Child Themes For WordPress Websites And How To Create One

WordPress is an ocean full of surprises and danger too. It’s a danger for those who don’t have much experience about sailing. In simple words, those who are not familiar with coding and programming, WordPress makes them go crazy. You have to know about coding and programming for operating a website on WordPress. Otherwise, it would be a hell of a sailing where you might get lost. In this blog we will see child themes for WordPress websites.

WP gives you completely customizable website design, features and functions. It gives you complete access to codes that enables you to make changes into layout and other functions. It has numerous default pre-made themes and plugins that you have to just choose right.

But for all of this, as I said earlier you need to know about coding and programming. Establishing a website through WP means establishing your own ‘hosting’. Creating and managing your own hosting is a very complex job, not just for a newbie but for a professional coder too. Still people trust WP when it comes to creating a hosting.

You can add third party tools in your website to make it more efficient. WP is compatible with the third party add ones and function well with it. By using the plugin and code snippets, you can add them easily. But again, you need to have coding knowledge to make changes in it.

WP doesn’t come with customer support. So if you need help with something, you are gonna have to figure it out on your own or hire a coder to do so. Now that’s tricky!

In spite of being so complicated, about 80 million customers have used and trusted WP with establishing their hosting. WordPress is a complex yet trust worthy website builder site on which hundreds of theme making companies make their living.

There are several companies in the world to help you establish a successfully running website without knowing about coding. Yes! There are companies to help you with it. You can find information about them on the internet pretty easily.

This is the integral part in getting to know WordPress. and are the two versions of WP for you to use. is a fully hosted version where you can manage your hosting. It creates a hosting space for you on the World Wide Web with a monthly fee. You don’t need to find a separate hosting platform for your website. But there’s a restriction for adding third party plugins into this form of website.

Adding plugins means adding more functions to your website. It makes website more user friendly. In, there’s a restriction in adding plugins. Also you won’t be having any control over the hosting specification. Which means you can’t control the loading speed or security of your website in this version.

On the other hand, is self-hosted version of WordPress. Which means it gives you ultimate control over your website and is flexible with changes. Here you will be boss of your website’s functioning, its appearance and the maintenance stuff. It also flexible enough to add more third party plugins and other functions in your website. That’s why most of the users prefer over

There are themes for and to help you establish your website. Child themes for WordPress websites are more efficient to use!    

Child Themes for WordPress websites are ready made set up for your. They come with different style, colors, fonts, flexibility and functions. There are numerous companies out there who create these themes for you.

The most important point about the themes is: you don’t need to know about coding or programming to install or run a website through themes. They come with strong coding which run your website smoothly with increasing your rank on search engine.

Companies like Divi, Zelle pro, Avada, VWThemes provide you the best versions of free and premium WordPress themes for your website. These companies mostly focus on fixing every issue related to establishing website with customer support for over a year. By installing or buying child themes, you open the door for help. You can access the customer service anytime you want and clear all the doubts you have.

This can make your website break any time. Your website will not be automatically updated according to latest WP versions. Many companies provide free WP themes to promote the premium ones. Some of them don’t provide the option for customer service. Which means if you face any trouble with the website, you have to deal with it on your own.

How To Create Child Theme For WordPress Website!

VWThemes have most used child themes for WordPress website. But you can create your own child theme with some easy steps.

Step 1- To create a child theme you first need to create a directory of this child theme for WordPress website. For this, go to your WordPress site’s directory. End your child theme’s name with ‘–child’. Add all the child theme’s documents in that folder. The files work properly if they are written as style.css files.

Step 2- Now you need to create a stylesheet that is style.css file for your child theme for WordPress website. Create the theme lines carefully. In this stylesheet you need to fill in the theme name. Then you need to set the theme URL. Add description, author name, add templates, state the version of the child theme, mention the license URL, add tags in it and add text domain. You have to do all of these carefully.

Step 3- Now you have to create a child theme function in .php file. It will reload the content after activation. But it won’t be showing the styling information. For this you need to en-queue parent theme as well.

Step 4- The last step is to activate the child theme. For this go to the WP admin panel into Appearance and in Themes. Install the zip file of child theme and activate it.    

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