Here’s How To Sort The Fatal Error Of Maximum Execution Time Exceeded!

Signing into WordPress you must have thought that managing website will get smoother with this one. WordPress won’t cause me any harm at all. But in reality WordPress only provides you tools to protect your website from errors. You have to use them properly. As for this fatal error of maximum execution time exceeded you will have 4 ways. These ways will lead you to a smoother website. But you have to walk them carefully.

Here Are The Details Of How You Will Have To Walk Through Them!


The fatal error of maximum execution time exceeded error is as common as others. Wordpress gives a specific execution time to each website. So when you establish your website, you are bound to face this error. When you get this error don’t panic. Always remember that there’s no error that can’t be resolved.

To sort this error first you need to take complete backup of your website. it’s recommended big time. Always backup your website before processing the repair.  While resolving this error we are going to edit some of the core files. So if something goes wrong you will have your raw website copy and don’t have to start from scratch.

After taking backup of your website, first thing you have to do is navigate to your .htaccess files. We will going to edit these files. For this you need to go to the root directory using FTP client your host has given.

You will find the .htaccess files right beside the wp-content and wp-admin files. After getting to the files, download them into your system. With text editor open these files. Then add this code-

Php_value max_execution_time 300

This will increase the run time of your php scripts on screen. Now again with the help of FTP client, upload the edited .htaccess file into the root directory. Now reload your website and see if the error is gone. If it is, you won!


Now you have already sorted out the error if you have done the above step with care. But if it gets stuck at the very first step of logging into the FTP client your host has provided; then you have another option. That option is cPanel!

To proceed with the solution, you will need to log into the cPanel and be able to receive notifications. After logging into your cPanel account look for option named ‘go to PHP version’. There click on ‘switch to PHP options’. This will redirect you to the menu where you will be able to increase the execution time for PHP scripts.

After this you need to change the default time from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Then click on ‘Apply’ and save the changes you just made. After all this reload your website and see if the error is gone.

This will solve the fatal error of maximum execution time exceeded. After this you will be free to update your website without any obstacle. For this you don’t have to touch any codes or anything. You can sort it out that easily.  


The above steps will definitely sort the error out. You won’t be dissatisfied with the results. But there’s another way of resolving the fatal error of maximum execution time exceeded. This way goes through the Plugins! Yes, there’s literally nothing that plugins can’t solve.

But you need to do it properly to avoid another error. Make sure you take full backup of your website before proceeding with this step.

You will find several plugins to solve this error. You just need to go to the admin dashboard. There navigate to the Plugin option. Click on it and from the drop-down menu click on Add new. This will show you list of plugins you might need.

Go to the search bar and type ‘WP maximum time exceeded’ plugin. The plugin will appear on screen, click on download. After downloading install and activate it. After merely activating the plugin, it will exceed the maximum execution time for your website.

With this plugin your PHP files won’t have any issue with running. Just by sorting the fatal error of maximum execution time exceeded, the plugin will make it smooth for you to update your website. But if you want to set the execution time to default, then you will just have to deactivate the plugin. That’s it!

Deactivate Plugin:-

If a plugin can solve all your problems then it can also cause you some serious ones. Yes! The plugin can be the reason behind what’s causing you this fatal error of maximum execution time exceeded. You just need to find out which plugin is behind this.

Sounds easy right? But it’s a bit complex than that. Don’t worry, we got you covered. You just have to follow the steps we mention below and it will be done in few minutes.

The steps mentioned above are nothing but some temporary solutions. But if you find out which plugin is behind this, you can sort the issue once and for all. You need to make sure that your core files are safe and not affected by any of this.

Some of the plugins you use can take too much execution time than expected. To sort the error we need to disable this plugin. But first we need to identify it. Here’s how!

Go to the FTP client your host has provided and access the root directory of your website. There under wp-content folder you will find the folder for Plugins. Right click on it and rename the folder. This will deactivate all the plugins that you have.

Then rename each plugin one by one and reload the website to see which plugin caused the issue. After identifying the plugin, deactivate and remove it from your website.

This will sort the fatal error of maximum execution time exceeded permanently.

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