Why Did Godaddy Acquire Skyverge, How Will This Benefit Them?

We are well aware of the popular GoDaddy, a web hosting and publicly traded Internet domain Registrar Company which offers other firms to registrar their domain name. This ultimately helps GoDaddy’s clients in increasing their identity among customers, strengthening their presence in a particular market, and attracting potential customers. GoDaddy is one of the best platforms to assist clients in increasing their number of customers in a short period of time. Having, more than 20 million customers, across the globe, GoDaddy has never failed to offer optimal tools for better growth and creating a brand image in the minds of patrons. In this blog, we will see why did Godaddy Acquire Skyverge in detail. Choose VWthemes to buy Premium WordPress themes at pocket-friendly prices.

The founder of this American company, Bob Parsons is also a philanthropist, as well as a billionaire. The World famous company delivers their client's multiple services like digital marketing, social media marketing, and more for helping them attract a higher number of customers and finally earn higher than expected profits.

Also, GoDaddy’s clients have earned a great amount of trust and in return, clients demand more services for online growth. Along with this, with no doubt, GoDaddy Company manages its tasks perfectly and also makes use of several tools to help offer the best services.

For GoDaddy Acquire Skyverge, Let’s First Read About Skyverge

The E-Commerce professional company, SkyVerge is basically a software creator that assists their clients in increasing their sales, saves time for the time-consuming management, and allows the company itself to perform and explore more attractive services for their clients.

The popular company holds multiple features, such as highly performance-focused, perfect integration of any product that is specially designed as demanded by clients, is in contact with their clients with the best customer support and is highly responsive, is a comparatively better partner in clients’ growth and success, and delivers accurate engineering for optimal usability and performance.

SkyVerge was founded in 2013 by Justin Stern and Max Rice. It is eCommerce developer analytics software known as WooCommerce that was specially designed and developed to analyze the orders including transactions included with all the eCommerce transactions.

Its analytical software delivers tips, reviews, as well as tutorials for eCommerce using SkyVerge and WordPress themes that are engaged in on-site product purchases and maintenance that allows the developers of websites to search for superior resources and tutorials to bring in the marketplace or manage their online eCommerce store.

Now, the wonderful platform, GoDaddy acquires SkyVerge! Why did this happen and how is this acquisition going to help GoDaddy?

‘GoDaddy Acquire Skyverge’ happened on 14th September 2020. GoDaddy disclosed that it has acquired SkyVerge, which is the creator of more than 60 WooCommerce Add-Ons. Add-ons are the product or tools that enable clients to personalize their services while the visitors are still busy shopping for the best product.

The company sanctions the everyday clients or entrepreneurs and disclosed that it has entered into the definitive contract to achieve SkyVerge, which is one of the most ranked and demanded WooCommerce product creators. Here the financial details are undisclosed.

What Made Godaddy Acquire Skyverge?

GoDaddy is entirely engaged to help entrepreneurs in their growth and achieve success in a short time using high-performing WooCommerce services that are all integrated with features or are a complete package, making it easier and comparatively faster to build anything. WordPress, the powerful tool delivers the above third websites on the internet. More than 17% of WordPress websites are making use of WooCommerce. This eventually has helped it to become one of the largest and most successful eCommerce platforms in the world.

On the other hand, SkyVerge holds 60+ WooCommerce Extensions, email marketing, spanning payments, as well as memberships used by more than 100,000 eCommerce vendors for better-performing online stores. One of the highly preferred among the developers of WordPress, SkyVerge plugins holds more than 3.1 million downloads on WordPress.org. Now, SkyVerge will not stop their support to their existing customers as well as product portfolio. This also includes their continuation of contributions to open-source software packages.

What Is The Reason Of Acquisition?

For GoDaddy Acquire Skyverge, Coming to the main reason for this acquisition is better growth together and creating a strong presence. GoDaddy acquires Skyverge, so that they collaboratively help each other to deliver the best services, keep supporting their existing clients through all the means, and help their current clients and businesses to gain more profit than expected in less time.

According to the President of Partners Business of GoDaddy, Patrick Pulvermuller says that the strategy of acquisition ultimately improves the capabilities of Skyverge Godaddy to deliver insightful experiences of eCommerce to help their entrepreneurs sell optimal products and services on the internet.

Moreover, the co-founder of Skyverge, Max Rice, said that the entire team showed excitement to work with GoDaddy, one of the best platforms for entrepreneurs. He also says if GoDaddy acquires SkyVerge, the acquisition will bring their top-rated extensions of WooCommerce to GoDaddy’s clients and will also continue to make advancements and enhance the future of WordPress eCommerce.

SkyVerge attributes its prominence in the market to its employees or the extremely talented team of commercial and free add-on plugins that are directly available to visitors from the website. WooCommerce is basically the best investment or delivers better (ROI) Return on Investment for companies. These companies hold the right products along with excellent marketing strategies.

GoDaddy seems to be highly inclined towards using the famous solution eCommerce from WordPress. Lately, it launched the rightly managed WooCommerce hosting plan, a couple of years back in October 2019. This hosting firm has recently added more than 60 extensions of WooCommerce to its inventory in a go.

The Senior Product Manager at WordPress also has experience in GoDaddy Acquire Skyverge, Rich Tabor says that more and more companies, irrespective of their sizes, small-medium, and large, today prefer to go online as well. The major reason behind this is the increasing penetration of the internet, advancements in technology, and people across the globe using smartphones and gadgets.

Owing to the same online selling of products and services by different companies is increasing day-by-day and is gaining more importance than ever. Adding to this, he also said that they recently they also brought in ‘Managed WooCommerce’ that provides a collection of multiple WooCommerce extensions into Managed WordPress environment.

GoDaddy Acquire Skyverge has slowly but steadily turned to be a highly successful and prominent WordPress and WooCommerce business. It was earning them $350,000 every month by the end of 2019. There was relatively no response on how finely the business performed by 2020. The complete SkyVerge Team then agreed and came along for acquisition with GoDaddy. As said by Rich Tabor, they just began to offer more capabilities as well as an optimal setup.

This also comprises the existing user experience for their clients. The entire SkyVerge team will lead and also increase or boost the planning done lately. They are unbelievably skilled and talented, along with a great innovative team that will assist in getting more upgrades in WooCommerce. Joining hands together will help them in more improvements in GoDaddy’s WordPress strategies and offer spontaneous experiences of eCommerce that will assist entrepreneurs to sell products online, easily, and hassle-free.

Having these many extensions in just one place, still, one big question is raised, especially by the average users. The question says “Will those extensions turn out to be a part of the eCommerce hosting bundle of GoDaddy?”

Rich Tabor could not and did not let skip or ignore any plans in the associated operations. Instead, they will just start determining how best SkyVerge can provide the best services and wonderful products to customers of GoDaddy.

SkyVerge gets a collection of premium software. Hence, it is cost-efficient to expect that they will be providing the required services to people whatever they are selling online. It is uncertain that GoDaddy agreed to this acquisition of Skyverge and GoDaddy without a few short-term visions or planning for how the ‘Managed Hosting Service’ will make use of newly added extensions. Check out Custom WordPress Login Page by VWTHEMES.

An Overview On How They Made It Possible

Earlier, it seemed that this quick-made plan will not change the business and its profit. Rich Tabor told that GoDaddy had no amendments to disclose related to the website and products. He said SkyVerge will be engaged in continuation to support customers of SkyVerge as well as investing in the company’s software.

SkyVerge also prepared Jilt, which is basically a platform that supports WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Easy Digital Downloads. Tabor did not respond directly to how it will impact in future, such as Jilt’s WooCommerce clients, or gave any sign or notice if there were more plans for expansion of Jilt to other eCommerce systems. He told that GoDaddy will not stop investing in their priority platforms of eCommerce are GoDaddy’s and WooCommerce websites including marketing.

Hence, Max Rice, SkyVerge’s co-founder left few indications of the future of Jilt in the announcement made through the post. He said that they made the right commitment to support their business with the most reliable software packages and they will stick to their promise. They will continue to help the existing plugins of WooCommerce as well as Jilt. While they will be preparing fresh products at GoDaddy, each and everything they have already created will be a greater part of it.

Mergers and acquisition activities in the world of websites continue as the market players make acquisitions in order to expand their product portfolio. The recent Skyverge GoDaddy acquisition was declared and done with a secret amount. SkyVerge creates eCommerce products that track the WooCommerce ecosystem within the wider world of eCommerce.

This helps GoDaddy get new capabilities and new markets. Taking all of those simultaneously, the new capabilities are comprise a wider range of offerings of eCommerce for GoDaddy’s clients. This favorable time as all things eCommerce are today higher in demand and as eCommerce is boosted as a part of client’s expenditure.

In GoDaddy Acquire Skyverge, Like others, Godaddy acquires SkyVerge and hence meets this moment by complaining about its eCommerce offerings. SkyVerge assists it to do that using turnkey stores of WooCommerce that are built as well as activated immediately. This comprises more than 60 extensions of WooCommerce for email marketing, memberships, and payments.

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