Build Quality Links For WordPress Blogs With These Easy Steps!

To build quality links for WordPress blogs was pretty easy back then. You could easily use the automated tools for backlinks. But when Google launched its Penguin algorithm, the bar was set higher for quality links. The philosophy behind it also radically changed.

Now days building quality links for WordPress blogs is considered as a skill to master. Before we go into learning this skill, let’s know more about it.

Building quality links is a process of accumulation of external links to promote web resource. This link building process isn’t a mass building. The transaction of external links is also not link building. If look cautiously link building has deeper meaning.

Building links is a complete strategy for gaining backlinks from quality resources. This will help you with the search engine ranks and attracting more traffic. You have to be consistent with it.

The webmaster plays an important role here. If it increases the reference mass by buying links on exchange, then it can detect some lack of compatibility between links and the domain which they link to. The search engine also has an ability to get hint of this and not rank your website.

Apart from providing good content and having SEO, building links for WordPress blogs is necessary. It’s another and quality way of getting more attention. Yes, it is a time consuming process. But it is totally worth.

Creating quality links is a long and hard process to go through. It can make you contemplate your life decisions. But with proper steps you will be able to do it right without losing hope.

So here a link from popular website will have more impact on your website than a non-popular one. But to make your WordPress website a popular one, you need to build quality links.

Step 1-

The first thing you will have to do is write some interesting content. The links will help you promote this content on large scale. But first you need to create such quality content for your website. With such content it would be easy to find relevant content for external links.

This content on your website is very important in building links with high quality and trusted resources. With this you would have understood that writing content and building links are interrelated. Through this you can bring your business closer to your customers.

Step 2-

You can use broken link strategy to build a new and quality link. If you are thinking of using ‘Private Block Network’ sites for this, then you should know that Google does not treat them good. It can push your site on the back of the ranking list. That’s why using broken links is good.

You just need to search for broken links online. Then contact their web master or owner and ask permission to replace those broken links with your content. It will benefit both of you.

Step 3-

You can use educational websites to promote your content. It is said that the educational websites ending with .edu are the most dependable sources for building quality links.

Step 4-

You can use government websites to build quality links for WordPress blogs. These websites are trusted by Google and SEO world as well. You can get backlinks from here create new links to your WordPress website.

Step 5-

After this, use blog directories to submit your blogs. You can get your blogs the right attention it deserves by using blog directories and communities. This will give you maximum distribution of your blogs throughout the online domain and create a lot of new opportunities.

We have some suggestions for you. The EatonWeb blog directory,,, Blog search engine, Blog engage are some popular directories that you can use.

Step 6-

You can use info-graphics to deliver quality content for quality links. This will help you with building quality links for WordPress blogs.

Step 7-

You can even use interlinks and offer your users with new articles and posts. Use the links in relevant blogs. This will create traffic to both your WordPress blogs.

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