Commercial WordPress Theme - Its Significance and Relevance


If you are searching for a premium WordPress theme for website or blog, you need to primarily have an idea about your search. If you are looking for a commercial WordPress theme, your first step is to focus on feature and design. Important thing to know is that, in general, such a theme is made by the coding professional. He exactly knows the operation of WordPress platform. Operation mode of commercial theme will hamper the breakage of blog or website though such problem happens with the free version. The reason is that with free version, you do not have updates always when it comes to the current version of WordPress.

Feature Richness of Commercial WordPress Theme


No doubt, the special thing with the commercial WordPress theme is its feature richness and the features may vary. It depends on developer. Some of the essential features in line are SEO friendly, responsiveness, integration with font awesome and much more. Majority of such premium themes have the customizable homepage as well as testimonial section. The design aspect is very important and you get most of the designs at affordable rates.

Commercial WordPress Theme - A Preference For Developers

Commercial WordPress theme is a theme that has focus on business and under this theme, there can be sub-categories like commercial landing page theme, consulting WordPress theme, one page WordPress theme, start- up WordPress theme, corporate WordPress theme and much more. Such a theme, in general, has our team section, brand section, product section and testimonial section.  When you buy commercial WP theme, you automatically get the benefit of free support for minimum one year at least.  Secondly such a WP theme is accompanied with the upgrades for a minimum period of at least one year and could be extended later depending on company of purchase. Above all, the WP themes falling in the commercial category are, in fact, highly professional themes.


Preference Of Premium Over Free Version By Developers

When we talk about the premium commercial WordPress theme, it is something that comes with price. But in certain cases, such concept can be wrong. In fact, when we talk of premium, we can also refer to the free and paid version. Since premium ones generally come under the category of commercial theme, it is assumed that such themes are definitely for sale. Most of the time they are and this is a fact.

Some General Features Of Commercial WordPress Theme

Commercial theme has a page template and it is WooCommerce compatible.  It has newsletter section, Instagram feed, section rendering and the social media feature makes it increasingly strong when it comes to popularity. It also has the slider feature, responsive layout, multiple font family options and single click demo importer. Commercial WordPress theme permits you set the site title, logo and tagline. It has pagination option and compatibility with various plugins of WordPress like contact form 7.

Superiority Level Of Commercial WordPress Theme

  • Unlike the free version, the commercial WP theme has the required plugins and widgets. These are installed in the form of social media plugins.
  • For the optimization, there is RSS feed and apart from that, such a theme has multimedia functionality, sticky post and comment threads.
  • The multimedia functionality permits to embed video and audio thus saving the resources to make from scratch. Such a theme is coded with superiority when it comes to the back end functionality as well as aesthetic features.
  • Another beautiful thing about the commercial WordPress theme is the 24 hour response support system in the form of call or email. Free version will probably not have such a facility.
  • The commercial theme has the shortcodes for the custom post types and also possesses enable-disable options. It adopts extensive customization which generally takes lot of time. Mark you; such a feature may not be available with many clients.
  • When it comes to the commercial WP theme over the free one, the buyer has the selection option as per the specific requirement for any commercial industry. Unlike this, the free version of one page WordPress theme or a corporate WordPress theme has a generalised approach as far as the design work is concerned.

Customised Website - Everyone Wants It

When you talk about the commercial website with the special features, you may think of a web developer who matches the expectation of the client. In such a situation, you may need extra budget to fund the process. Generally, the clients or business owners do not want more budget. In such a situation, commercial WordPress theme is a plausible solution for excelling in business. The point of happiness is that you have the guaranteed product. Secondly, investing in such a theme is time saving when it comes to website design.  

Page Layout Option In Commercial WordPress Theme

In general, if you go for the default layout setting, it can be a 300 pixel wide right sidebar. This is, in general, common layout for the static websites as well as blog pages. When you use layout with the help of commercial WordPress theme, it can reduce sidebar width to 150 widgets which is a perfect option for smaller widgets or ads. Apart from that, it provides extra width for the content area. Apart from that, you have the selection option to place the narrow sidebar on the left or right. Commercial WordPress theme is in good demand for business websites.



In conclusion, a commercial WordPress theme holds immense significance and relevance in today's digital landscape. It serves as the foundation for a professional, visually appealing, and feature-rich website, essential for businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

With the WP Theme Bundle, you gain access to a versatile collection of premium themes that cater to various niches and industries. This bundle not only saves you time and effort in selecting the right theme but also offers cost-effective solutions for creating a compelling online presence. Whether you're in e-commerce, blogging, or showcasing your portfolio, a commercial WordPress theme from the bundle can streamline your website development process.

Investing in a commercial WordPress theme is not just about aesthetics; it's about functionality, security, and a seamless user experience. These themes are often well-supported, updated, and offer compatibility with essential plugins, making them a valuable asset for any website. So, when it comes to building a robust online presence, consider the significance and relevance of a commercial WordPress theme, and explore the WP Theme Bundle for a diverse range of options to suit your needs. Your website's success story begins with the right theme!

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