A Fantastic Way to Work With Elementor in WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Editor

When we listen the word of Gutenberg, the classic WordPress users fill themselves with fear of doubt, confusion. Natural reaction when anything new occurs. Here we will also describe about elementor another new tool in its own way. Let’s go on this new journey of two editors in a simple and unique way. Though Gutenberg WordPress different with elementor Gutenberg Editor(wise) but the (Elementor here) question and concern are aroused naturally as told above. In this blog, we will see elementor work with WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor.

Meaning Of Gutenberg And Elementor

Classic Wyswyg( What You see is What you Get) editor is replaced by Gutenberg. As WordPress is a content management system, Gutenberg WordPress 5.0 provides additional and required features to Make WordPress easy meaning user-friendly. The Blocks, a major portion of Gutenberg makes it stand in its own position which is suitable for content being displayed in a way that makes it rich. Everything here all types of components of a page is in the form of blocks. All in one Block menu is available in which the custom presentation can be created by page components editing and dropping it at a proper place. Frameworks, interaction patterns, functionality and WordPress users experiences is available in an updated way. The main advantage here is opportunity can be gained by both users as well as developers.

In simple words a content designer solution is elementor. The Elementor has three main features. The Design System features, New Theme Builder and Performance Improvements for Websites. In Design System features, the site identity, global colours, typography lightbox is defined in site setting including layout custom CSS and theme style. You can choose global colours that can easily mix and matched across all your Website site layout.  The typography lightbox  provides us with styling and setting fonts globally here too. Here for improvements in site performance the DOM( Document object Model) elements have been reduced. Creation of websites job and landing pages has been taken to higher level using elementor. New landing pages as told in previously and Experiments Area are the other added features of elementor.

Elementor Work With WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Editor

Here decision of which editor i.e. either to Use elementor Gutenberg editor or Gutenberg WordPress 5.0 has to be taken by us while editing our site. Every new post written with Gutenberg automatically gets the design from elementor by building a blog post in elementor and implementing it. Elementor and Gutenberg both support individual content blocks. In Gutenberg WordPress 5.0 only blocks can be customized not the theme internal styles and settings and we are totally dependent on WordPress themes chosen. When Elementor is worked with WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor full control is available for theme style customization and designing layout can be done also. Let us discuss in points now.

1. Formatting And Styling Options -

Under Gutenberg editor styling and formatting of content can be done as told earlier but limited in comparison to Elementor. Changing colours or fonts, image styles, background colours, apply gradients, resize elements are available with basic settings when elementor Gutenberg editor is used. The point to be noted is though the limited elements are in elementor as told before but still is available in ample amount to satisfy users need more as compared to Gutenberg WordPress 5.0.

2. Widgets And Blocks –

In Gutenberg blocks are the main components and so we can save and reuse them. While when elementor work with WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor not only blocks but also templates can be saved and reused.

Future Of Gutenberg With Elementor

 We will discuss Gutenberg affects Elementor future direction. Here Visual design role is completed by elementor work with WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor. These two Gutenberg and Elementor are considered to be the two most powerful tools. Even though the major functionalities are different of each other still question of Gutenberg Replacing Elementor arises. In facts Elementor was launched almost five years ago and hope of guiding us in future is expected. Thus Both of them will play a supportive role to each other. The Elementor was launched when many other page builder and website builder options were available. In this situation Elementor proved himself and become the leaders of the given market. The other major factor is when elementor work with WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor the designers are able to build websites independently replacing the earlier need of hiring developers.

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