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Blue color envelopes us and gives us the feeling of calmness. There is no wonder why it is liked by most people. That is why website designers are frequently using it in the Premium WordPress Themes they design. Using the shades of blue color, your website is going to attract the visitor’s attention and consequently, its popularity will increase. Blue is extremely evocative and can be used for diverse businesses reflecting their ideas and attitudes. It helps you evoke the idea of solid reality, trustworthiness, as well as reliability. That is the reason why medical practitioners, doctors, pharmaceutical institutions, lawyers, and financial groups go for such color. Having said that, Blue Chic WordPress Themes help you establish professional websites for such professions and businesses.

Establish Professional & Trustworthy Websites With Blue Chic WordPress Themes

In this collection, you will find incredible Blue Chic WordPress Themes by VWThemes. All these themes show blue color to some extent and you will see that they will appeal to the senses of the audience and attract the visitors.

Hospital WordPress Theme

Hospital WordPress Theme with its wonderful and unique design having blue as its primary color, it represents your hospital as well as medical facility center in a much more professional way. The clean and compact look is its USP and its fully customizable design makes it flexible. It is one of the best Blue Chic WordPress Themes that are not only visually appealing but are professional as well as rich in features. You can include the contact form for providing the online consultation to your patients as well as potential clients and for that, you can make use of the shortcodes available with this premium theme.

WordPress Portfolio Theme

When it comes to creating portfolios, nothing can beat this portfolio theme. This theme is attractive, modern ad stylish and comes with a wonderful blue color scheme making it suitable for media practitioners, doctors, pharmacists, photographers, designers, etc. to present a professional portfolio. Considering the blue color is used as a base, you will often find it among the top Blue Chic WordPress Themes available in the market. There are many social media icons present with the theme along with many easy customization options. It offers you shortcodes, and custom widgets and shows plugin compatibility so that you can add any feature to your website.

Security Guard WordPress Theme

This is a theme that is robust and smartly designed to represent security and surveillance companies as well as those offering security guard services. Those who have zero coding knowledge can also use its layout to perfection as it doesn’t want you to know to code for creating a wonderful website. Even if you run out of ideas, there is a well-designed demo that will work for you as it brings a wonderful website ready in minutes. If you love tweaking, there are endless possibilities for you given by the theme customizer.

Medical WordPress Theme

This is yet another name on the list of popular Blue Chic WordPress Themes. Its blue base is not only suited for the media and health sector but also gives a much more sophisticated and professional appearance to those related to pharma companies, drug stores, consultants, and many other professions. It has a super impressive slider along with many Call to Action buttons (CTAs) placed for conversions. Its versatile nature is due to endless customization possibilities brought to you by the live theme customizer. You will find many social media icons taking care of the promotion part. It is for these reasons that this theme ranks no.1 in the Color WordPress Themes category.


Blue is the most serene and calm color. Along with professionals belonging to the medical industry, businesses, or professions that are involved in working with the oceans, photography, or creating videos associated with the sea, sky or the earth would naturally go for such themes as their focus color. Blue Chic WordPress Themes from VWThemes have been curated with utmost attention towards the overall look and attractive design that can catch the attention of the target audience. As many businesses opt for blue as their focus color, these themes are going to impress everyone with their color and functionality. They are easily customizable, creative, responsive, and well-organized for an excellent website.

WordPress Theme Bundle

Would you like the thought of getting a complete collection of diverse WordPress Themes under a single package? I am sure you will. Well, this is possible if you go for a WordPress Theme Bundle. A theme bundle offers you an amazing collection of top-notch themes that cover a wide range of professions and businesses. It only needs you to make a one-time investment in a bundle so that you can keep on enjoying using these themes for years. VWThemes brings you one such theme bundle that has more than 100 outstanding themes and it is available at a very discounted price also.

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