7 Best Website Builders for Online Stores for E-Commerce Sites in 2024



An e-commerce website can set bigger and better heights for your business. It is necessary to get your business into the digital space to make up for this hi-tech world. Again, the same question arises: how do you choose the right assets for your online store? When it comes to website building, you can’t fail to have a website builder. Not every online store owner is a developer or website designer. A beginner can even dream of having their online store on the web. A website builder is the most powerful and right-hand man for your online store. So, here we are with the 7 best website builders for online stores in this blog. Explore all of them to know which suits your needs and budget. Also, we are putting a spotlight on the Ibtana website builder plugin and some themes to opt into. 

Listing Some of the Best Website Builders for Online Stores 

1. Woocommerce 


One of the most admired website builders known for its widespread use for online stores is Woocommerce. And let me tell you that Woocommerce is a plugin too that transforms your normal website into a functional online store. This is an open-source tool that sets higher standards just to deliver the best online purchasing experience. The website builder is not just a website builder but a complete right hand to create an online store. 

Woocommerce seamlessly integrates with WordPress with a sleek range of free as well as premium WordPress themes. You can easily find woo-commerce-oriented themes to kick-start your online store. Apart from this, it is completely user-friendly and prioritizes the user experience as its first duty. It even comes with various advanced functionalities for online stores. Then there comes the extended plugins section, through which you don't need any extra plugins for your online store. The accessibility is direct from the dashboard, so you don’t need to manage different interfaces. Woocommerce is free, but its additional costs are affordable too. 

Key features 

  • Woocommerce supports up to 20 languages. 
  • There are various payment integrations for safer online payments. 
  • It is the most user-friendly website builder. 


  • Woocommerce is a free platform for web design, but the other web design assets are charged according to their plans. 

2. BigCommerce 

BigCommerce is another of the most dignified website builders in the world of e-commerce websites. This certified website builder comes with in-built online store properties. It is a complete solution, not just for a single store but for marketplaces too. This is the biggest advantage of e-commerce: you sell on various marketplaces. Also, this website builder comes in app form, along with various currency and payment support. It is one of the best website builders for online stores.

Like Woocommerce, BigCommerce is also user-friendly, thanks to the drag-and-drop facility. Its unique interface gets along with various WordPress themes for fashion and other online stores. Then there are the ready-made templates that perfectly blend with your online store. As said, this store builder is fully customizable and tailored, with customizing elements to add. It further allows full access to your online store right from the dashboard. You don’t need to manage another dashboard for BigCommerce. Apart from this, it seamlessly integrates with SEO-optimized tools and analytics tools to boost your site’s performance. Also, the user gets 24/7 customer support in case of any issue. 

Key features 

  • BigCommerce provides a complete space to have single and multiple online stores. 
  • It runs on the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality that makes customization easier. 
  • It is tailored to the numerous payment options, currencies, and third-party extensions. 


  • BigCommerce is a paid website builder, offering its plans as standard, plus, and pro. The plans range from $29/month to $299/month, respectively. 

3. Shopify 


Trust me, this Shopify website-building solution is worth getting for any of your online store websites. This is one of the most popular and certified website-building tools you could ever find on the web. Unlike Woocommerce and BigCommerce, Shopify comes with free and paid e-commerce website templates. You can choose from over 70 free templates and later on the paid versions. After that, the credit lies in using the drag-and-drop facility that gets the website designed easily for you. Also, it allows you to manage the entire functionality right from your website dashboard without any hassle. 

One of the main reasons that makes it unique is its abandoned shopping cart functionality. This encourages users to complete the cart purchase and boost sales. Also, Shopify takes care of search engines by allotting optimized alt text, metadata, and URLs. It even adds canonical tags, site maps, and robot.txt files to boost SEO. Apart from this, there is multilingual support for five global languages and 20 languages for enterprise merchants. Its 24/7 customer support contributes to over two million active users. 

Key features 

  • There are 70+ free and paid e-commerce templates associated with it. 
  • It uses a drag-and-drop facility to let you customize the website interface. 
  • Every feature of the store can be managed on a single dashboard, along with abandoned cart options. 


  • Shopify is a premium-level website builder offering plans such as Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced. And the plans range from $29 to $299 per month. 

4. Wix 

Here’s another one-in-a-million website builder, Wix, known for its speciality in building online stores. This drag-and-drop website builder is currently serving over 200 million users for online stores. And thus, it ranks among the top e-commerce website builders on the web. 

Wix is meant for larger stores and is ready to handle complex inventory with professional features. It cannot be an ideal choice for beginners, but it is ready to serve developers. Its ease of use and advanced features make it easier for tech-savvy shoppers to build huge online stores. Also, Wix takes care of your site’s SEO properties, keeping all the SEO factors on point. Wix even supports automated emails and abandoned cart options, boosting revenue on your site. Further, there is the social media integration that lets your site connect perfectly on social platforms. 

Key features 

  • It works on the drag-and-drop facility, making customization easier. 
  • The Wix interface is completely responsive. 
  • Wix has 24/7 customer support, so users can easily get their queries resolved. 


  • Wix’s business plans range from INR 225/month to INR 500/month and all the plans are billed annually. 

5. Squarespace 

I am presenting on another quality-based website builder known for its appealing website designs. This is the Squarespace website builder that keeps up with the aesthetic game on modern niche websites. Its unique and captivating interface uses the drag-and-drop facility for building innovative websites. Here, you can explore various sections to add to your online store. One of the best website builders for online stores.

With Squarespace, you can customize your online store’s logo without heading towards the developer. Also, there is SEO integration, which gives you the perfect factors that help your website rank well on the search engines. Squarespace supports six different languages that connect global customers to your online store. Plus, it makes a huge contribution when it comes to analytics. Further, Squarespace expands its functionality, giving you 20 useful extensions for your online store. The support team catches you through emails, live chat, and user forums. 

Key features 

  • It is meant for its endless customization options.
  • There are six different languages integrated with Squarespace. 
  • It considers the best analytics for your online store, resulting in boosted revenue and sales. 


  • Squarespace comes with a 14-day free trial plan. And then there comes the business plan, basic and advanced plan. It starts from $18/month to $40/month. 

6. Volusion 

Bringing on another most qualified online store builder, Volusion, your way. Since 1999, Volusion has been a great wall to set up your online stores on the web. The design is simple and basic and can be easily customized using drag and drop. But sometimes it can be a bit challenging. One drawback is that Volusion supports only physical product sales in its configuration. 

Product management is done professionally with features like adding, deleting, or editing. You can even add custom pages just to build up an innovative store. There are more than 30 payment options with no language barrier. It connects various marketing and analytics tools that further bring out the best in your online store. It even takes care of SEO optimization with optimized tools to enhance your site’s ranks. Additionally, it offers a recommended items section to boost productivity on your site. 

Key Features 

  • Volusion comes with a customizable and simple interface for online stores. 
  • More than 30  payment options are integrated to boost sales. 
  • Also, it connects with e-commerce analytics and marketing tools. 


  • Volusion is again a premium website builder, and its plan ranges from $35 per month to $299 per month. 

7. Zyro 

There comes the newly designed website builder, bringing out the best of your online store. The entire interface comes with a compelling and spacious design that covers large online stores. The layouts and features are completely customizable and can be given a unique touch without any codes being required. 

Since it's a newly designed website builder, it allows up to 100 products to be sold on your site. Additionally, it allows the sale of every type of product on your site. One unique feature that keeps Zyro in top consideration is the POS system connection. This feature lets owners sell their goods offline. The templates and features are AI-driven, so you can add what you need to your site. Then there are SEO tools that let your website rank well on search engines. With Zyro, your website pages load faster than you think. It also has a custom logo maker, a drop-down facility, and 29 online store themes. 

Key Features 

  • Zyro comes with AI-driven web design features that portray what you need on your site. 
  • There are SEO tools that contribute well in terms of getting higher SERP ranks. 
  • A custom logo and title maker are there to let your site appear well. 


  • Zyro’s monthly plans start at $3.39 which is extendable up to $14.99 monthly. 

How do VW Themes Contribute when it Comes to Website Building? 

VW Themes stands out as a top-notch platform for launching business or blog websites, offering an extensive collection of self-designed themes and plugins. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, VW Themes ensures a dignified range of WordPress themes and plugins, aiming to attract and retain users effectively.

One of their standout offerings is the Ibtana website builder, a powerful tool designed to simplify website creation, especially for non-coders. With Ibtana, building a website becomes effortless and efficient, even for beginners. The platform prioritizes customization, empowering users to craft unique and personalized websites tailored to their needs. Ibtana is the best website builders for online stores today!

This WordPress website builder boasts a user-friendly interface, making website design accessible to all. Its drag-and-drop functionality enables seamless customization, while its focus on SEO ensures optimal visibility on search engines. The integration of block features and template designs results in polished and professional-looking websites without the need for complex coding.

Moreover, Ibtana ensures responsiveness across various devices, allowing users to create websites that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes. With its versatility and ease of use, users can swiftly develop niche websites that cater to specific interests or industries, realizing their dream website in no time.

In essence, VW Themes and the Ibtana website builder provide a comprehensive solution for website creation, combining flexibility, functionality, and aesthetics to empower users to bring their online visions to life effortlessly.

Key features 

  • Ibtana has a wider range of features, and customization is the biggest one. 
  • Social media support makes it a modern tool as it can help in proper marketing. 
  • Then there are smooth sliders and multiple widgets, making navigation smoother. 
  • SEO optimization further helps in boosting search engine ranks and performance. 
  • Advanced styling options are attached to templates to help you innovate your website. 

Top WordPress Themes to Consider When Building an Online Store 

It's not every time the website builder helps build a better website. The right theme selection also matters the most when you care about appearance. So, here are some of the best considerations you must have for online stores: 

1. Bakery WordPress Theme 

The bakery WordPress theme is one of the top-selling bars when talking about online bakery businesses. Bakery owners, cake shops, and dessert shops must approach this high-profile theme to make their businesses shine. The bright and shiny interface itself grabs most of the client's attention. The design is super flexible and carries every section in a lightweight form. You can easily explore its wide range of features with a single click. Also, there are so many built-in features that can be easily customized to your requirements. The theme comes with Woocommerce integration to build up an online bakery store. With this, there are more plugins integrated that make up a complete online store website. The theme is set with responsive design in mind to create a fully mobile-responsive website. Then there are custom styling elements and templates to innovate your bakery store. 

2. Car Dealership WordPress Theme


Gear up your car sales and dealing business professionally using this car dealership WordPress theme. This theme is a banger when you urge to have your business space on the web. Trust me, the theme is worth considering for any of your automotive and car-selling businesses. Its robust and powerful theme design makes it one to stop and stare at. Car lovers will be awestruck by its homepage designs and retina-ready images. The theme fills out every space that keeps you away from launching your own car-dealing business. Its unique slider and sidebar features are the cherry on top of your venture. And there is no need to have strong codes or spend on hiring a developer with this theme. It is fully customizable, user-friendly, and designed for beginners too. It further counts the best templates coming with pre-built inner pages like shop, checkout, and more. You can customize it and make it yours using the drag-and-drop feature. Further, it adds social media icons, Woocommerce, and custom widgets to its feature list. 


The above blog is a complete dedication to having the best online store website. Website building is not everyone’s cup of tea. You rely on website designers and try to know them about your requirements for the website. Sometimes, miscommunication can ruin things, and the result is that you don’t have the right website design. 

Well, it all can be sorted out when you opt for best website builders for online stores. Website builders are handy tools that make website design easier and faster. These don’t require any coding skills or spending on hiring a developer. These are the user-friendly tools that allow non-coders to design their dream websites on their own. You can be one of them when you have the above blog with you. Finding the right website builder is another crucial task to do. But we have made a complete list where you can choose the right website builder according to your budget. Also, there is a special plugin, Ibtana, by VW Themes that serves as the best website builder. Then we have mentioned some of the best-selling WordPress themes to help you build the best online store website. So, this blog is a complete solution to building an online store. 

However, if you're seeking versatility, user-friendliness, and a wide range of features tailored for e-commerce, the WP Theme Bundle stands out as a top choice. With its intuitive interface, robust e-commerce functionalities, and customizable options, it empowers businesses to create stunning and effective online stores effortlessly. Whether you're a small boutique or a large-scale enterprise, the WP Theme Bundle offers the tools and flexibility necessary to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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