordPress theme; you have to look for some must-haves in them. The WordPress theme has to have SEO optimization, responsive design and the company must provide customer support, are the points you must look for while buying a WordPress theme. But let us make it simple and easy for you! There is a company that provides such amazing top WordPress themes for every profession, VWThemes! VWThemes promises the best results and has received good customer reviews from across the world. Plus the price is only 40$! You can also buy WordPress theme bundle with all the best themes only for 99$.

Creating Menu In WordPress!

After getting the right WordPress theme, let’s see how to create menu in WordPress. If you want to, you can watch our YouTube video with visual tutorial. It will explain you in detail about creating menu in WordPress. The link is below-

 Reading can be a great choice too! Glad you made it.

First, we will see how to create menu in WordPress. After installing the WordPress theme you want, creating menu in WordPress website is initial. It’s very easy to create menu in WordPress. It involves very few steps.

Go to ‘dashboard’ of your WordPress theme. Spot the tab for ‘appearance’. Go into that tab and select ‘menu’. A window with menu details will appear. There you will see a bar in front of title ‘menu name’. Type menu name you want to give. Then click on ‘save changes’ which is right beside the name bar. This way the name of your menu will be saved.

After this, you need to add the pages you want to appear in the menu. The sole purpose of creating menu in WordPress is to organize all the necessary pages of website at one place. There the viewers will decide which page to look into. After saving the menu name; on the left side of the window you will see the list of page names and boxes in-front of them.

You just have to select the ones you want by clicking on the box. After this click on tab named ‘add menu’ below the page names. After this the arrangement of the pages will appear at the center of the window.  Below that list there will be name of additional menus like header menu and footer menu. Select the ones you want by again clicking on the boxes. After this click on ‘save menu’ which will be at bottom right of the website.


Rearranging The Menu!

After clicking on ‘save menu’, the menu for WordPress website will appear on the webpage. Visit your website to have a look at it. If you feel like the pages in menu can be arranged in different sequence, there’s a way to it. In few simple and easy steps it can be done.

Go into ‘dashboard’ again and go to ‘appearance’ tab. In appearance select ‘menu’.  There you will see the menu settings. You will see the menu you just created and the details of the pages. Below the menu name, you will see the pages arranged. Just select the one you want to move by long pressing on it.

Then drag the page tab and move it to the place you want. Then drop it there and it will remain on that place unless you move it again. After rearranging the page tabs click on ‘save menu’ on the bottom right of the page. The changes you made will be saved. That’s how you can rearrange the menu in WordPress. Just by drag-and-drop you can change the page settings in your menu. After saving menu go to ‘visit page’ and check the changed you made in the menu. If you are satisfied with the changes then great, if not you can rearrange the arrangement again by following the same steps.

Deleting The Menu In WordPress!

Adding menu to webpage is indeed important. But if you add too many pages into the menu, the webpage will look messy. That can not only spoil the look of the website, but also be the reason behind lagging speed. That’s why it’s important to understand where to stop. If you end up adding unnecessary pages in menu, there is a way you can edit it. By deleting the pages you don’t want can be one way of keeping it clean. It doesn’t involve heck of a task, but some simple actions!

To delete the menu from WordPress website, as always first go to ‘dashboard’. Spot the tab for ‘appearance’ and select ‘menu’. There you will see the menu you have created for WordPress. You will see the name of the menu, pages you have added and other setting in it. At the center of the window, you will see the list of pages you added in the menu. The name of the pages will be on a tab. At the end of each tab you will see a symbol of plus like this ‘+’. Click on that symbol to reveal the options. In those options you will see the tab for ‘remove’. Click on it and the selected tab will be removed. This way you can delete any page you want from the menu.

After deleting the pages from the menu, click on ‘save menu’ on the bottom right of the window. This way the changes you made will be saved. To have a review, click on ‘visit site’ on the top left of the window. Look at the changes you made.

Creating WordPress Drop Down Menu!

Instead of removing the whole tab from the menu, you can also create a sub-tab for it. While creating menu for WordPress, you should make it look organized and clean. But too much to present, this can become confusing. That’s why there are WordPress dropdown menu. Creating WordPress dropdown menu is very easy. It has all the steps you have done before. With few new additional steps you can create a WordPress dropdown menu for your professional website.

Go into ‘dashboard’. Look for tab named ‘appearance’ and select ‘menu’ from that tab. A window with menu settings will appear. There you will see list of pages added in the menu. If you want to make some of the pages from the list a dropdown menu; just select the tab of the menu. Drag that tab and slide it to the main menu tab. Click on ‘save menu’ to save the changes!



In conclusion, crafting a menu on your WordPress website can be achieved with the utmost ease, enhancing your site's navigation and user experience. Whether you opt for a free theme or a premium WordPress theme, following the simple steps outlined above will help you create a well-structured and user-friendly menu that caters to your visitors' needs. So, take the initiative to enhance your website's functionality and aesthetics today by creating an engaging menu!

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