Top Key Features Of Good Website That Will Give You Good Results

What do you do when you have to convince someone about something? You tell them about it! But is it enough? No! The way you tell people about that thing determines whether they will buy it or not. That’s where marketing comes! In this blog we will know the key features of a good website.

Marketing has a lot of effective ways. Digital marketing is a whole different subject in this syllabus. As the internet expands its reach, the scope of digital marketing also increases. There are ways in digital marketing too through which you can reach people.

Website is the only professional and trustworthy way in digital marketing that provides you a direct reach to customers. If you are running a retail store or have a blooming business, website gives it a professional touch. Without website you won’t be able to build trust among your customers. Having a good website also depends on your choice of the Best WordPress Themes.

To make your website effective you need to have some features. These key features of good website will save a lot of your problems. You need to know about them and work to get them in your website. These key features of good website will get you the results you want.

WordPress platform is the best place to get these features while making a website. Building a website with all these key features will save a lot your time. WordPress provides you all the needed tools to build such website. You just need to know how it works.

You need to first buy a domain name for your website. Then on WordPress you need to choose a host from and Most of the customers choose as their host. It allows you to make any changes in your website and have complete authority over it.

After choosing the host you will have to either design your own website or get a WordPress theme. You will find out plenty of options in WordPress themes online. These themes will help you in setting up a website in no time. The Professional WordPress Themes are ready-to-use products. They have an attractive layout and strong coding, you only have to add content in it.

1. Readable:-

Even though it’s a digital platform, you have to make it readable for people. Along with the layout, templates, plugins and imagery, content also matters a lot. You must have heard the term ‘content is the king’. It’s absolutely true with the website as well. The content on your website tells about your business and why users should invest their time and money in it.

If you are running an ecommerce website, the description of your products will engage the viewers. This description plays a vital role in making the sales. But if its written in complex format or non-readable form it will work against you.

The description of your products includes what its made out of, the size, colour, information about seller and how you can buy it. If this basic information isn’t clear the buyers won’t even consider buying it. As they don’t feel reliable to you, they may never visit again.

For creating good website, you need to put a readable content in it. Easy, simple and short sentences written in catchy words can win hearts.

2. Accessible:-

Along with the content, you need to make sure that your website is easy to navigate through. It has to be accessible for the viewers in order to roam through it and decide whether to invest or not. This includes having a responsive, attractive and organized layout. You can use different templates in it.

The logo of the website should be the medium to return on home page. The pages should have hassle-free navigation. This will not only engage the viewers, but also increase the number of viewership.

3. FAQs:-

It may look like a tiny part of the website but it is one of the important features of a good website and has the most impact on viewership. The FAQs stand for Frequently Asked Questions! These are the questions related to your website and business. These are the anticipated questions the viewers may have in their mind.

You have to write these obvious question and answer them. You have to give a detailed and simple answer to these questions. Instead of putting it on a home page, create a separate page for it. This will help the viewers eradicate the doubts. You have to be careful while buying it. Premium WordPress Themes for good website is a whole different topic to discuss. For now, let’s focus on some key features of good website.

4. Responsive:-

The layout of the website should be responsive. Your website is going to have a lot of viewers. They all will expect fast speed and smooth performance. But if your website lags behind or buffers a lot they won’t be patient with you. They will immediately switch to another website.

This is the main reason why you have to make your website responsive. It must have fast loading speed and responses to command. To make your website responsive you have to add CTA buttons which are Call To Action buttons in every page.   

This will enhance the performance of your website and user experience. With this feature your website can gain more views and SEO ranks resulting in more profits.

5. Contact Forms:-

After adding these features you have to make sure that the viewers buy your idea of business. The aim should be to gain more loyal customers than just selling products. For this you need to have information about viewers.

A contact form will help you in this arena. This form includes the information about viewers like name, address, email address, phone number, social media link etc. The viewers will subscribe to your service by filling up this form.

Through this contact form you will get in direct touch of your customers. They will feel reliable on you and share your services with their acquaintances.


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