Domains And WordPress – Friendly Enemy - Should Be Kept Separate

Domains And WordPress – Friendly Enemy - Should Be Kept Separate

The Domain name enrolment and hosting for the Website are two essential parts of web hosting. Any website in the Internet World requires both a domain and a web hosting at the same time. It is actually so convenient to keep domain and WordPress together and this is the reason users don’t keep it separate. This convenience has been provided by many popular providers offering domains and hosting for WordPress. These providers offer obsolete UI to manage the domains WordPress together. Sometimes they also provide free WordPress domain name after purchasing hosting to attract the users. But is it good to keep them together? The answer is no. There will be many issues like reliability will be less, lack of stability and also some security risks will be associated with it. So, let’s have a deep look at the reasons why the domains WordPress kept separate.

1. Easy to switch the Web Hosting

With the fact of domains WordPress kept separate, it will have less service commitments and with this it will be so easier to replace the current web hosting provider. There will be a time when you will get downtimes from the current web host provider. It may also happen that you might get disappointed with the lack of support. You might be unhappy by paying lots of penny for renewal. In such situation, if your WordPress domain name and host are different then you’ll find it easier to change hosts without impacting your domain. The only thing you will have to do is to move the files across to the new host and redirect the settings of DNS.

2. Security

When you keep the domains WordPress together then you will face issue of security. When you will purchase domains WordPress together from an organization your documents with your personal information. It means that they will have control over everything. Let’s take a case if your web host got hacked by someone. And if your WordPress domain name is registered with it, hackers can exchange the domain name so far from your record. But if your web hosting and WordPress domain name are kept separate, then you will be saved from hacking your domain name and host both at the same time. This will add an additional layer of security to your webpage. It will also protect you from losing your WordPress domain name.

3. Support Of Several Domains

If you have multiple domains which are hosted on different service, then it will be tougher for you to manage it if you have domain and host kept together. So, domains WordPress kept separate will make it much easier for you to handle your multiple domains all under the room of four walls with a single account managing your multiple domains.

4. Stability

There will be the time when your site or the host may get an interruption of service. And If your domain is enrolled separately, you will get an option to temporarily deflect your domain to a maintenance mode page or the backup site that are hosted somewhere else to minimize the downtime of your visitor’s experience. This will not the case with the domain and host kept together. So, Domains WordPress kept separate is always good.

5. Better Management

One by one we are discussing about the advantage of domains WordPress kept separate. So, looking towards another reason to buy WordPress domain name separately is that you can manage multiple domains on a similar server giving you the better management of the domains.

6. Authentic Support

You should know this fact that domains are regulated and controlled by an organization called ICANN whereas hosting isn’t having such supervision. When something goes wrong with your site and also you purchased your WordPress domain name from the same organisation, then you will have only one place to turn i.e. your host. So, to change your service provider of host, it will be difficult. On the other hand, if you got your domains from registrar accredited by ICANN and keep your hosting separate, then you will have an option of ICANN to back you up and you will be saved from losing your domains during a dispute of hosting.

7. Expenses

The next and final reason why the domains WordPress kept separate is the expenses that you have to invest on the WordPress domain name and hosting if you bought them together. Sometimes exciting offers by providers can unusually be converted to be a source of heavy costs in the future’s plan. Even if are provided with one-year free plan, you will be heavily charged for the coming year’s plan. And there is very less chance of getting your money refunded if you didn’t use the entire plan of hosting or changes the host in between.

Conclusion: -

Now you know that you have to be aware about having your WordPress domain name and web host separate from each other. Yes, at first It may appear to be so complicated, but it is a way smarter to expand your risks to assure the security and safety of your website. Your domain name should always be kept separate from your web host to avoid the hazards, such as the loss of domain name.

When you decide to move to another web host by keeping your domain name enrolled somewhere else so that it will ensure your name will not get locked with the current web hosting service provider. However, when the domains WordPress kept separate, you can easily avoid the hazards of using a single provider to host your web content and maintain the WordPress domain name. So, if you possess your host and domain under the same roof, then it’s the right time to make the necessary changes.

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