Content Marketing Tips And Plugins To Make An Impact

Content marketing is nothing but a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant, valuable, useful, and consistent content in order to attract and acquire an audience-and ultimately drive profitable customer action. Content marketing is a long term strategy focusing on establishing a strong relationship with the target audience by delivering high-quality and informative content that is relevant to them on a consistent and continuous basis. In this blog, you will see how content marketing and WordPress tips plugins make an impact.

Understand Why Content Marketing Works Over Interrupt Marketing?

Interrupt marketing means to intrude on your client while he/she is reading something. Your message is flashed on your client’s face while they are reading the content only hoping that they will not hate you for intruding.

Let us consider an example of YouTube. While viewing a video on YouTube, many ads appear in between. These ads that come in between tend to break the continuity and concentration as well as ruin the experience of viewing or reading the content you are interested in.

As a result, most of the content makers and users go for content marketing instead of interrupt marketing.

Content Marketing Works In A Better Way Because:

  • your users are not getting disturbed as you are not taking their content of interest away from them.
  • content marketing makes your users love the content that you have created.
  • through content marketing, you are providing the users with some quality information from which they will get something to know about your business.

Now you might search for a platform that works well for all your content marketing requirements. You don’t need to go on a hunt for that as you already have WordPress. WordPress is mainly designed for satisfying all your needs related to content marketing. It has a good eco-system that supports marketing your content as well as SEO. You can say that WordPress and content marketing are made to work hand in hand.

In its initial days, WordPress was used only for blogging. Over time, it evolved as a top choice of millions of developers for making websites. It is also a go-to choice for marketing experts and SEO personnel who wish to use their content for marketing and making the most out of it.

Here is a list of some of the most useful content marketing and WordPress tips plugins that will help you to market your content.

1. Yoast: Yoast plugin is used for your website's SEO.

2. Google Analytics: with Google Analytics, you can know what content will work the best for you.

3. Gravity Forums: it will help you in lead capture. 

4. Disqus: It is included for getting more number of active commenters.

5. Beaver Builder: for download pages and landing pages

6. AddToAny share button: this is used for those readers who do not like the copy-paste function much.

7. Perfect Pullquotes: for adding individual interest to all your blog posts.

8. Max buttons: through this, you can add Call-To-Action to your content even if you don't have any buttons for the same in your WP theme.

This list contains the name of some of the plugins and this list can be different for different people according to their choices and the WP theme they are using.

Even after you form valuable content for content marketing, the question lies how are you going to bring that content in front of your website’s visitors? You can do this in a number of ways.

A good way to distribute your content on social media is through Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. Email marketing is also a reliable way. If you are looking for a cost-effective way, you have the option of organic research. To make your content feature in the top search engine results page, you will need to include a carefully chosen keyword in the content you want to publish.

Most People Use Yoast In The Following Way:

They install Yoast and write the post. Then they bring in the relevant short keyword and plug it into Yoast and later use that keyword into your post on several places that are suggested by Yoast until Yoast approves them and then publishes the post. Still, they wonder why traffic is not coming to their post. And it keeps getting worse for further posts as well because they are not creating backlinks or not even distributing.

Instead, What They Should Do With Yoast Is:

After installing SEO, make use of any good SEO tool for Keyword research and make use of that keyword in your post. Publish it with necessary Call-To-Action buttons that will help you to convert traffic to leads. Create backlinks for your content, create new content and link it with the previous and different pages of your content.

If you promptly follow all the above steps, you will definitely have a higher chance to make your content feature in the top search engine ranks. This improves the chances of getting more traffic to your site which will eventually result in increased leads. The authority of your content will also increase and that will make it even more worthwhile. You will be able to introduce your brand to your audience in a much convincing way as they will look upon your brand as something they can trust.

Content Marketing And WordPress:

As discussed, content marketing and WordPress work great together for your business. With WordPress, you can easily create different custom post types for creating varying content. You can make sure that the unique content types you create are well structured in a way that you have specified. You can give extra emphasis on the pieces of your content and you can also sort them and display them separately from other content of y9our site. Here also, the plugins you use will come in handy.

Hope these content marketing and WordPress tips plugins listed will prove helpful to you in creating your content and marketing it effectively.

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