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7 Best Real Estate Web Design Templates For Your Website



Real estate is a diverse industry that is gaining more momentum these days. People are more interested in investing in properties and houses than anything else.

Similarly, realtors and estate agencies tend to expand their businesses to a wider extent. There is no full stop to increasing competition as well. But the only way to give your business a unique identity is to get a website ready. A website can set greater mileage for your business in all parts of the world.

And let me announce that you will never find the best platform like WordPress for web design. So among thousands of the best and most qualified themes and templates, we bring you the finest ones. Here in this blog, we have collected the best themes with the best real estate web design templates to look at. Before that, let’s hear the reason to choose real estate WordPress themes.

Why choose a real estate web design template?

As said above, with the blooming craze of people investing in properties, estate agencies must have a website. And getting the right tool for web design is the most crucial but vital step to take. The right platform can take your website miles. The only motive for getting a website is to attract a good range of clients to your website. WordPress has the best position to have a website ready. And that too, with its ultimate collection of themes to choose from. The best-quality themes offer you the best features and design templates for web design. All you need to do is choose the right theme that fits your needs. Here are some of the features that you will find in the best real estate WordPress themes:

  1. Captivating gallery sliders helps in residing the best property images for your website.
  2. Smooth landing pages are the mark of a boosted user experience. This is often the last page where users complete their purchase.
  3. Responsive design is said to be the best feature to grab more traffic to the website.
  4. Contact forms are said to be a good way to get user details.
  5. SEO optimization is the greatest aspect of getting featured on top website ranks.
  6. Google Maps integration is also there to help you add the locations of your latest projects.

The most unique collection of real estate web design templates

1. Real Estate WordPress Theme


Real Estate WordPress theme is one of the most popular themes you can get for real estate websites. Taking your first step in real estate has become easier with this theme. It is a complete package for real estate firms, property dealers, and broker websites.

The theme highlights the best of your company’s services on the homepage. It comes with a complete toolset for designing a professional business website.

The theme comes with the best real estate web design templates that are easy to customize as well. The responsive design further contributes to boosting traffic on your website. The theme makes clients their top priority, making all their efforts lighter. That means users with zero coding skills can easily process their real estate websites.

Plus, there is plugin integration, getting all the great functionalities done with simple clicks. Its SEO-friendly interface makes a huge difference in boosting your ranks on search engines. Your real estate website just became so much easier to do with the WooCommerce integration. There is social media integration, so your business can easily flourish. You can even customize the whole design, giving it a personalized look on your website. There are gallery sliders that can be used to showcase the latest property projects with simple clicks.

For smooth navigation, it helps in chasing the best user experience by adding widgets and menus. It has smooth sliders that make navigation faster through the web pages. It has multimedia support, including retina-ready images, videos, and GIFs for an interactive look.

2. Premium Construction WordPress Theme


Your construction website is now possible using this fantastic construction WordPress theme. This most popular theme has the finest features and designs for a professional website in no time. The best part is that it is suitable for real estate, property dealers, and brokers as well.

It has a robust theme design that counts as the best user experience and boosts traffic. The homepage layout holds every feature in one place. Users can even give a customized look to the websites using the live theme customizer. 

Also, it supports the WordPress Gutenberg editor, which comes with a whole set of blocks to add. Here you can add blocks such as images, tables, widgets, and much more. Moreover, the quality design signifies the best real estate web design templates to add. 

If you are working for a real estate firm, then the customizable templates can change your work. It comes with easy-to-define designs and responsive layouts easily accessible on every screen. Also, you can choose from multiple layouts, such as portrait, full screen, and more. The display can be made more vibrant using color schemes and background designs. Fonts also play a vital role in getting users’ attention, so the theme follows unique fonts to display.

It runs on the Bootstrap framework, making your website run efficiently on every possible screen. Plus, there is integration with WooCommerce, making your business work easier. Its SEO-optimized properties let your website rank among the top websites on search engines. Additionally, you can have social media icons, translation features, and more to count.

3. Architecture WordPress Theme


Get your hands on this professional theme supporting architectures on board. It is a premium-architecture WordPress theme built with the finest features and designs. The theme has a premium collection, which a perfect business website must have. Its flexible design counts for real estate agencies, brokers, and property dealers too.

Any property-related business or agency website can be easily set up using this polished theme.

In regards to the theme design, we have selected unique pieces of design for the first impression. Architects would love to invest their businesses with us as we deal with quality aspects. Gathering all the professional features, we power up your businesses with less effort. It takes no time to get your website ready without any codes. Also, there is no need to hire developers to get your dream website ready. 

The theme is completely coded and updated with the latest WordPress versions, so you get all the unique features. Its custom features let you design unique websites using the Gutenberg editor. Also, there is a live theme customizer to make on-the-spot changes. 

New users can even visit the single-click demo importer to dig out more about web design. Also, it has a fully responsive design, letting your website run on every screen size.

The theme further catches the user’s attention with its smooth gallery sliders. Here, you can easily organize your website content using the drag-and-drop feature. The WooCommerce integration makes huge moves to flourish your business. And to promote it well, there are social media icons and buttons to add.

4. Interior Designer WordPress Theme


Interior design is another popular industry these days. People rely more on interior designers when getting their homes decorated.

And for interior designers to have a great online appearance, we have this Interior Designer WordPress Theme with us. The theme is a true resemblance of elegance and professionalism under a single roof. It comes with the most pleasing and cool colors to represent your niche. 

The designs are a true beauty that comes with so many options to choose from. Its flexible theme design also suits real estate and realtor websites. The remarkable theme design somehow makes all your work effortless and lighter. 

Plus, it is completely user-friendly, so beginners would love to use it.

The theme further captures the best possible features that are customizable too. It comes integrated with the Gutenberg editor, which lets you add any feature using blocks. The drag-and-drop functionality is used to add any block to the page or post. 

Further, it runs on the best Bootstrap Framework, which gives responsive websites the ability to catch more visitors. The theme is set for a complete business website using the Woocommerce integration. With this, you can get all your interior designs and your previous work safely under a single roof. There are gallery sliders that professionally save your work, along with smooth navigation. SEO optimization is a great way to establish good search engine rankings for your website. Additionally, you can promote your website on social media by adding icons and buttons.

6. Contractor WordPress Theme


Now presenting another best theme that truly resembles getting a niche under the best consideration. Contractors must use this theme to make their work lighter and more organized. This Contractor WordPress Theme comes with a complete pack to help you find better insights for your business. As a contractor, you must get a personalized website to manage everything under a single roof. It might be crucial to handle everything for your business to run. But now this theme has got your back with its dynamic features and designs.

Its flexible design not only supports contractors but also helps architects and real estate websites run. The colorful interface helps in getting more clients to your website. You can even customize the whole look in no time, and that too without any codes. The theme brings more traffic to your website with its responsive design. Also, there is cross-browser compatibility, which makes another huge contribution. Moreover, the theme is fully optimized for search engines to get good ranks on the podium.

It counts on the finest features to be added using the Gutenberg block editor. And that too without any codes so that beginners would find it easy to access. The theme also integrates with WooCommerce, getting all your business work done well. Accepting online contracting orders is now possible using plugins. Also, there is social media integration that gets promotions on peaks.

On the other hand, the theme is completely customizable to change the entire appearance. You can build a creative website by playing with colors, backgrounds, and fonts. Plus, there are smooth sliders that make your website navigate better.

7. Carpenter WordPress Theme


By taking good initiative for carpenters to take their services online, we have the finest theme on our list. It is the Carpenter WordPress theme that holds a clean and minimal design to showcase. Carpenters make a huge contribution to getting your home designed and styled. So, the theme also contributes to property and architecture websites. It has the cleanest and most subtle interface that looks professional and elegant too.

The theme has a perfect blend of good appearance and functionality too. It holds the user’s attention with its attractive homepage design that is easy to customize. It further captures the best features and templates, making all your work easier. There are real estate web design templates, architecture, and, of course, carpenter templates. The theme further gets it done well by customizing the entire appearance without any codes. Even beginners would find it easier to get their carpentry businesses secured under a single roof. It counts as the best Gutenberg editor, letting you add custom features using blocks. These are added using the drag-and-drop functionality. Also, carpenters can showcase their work using portfolio designs and gallery sliders. These make navigation easier and even better within web pages.

The fully optimized interface makes a huge difference in getting perfect speed and performance for your website. Users will find it efficient to book online services with the integration of appointment booking plugins. Also, there is Woocommerce support that gets your business insights done well.


It was all about getting the best real estate web design templates as hidden gems in real estate themes. Among the many options in the WordPress theme directory, you can easily rely on the best VW themes.

Our premium WordPress themes are equipped with the best features and design templates to look at. The themes are completely responsive and have fully customized features. You can find the best real estate website tools in a single theme. So start selecting the best theme that fits your needs.