Fix WordPress 429 Too Many Request Errors In 2021

Every website faces bugs and errors in certain time limit. These errors are difficult to troubleshoot because errors normally don’t give us the exact cause of the problems. The WordPress 429 too many request errors are one of such problems.

If you can find the cause of the problem then you can resolve it for sure. So firstly you need to know the problem and its cause.

429 Error

This 429 error occurs when a user has sent too many requests in very less time period. It could be anything like plugin, a DDos or something else. Then server starts informing you about this problem.

Reason Behind 429 Error

At times, there are users who try to access a specific page on your responsive WordPress themes for website for myriad times in a shorter time duration and your server detects this problem. It triggers an error to show you the problem. For example, if a user forget username or password and tries to login for number of times then this problem occurs.

Server identifies the users by cookies or by their login credentials. This request can come in many forms depending on the situation. It can come across your server or across several servers. There are many 429 errors and WordPress 429 too many request error is one of them.

This error may include few other details like the reason behind 429 status code and how long user should wait to login again. How error is appearing is not important but the reason behind is and mostly the reason is user or a snippet of code which is overwhelming the server with too many requests.

Sometimes, this problem disappears at its own and you don’t need to pay attention to it. But there are chances when it is related to any of the plugin or Denial of Service (DDos) attacks, then you need to work on it and resolve the error.

The problem is that the 429 error can affect your login page and you may not be able to login to their dashboard on your website. It can take a little time to fix the problem but it is achievable.

Fixing The 429 Too Many Requests Error

When you deal with many WordPress support requests because you provide such services, then you are familiar with WordPress 429 too many request errors and the reason behind the problem. Now let’s discuss the steps to solve this issue.

1. Don’t Use WordPress Default Login URL

Many login attempts cause this problem called error 429 on WordPress. One way to prevent it is, you change the URL from the default options. So that the users cannot find the login detail in the first place.

Whenever your website get open via the website URL, the login page is there on the first place. It is easy for the user to login but at the same time it is downright insecure. Because everyone knows the access point and how to trouble your server. There is a WordPress URL plugin WPS Hide Login plugin. It is free and useful in protecting this issue.

You only need to install and activate this plugin and then navigate to setting and then WPS Hide Login tab in your WordPress dashboard. Here you can change your URL by typing in whatever extension you want to use. Don’t give easy options or speculative ideas such as, login, wp-login etc.

Because easy options will not work and changing the URL will no more effective if people will guess the changed URL. So try to use some unique address for your website. This plugin will also help notifying you, that who is trying to access your old login page. Once you are done, save changes and you are good to start.

You should not have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate set up for your website. It can hamper security of your website. It also can affect your position in SEO. When you enforce HTTPS, you can either use the manual route or a plugin like Really Simple SSL.

This plugin forces your entire website to load over HTTPS with just a click. It also can lead to few occasional bugs and 429 error is one of that. However, the plugin don’t harm every time but it can lead to problems. Since this is not the best way to implement HTTPS use.

If you implement HTTPS manually, then also you can get the problems because of internal links. As mentioned in SEO, you obviously give ample internal links on your website. So, to resolve this issue you need to change these internal links throughout your website once you disable the plugin.

Firstly, look for the plugin and disable or deactivate it. If you have the admin access in WordPress then you can easily deactivate this plugin.

Many-a-time, WordPress 429 too many request error blocks you from accessing your dashboard. Then you need to try the manual way and disable the plugin using an FTP client.

Once this plugin will disable then the 429 too many request will be resolved. Then you can access your dashboard and setup the other plugins and security things. Also you are good to change the internal links. There is a plugin called Search and Replace to do this task easily.

Just activate the plugin and it will replace all the internal links you want. Then check how many instances of replacement happen by dry run option.

3. Deactivate WordPress Plugins For Time Being

We saw how one plugin can cause this 429 error but to your surprise any plugin may cause this error. If the external requests are numerous then any of your plugin can cause you trouble. So, to avoid any such weird situation, it is advisable that you deactivate all your plugins once to ensure that the problem will not arise.

If you don’t have access to your dashboard and you are unable to disable the plugins, then access your website via FTP client and disable the plugins. All you have to do is, just change the name of the folder which has all the plugins. Then WordPress won’t be able to find the plugins and it will deactivate all of them.

You can activate the plugins whenever you want again by renaming the folder as plugins and WordPress will start working for the plugins. Don’t forget to delete the culprit plugin. To find the culprit, you have to create a new folder and access the plugin directory. Rename one of the plugin folder and then try to access the website. If the error has gone then it means this was the plugin which was creating the trouble.

Once you figure out, which plugin was giving you 429 status code, you can delete it and resume your work with other plugins.

4. Try To Switch To Any Default Theme

After checking the plugins and making sure that plugins are not the reason behind the problem. Then you should check the theme. There are chances that your active theme is the reason for the problem. If this is the case, then you disable your active theme and switch to any of the default WordPress themes.

This process is almost same as disabling the plugins manually. So use FTP client, access website, and disable the theme. Then switch to default theme and check if the problem is gone or not. If the 429 error has gone then access your dashboard and check the settings and customizations. It is there, just the premium WordPress themes is changed.

5. If The Problem Is Still There Then Contact Your Host

There are chances that the 429 too many requests has originated by your server. Then obviously doing all above steps won’t give you the solution. So if the server is responsible then you will get the solution from there only.

In that case, you should contact your hosting provider and ask them to resolve this problem. They can remove the limitations, if they’ve put any and if not then they might be knowing something extra about the server, which can protect your website from this problem.

Getting errors on your website is always troublesome and irritating. You have to resolve such problems for the efficiency of your website. These number code errors are easy to diagnose and rectify. If you are stuck with WordPress 429 too many request errors then now you know how to resolve it. Just use above steps and you’re sorted. Rectify the problem and work efficiently on your WordPress website.

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