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Not too long ago, if you wanted to create a business website or a blog for you, it would have cost you thousands of dollars. And if you were to monetize it, it was even more difficult. At that time, PayPal had just emerged, the other payment gateways such as Stripe, Razorpay were not there. Email marketing was nowhere in the scenario. But today, this is not the case these days as you can easily get started with your website, and Learn How To Monetize Blog On WordPress within your budget. Alongside have a look at free WordPress themes by VWTHEMES.

How To Monetize Blog On WordPress

Learn How To Monetize Blog On WordPress

There is no such formula to calculate or no expert can tell you the exact figure regarding how much traffic you should be getting or how large should be your email list so that you should start making money out of your blog. This is because it depends on what you are selling and how you are selling. However, if you are looking to Learn How To Monetize Blog On WordPress of yours, doing a few things will definitely help you a lot. If you want a stunning blog website then try our professional WordPress Themes.

Focus On Getting Steady Traffic

Monetizing your blog will not happen overnight. You will first have to build a base for it and getting steady traffic is just a first step towards it. With steady traffic, I don't mean that you should get tens of thousands of visitors. But at least you should try to get a thousand visitors per month to make sure that you are doing things right and are heading in a proper direction.

Try To Grow Your Email List:

The first thing I will say here is, just don’t be stupid to aim for anything crazy. Just keep your focus on building the list steadily. There are many bloggers who do not have a big email list but they are making the most out of their small list and are taking full advantage of it.

Paying attention to these two things matter. But primarily, blog monetization is a number game. Now these two things matter, but most importantly, monetizing your blog efficiently is basically a matter of numbers.

Just Consider This Example

Suppose if you want to make $6000 from your blog, you can try selling a $200 product or course or anything to 3 people. Or, sell a $600 thing to 10 people or may even charge $6000 for giving a consultation to the client.

With this example, you should understand that monetization is not simply about increasing the prices of whatever you are selling through your blog. What it means that you should have a monetization strategy that should be well aligned with your blog.

The strategies discussed in this article will show you how you can Learn How To Monetize Blog On WordPress and generate revenue out of it no matter to which niche your blog belongs.

  • Affiliate Links:

It is often the first option in the list when you are looking to monetize your blog because it is considered an easy way to begin with. It is often known as Affiliate Marketing. Though this term looks quite big and complicated, it is quite easy to do. In this, you promote other products through your own website or blog and obtain commission from it if any of your visitors makes the purchase of the product.

First, you select the products that you want to promote through your site. Then you add the affiliate links to the selected products on your blog. If any of the visitors on your site buys the products through those links, you get paid for that in the form of commission.

  • Google AdSense: Pay Per Click

Google AdSense has helped a lot to website/blog owners in generating revenue from their blog content without having to deal directly with the advertisers. No matter what niche you are in. You can still make handsome earnings by adopting Google AdSense.

PPC is Pay Per Click which is also known as Cost Per Click is a simple and easy way to start monetizing a WordPress blog. In this, you post the advertisements on your blog and you get paid if the visitors on your site click on it.

  • How PPC Works?

People prefer to hire a PPC company for advertising their services and products. What these companies do is, they display advertisements on several platforms. They charge the advertisers when the displayed ads are clicked. And the blogs on which those ads are displayed also get paid on every click made by the visitor. However, there are some PPC companies that pay on the basis of the number of visits on that particular blog page where the advertisement is displayed. It is known as paying for page impressions. Google AdSense is always good other than hiring PPC companies. For posting ads to your blog page, first, you need to apply for it.

  • Google’s Custom Search:

If you have a blog that shares a lot of quality information and if your visitors are using the search form on your site to find the contents then you can replace the normal search bar with Google's Custom Search Engine. The simple reason to do this because you can earn money through this.

Now you might wonder how you can make money by replacing the normal search with Google’s custom search form?

Well, every time a person searches through your custom search engine, there are some ads displayed along with the search results. Do you think there is any better place to put ads other than search engine results? Certainly not!

If you want to get Google’s Custom Search Engine for your site for displaying ads on the search results page, you will have to link the search form with your AdSense account.

Log in to your Google Account, enter your blog’s URL. after you select the search language, give the name for the search engine, and click “Create”. Creating different search engines for various pages of your website is also possible. Then click on “Get Code”. Copy and paste this code on your site. Go to the “Edit search engine” menu and select the search engine you want to monetize. Then go to “Make Money” and turn on the Search Engine Monetization button and you are good to go.

  • Promoted Or Sponsored Posts:

This is considered the best form of advertisement. If you are already famous as a blogger, companies will approach you to get sponsored posts. But in case you are a beginner, you do need to plan an approach for reaching out to concerned companies with your good quality proposals.

This type of monetization has its own benefit as you can charge your own rate. It is even more beneficial if you are able to obtain a contract. With this, you can only imagine how much you can earn.

Along with this, posting sponsored posts on social media pages can also be a source of earning. But you have to take care that your blog posts should not be biased. This is because biased posts can have an adverse effect on the credibility of your blog.

Do keep in mind that just because you are getting money, you should not blindly write positives about that particular service. Always come up with genuine experiences because the thing that ultimately matters is your visitors' trust.

The only problem with this approach is it is a bit difficult to find some good companies if you have just begun with a blog. It is also possible that you can be biased if you get a chance to write for your companies. The big plus point is you are free to set your own rates at your own terms and conditions.

  • Selling Your Products

This is yet another way to Learn How To Monetize Blog On WordPress. You can earn money through your blog by selling the products directly to your audience. There have been many examples that bloggers started by selling just a few items and later launched a full-fledged website for e-commerce alongside the blogging site.

To be able to do this, you first need to be in an authoritative position in your niche. As I said, this is not for beginners but if you are popular, you can obtain great results.

What you do here is you are using your own blog to sell your own products. If you focus on adopting the right marketing techniques and selling really good products, you are going to make a handsome amount of money from it.

You will have to take some extra efforts on your end in order to make this method work for you. Just put in a lot of hard work and it is going to be a good way that will help you to Learn How To Monetize Blog On WordPress. Grab premium WordPress themes today at great discounts.

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