Simple Ways To Lower Blog’s Bounce Rate

While running a blog website, you will encounter many difficulties. Since the digital era arrived people have stopped reading. They only read short captions or memes most of the times. That’s where your difficulties increase. But its not the only thing you have to work on. Considering the technicalities of running website, some of your blogs will experience bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate, the more loss of viewership. That’s why the first thing you need to do is lower blog’s bounce rate. Choose WordPress themes from VWthemes today to get heavy discount on purchase.

Here are some things you can do to make it possible. Check it out!

1. Tweak Your Content:-

Now this is a serious reason you have to have concern about. If you are running a blog website, it must have a good content. Only and only content can make your blogging website rank number one. You must have heard the phrase ‘content is the king’ and that’s absolutely true.

If you want to lower blog’s bouncing rate, you have to tweak your content. What exactly you have to do? Make it more engaging! The blogging website must have engaging blogs on interesting topics. Each blog should have a capacity to hold people’s attention.

By tweaking the content you are making it worth reading and spending that much time on it. This will naturally fix your blog’s bounce rate. Buy WordPress Themes at their best prices.

2. Readability:-

Keep it simple is what you have to follow. The readability of the blog content depends on its foundation, subject and how you present it. Your blog surely has an interesting subject and you have put a lot of effort to present it in an engaging format. But if the foundation of the blog is weak, it is going to fall.

The foundation of blog is the words, sentences and phrases that you use. They form the blog’s body and result what people must be reading. If you choose wrong words or complicated words which commonly people are unaware of, it will affect your blog.

The sentence construction should be simple and short. This makes the readers engage more. Keeping it short makes the blog more readable. By working on its readability you can lower blog’s bounce rate easily.

3. Popups:-

Has it ever happened to you that you are searching for a song and the website suddenly starts playing porn ad? Situations like these occur on many sites. It may be ok for them, but not for you. Your blogging website is not a place for such popups.

These popup ads make user feel uncomfortable. They don’t contribute in your field and weight your website. The popup ads make your website buffer and load slow. This affects on the responsiveness of the website. Eventually this will result in loss of SEO rank.

To avoid this you need to avoid popups on your blogging website. This will keep your website run faster, maintain your SEO rank and get more viewership.

4. The CTA:-

These CTAs are very important for the responsiveness of the website. They initially mean Call To Action buttons. These buttons are for improving the responsiveness of the website. They are for example, sign up here or register to know more. They are vital!

To lower blog’s bouncing rate you have to clear these CTA buttons. Having clear Call To Action buttons can improve your website’s functioning. They do their job perfectly as they have clear instructions on what to do. It will improve the user experience on your website. This will result in higher SEO ranks and more viewership.

5. Story Telling:-

You have a blogging website. All you have to impress people are words and sentences. But they shouldn’t be only that. They should lead the readers into new world. The world that you created! This world will have everything you have imagined. But it won’t reach people’s minds without perfect story telling.

There’s a definite technique for story telling. You need to learn how to tell the details about something as a story to people. The same information which is available on Wikipedia, but people prefer to read it on someone’s blog. Why? The story telling! They understand the most complicated subject if its being told as a story.

6. Updated Content:-

To make your blogs more relevant and readable you need to provide updated content. This will also help to lower blog’s bounce rate. Giving updated blog content will improve the user experience on your website. Which will result in better SEO and more viewership.

The updated content on your blog website will help you gaining more attention online. Your blog website will have people’s attention and loyalty. This is a constant work as the internet gets updated every second day.

7. Keywords:-

Just like CTA buttons and updated content, keywords play vital role in promotion of your website. They also help you to lower blog’s bounce rate effectively. These keywords are supposed to be used in the blogs on your website.

The subject on which your blog is based, it must have the related keywords. Keywords are the things people have searched the most on browsers. There’s list of such keywords you can find easily on other websites. You have to use them couple of time in title, description and in your blog. It will make your blog appear in top suggestions.  

8. Target Audience:-

Before starting the blogging website you need to figure out your target readers. You have to remember them throughout your journey online. These target audience will get you the viewership you want. They will spread the word about your work and get your more viewers.

It will eventually result in more audience and loyal readers. This will help you to lower blog’s bounce rate. These target audience will give you honest review of your writing. Which will help you in improving your content more. That’s why its important to make a list of your target audience. Also, have a look at premium WordPress themes and get stunning and attractive designs for your website.

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