10 Best WordPress Themes for Makeup Artists and Beauticians



Today, the beauty industry is spreading its way best on the web. This rise in demand has inspired many high-profile makeup artists and beauty influencers, too. But that’s not the only fact; there is another side too.

To beat this competitive world, something unique must stand out easily. And to get a website ready, you need to have a unique presence for your business to run. Well, most businesses roll out just because they do not get the right assets. Here we are poking to have the right theme that kicks your firm in the right direction. Ahh, this is again a brainstorming task to choose a single theme from thousands. But we have made it the right passage for you to pass in for the right theme. In this blog, you will find the 10 best WordPress themes for makeup artists.

10 Best WordPress Makeup Artist Themes

Listed below are some of the best themes designed for makeup artist to elevate their online presence. Delve into the curated array and find out some of the best choices.

1. Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

If you are a makeup artist looking for a high-profile theme for your business to grow, this is your destination. You can own a digital space for your makeup artist business on the web. Out of so many themes to look at, we are bringing your attention to this Makeup Artist WordPress theme. This feminine website theme has a huge impact on makeup and salon firms. Your dream of having boosted sales, revenue, and a unique presence is right here in this theme.

This premium theme is a bang-on collection of the best features and templates that suit your site. A clean and subtle design makes your business content shine on the web. Plus, you can set unique titles, logos, and more with this single theme. One of the most interesting parts is that the theme was made for the users. This means that you are free from adding heavy code or any developer skills. Also, the interface is fully customizable, and you can add personal creativity too.

It has a completely responsive design that blends with any screen and browser. The theme comes with a packed range of plugins to raise your business. It has smooth sliders and gallery plugins, letting your site work efficiently. Different paging sections like blogs, makeup and spa services, testimonials, and more can be added. SEO optimization makes a huge move when it comes to higher search engine ranks. Also, social media icons and custom widgets help build social respect for your site.

Key Features

  • You will find appointment booking features and plugins enabling online bookings for end users.
  • There is a separate section to add your team profiles according to their speciality.
  • The newsletter feature is there so that customers can easily subscribe to your services.

2. Beauty WordPress Theme

The Beauty WordPress Theme is the actual beautifying element for your makeup artist business. Those integrated with the fashion and makeup industries will surely be mesmerized by this theme. It is a complete pack of features suitable for having a personalized website. The theme is a true beauty that evenly blends with your makeup business, giving it a professional appearance. It comes with the latest WordPress versions, giving you the trendiest features. The interface is completely user-friendly, so even beginners wouldn’t hesitate to visit a website.

Coming to the functionality, the configuration is the simplest to have, and that too without any codes. The theme catches the best layouts that create the most charming look for your website. No matter how much content you choose to add, the theme design fits everything perfectly. For business purposes, it has various plugins attached to increase its overall functionality. Woocommerce plays a vital role in making your website more of a business. Plus, the smooth sliders intensify the overall appearance by providing smoother navigation. It further helps you add various elements or sections using drag and drop. Media integration gives your business an interactive appearance. Also, there is SEO optimization to get the best rank for your business on the search engines.

The template designs are worth using and are filled with a lot of pre-made web pages. Plus, the wholesome design allows you to add newsletters, blog sections, your team profiles, and more. Online appointment booking plugins enable users to book their slots with simple clicks. Customization is made to further levels, letting users draw on their creative skills.

Key Features

  • The theme is a fully responsive interface that works evenly on every screen.
  • Its mega menu features let you add vital sections to be opened quickly right from the homepage.
  • Customization is served on a premium level, ensuring the best-customized interface for your business.

3. Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Your search for the best WordPress themes for makeup artists must end here. VW Themes is again presenting its top-class Hair Salon WordPress theme. The theme is feature-rich and the most efficient tool to have a perfect beauty, salon, and makeup artist website. All you need to do is explore its best-crafted demo content, which is available with a single click. Beginners with coding skills will love to get this for their makeup and salon businesses.

The theme, interface, and design even work best if you are in the beauty business. The online trading features help build a good empire for your business on the web. The ultimate customizing solution helps you add product pages, elements, and even more pages of your choice. The theme further manages to offer tailored templates filled with creative inner pages. Yes, inner pages are ready-made, and you simply need to put content on them.

It's hard to deal with SEO-optimized features that positively flip your game on search engines. Plus, the retina-ready homepage display makes sure that the customer is impressed. It uses smooth sliders, mega menu options, and enticing media to make a first impression. After that, navigation is made faster and more efficient, boosting traffic on your site. Woocommerce plays a vital role when it comes to business games. And we cannot forget social media icons for the best promotions.

Key Features

  • Social media icons are placed on the top bar of the homepage design of the theme.
  • Categorized sliders are made to deliver the best navigation services for users.
  • Also, there are creative gallery set-up options for placing beauty products.

4. Cosmetics WordPress Theme

The Premium Cosmetics WordPress Theme is a true game changer if you are in the beauty industry. This premium theme gives hands-on experience to makeup artists, cosmetic shops, and beauty websites. A cosmetic business or an artist's business must look good offline as well as online. The world is running on the web, and businesses are too. So having a unique impression for your business on the web is quite essential these days. But that too requires great tools when it comes to having a stand-alone place in the market. This premium theme is the ultimate solution to all your issues.

The theme is absolutely fast, responsive, and filled with modern assets to work with. What a beauty or makeup artist requires to have on a website is a theme that completes everything. It is the ultimate solution to your online business problems. You simply need to visit its single-click demo importer and dig out the best strands for your firm. Here, you can use the demo design; you simply need to customize it. The demo content itself comes with a pre-designed website interface for beginners. Those with zero coding skills can truly refer to this. It requires no code and absolutely no developer help. Apart from this, it supports SEO optimization, woocommerce, social media icons, and more.

VW Themes offers many more feminine based themes that can be easily customized as per your need. Our premium WordPress themes are pocket-friendly with amazing features and custom design. We also provide seasonal sales with 20% to 25% off on themes. Checkout VW Themes now to transform your website now!

Key Features

  • The theme supports various custom font styling options to innovate your website.
  • Team profile sections are added so that users can easily select which stylist will serve them.
  • It also comes with a custom logo and title-adding features.

5. Belenava: Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

While searching for the best WordPress themes for makeup artists, the Belenava theme makes a great place. This powerful theme comes with a wholesome space to have a personalized makeup or fashion website. The theme has a clean and beautiful look that truly embraces your business to new heights. You can customize the homepage along with the entire theme for free. There are no limits to the features that serve this theme. Plus, zero codes are required to build your dream website.

The theme further enhances the entire appearance by providing the finest layout designs.

The premium Belenava theme is not just a theme but a gateway for fashion and beauty businesses. You can be a fashion designer, beauty influencer, or cosmetic store owner, or else the theme is perfect for you. It has a striking theme design that not only serves the best features but also functions well. The theme has creative layouts that easily blend your content with the theme design. It further maintains the impression of your business on the web using SEO optimization. Page builder compatibility lets you build web pages and add content using drag and drop. Also, there is social media integration, letting your business shine on social media.

Key Features

  • The theme has unique page builder compatibility, letting you build web pages or add elements easily.
  • A fully responsive design makes your site fit on every screen size.
  • SEO-friendly design keeps your image high in front of search engines.

6. Ovon: Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

Ovon is an ideal option for makeup artists to have a strong online presence for their firm. This responsive and fast theme works globally, setting the ultimate image for fashion and beauty websites. The theme design comes with a peachy, bright appearance that catches clients' attention on your website. The homepage design is commendable, filled with many menus to explore the website. You can even watch out for the demo content that helps you explore more about the theme.

As said, the theme works responsively, making your makeup artist's website accessible to all screen types. It also makes your website compatible with popular browsers. Also, the templates attached to it are completely responsive, not hurting the overall appearance. Apart from this, the templates and the creative layouts are truly customizable. This means the user can control the design and customize it to their needs. There is no need to add high-end codes or hire a developer with this theme. The drag-and-drop page builder is the most convenient solution to customize the design. Various plugins like WooCommerce, contact forms, and more are attached. Woocommerce and its related extensions bring the best business game to your website. SEO optimization further makes a huge move in getting the right position for your business.

Key Features

  • The theme has 24/7 customer support that prioritizes its customers and their queries.
  • Its completely responsive design maintains the decorum of having a mobile-responsive website.
  • The theme further gives access to unlimited custom styles and features for a completely creative website.

7. Fredia: Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

Stop and stare at this ultimate banger solution to finding the best WordPress themes for makeup artists. This is something makeup artists, beauticians, and beauty influencers must give a try. This world-class theme gives you the right direction to explore your business on the web. The theme has a bright and husky appearance that completely suits your makeup and salon businesses.

You can even customize it to your needs using the Elementor page builder compatibility. This is an efficient solution supported by a drag-and-drop facility that lets you add, remove, or edit features on your site.

The theme supports smooth sliders and turns up the heat for your online business. Customers would love to explore your site with smooth and fast navigation services. It comes with a creative set of templates that improve your site’s overall experience. SEO optimization is the key element to getting your website to rank higher on the web. Plus, there is integration with various plugins, like WooCommerce, to set up your business perfectly on the web. It further gives complete control to the user for a fully customized interface.

The theme further stands out as being the best at providing 24/7 customer support. Also, its clear and latest-documented interface provides the trendiest designs. The theme is further supported by social media icons getting the best promotional features.

Key Features

  • The theme has a fully responsive design, so your site easily fits on every screen.
  • Customization is simpler than ever, even for non-coders.
  • Elementor Page Builder helps you build the best design for your makeup artist's website.

8. MakeUp: Beauty WordPress Theme

The newly designed MakeUp theme is a true gold digger made for makeup artists and all beauty business owners. The theme has a crisp and modern look that makes a long-lasting impression on the clients. The clean and high-profile theme is a sign of a perfect makeup artist website. It helps in embracing the true beauty of your firm on the web. With the rise of makeup artist websites these days, the theme acts as a saviour for you. You can be a beginner or a non-tech person; the theme works the same for all. There is no need to have high-end coding skills or hire a developer for this. The theme has a pre-designed interface coded with professional HTML and CSS codes.

Further, the theme is well documented, getting the trendiest features and designs for your business. Then comes WooCommerce, the ultimate game changer for your business. Woocommerce plays a vital role in getting actual business insights right from depth for your site. The theme even integrates with Visual Composer, WPML, Slider Revolution, and more. Various pre-built pages for blogs, user profiles, testimonials, shops, and more are attached. You simply need to customize the work, and it's done. The theme also integrates with social media so that your business is easily promoted on social platforms.

Key Features

  • The theme supports responsive design, making it the best mobile-optimized website.
  • It supports WooCommerce, so your website plays well in terms of business.
  • Visual Composer is the page builder plugin that allows adding or removing features using drag and drop.

9. Gmaakeup: Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

This clean and enticing Gmaakeup theme sets a great aura for a makeup artist's website. This powerful and creative theme is not only for makeup artists, but all beauty and fashion influencers can use it. It has a stylish and captivating interface that gives an alluring appearance to your website. These WordPress themes for makeup artists even provide a proper place to have a business website.

Coming to the core, the theme has well-maintained documentation and is built on the latest versions. It is powered by the Bootstrap Framework, giving a fully responsive and cross-browser-compatible website. It comes with a fully customizable interface that lets users express their creativity on the website. The theme has a well-maintained interface that welcomes various templates. The templates are further filled with pre-built inner pages like blogs, shops, and more. Various plugins are attached to your website to provide the best user functionality and experience.

There is SEO optimization that helps your site acquire good ranks on search engines. The theme further offers custom styling options like font, colours, and background. When purchasing this theme, it offers lifetime free access to future theme updates. Plus, the Elementor page builder lets you add, remove, or edit features on your own. The website owner is completely free from adding codes or developer charges. Social media icons get the best promotions for your website.

Key Features

  • The theme uses a set of animations that enhance the overall presence of your website.
  • There is a completely responsive design, giving access to every screen size.
  • The documentation is up to par and gives your site the trendiest features and designs.

10. Mina: Salon and Makeup WordPress Theme

Mina is a professional theme that builds a strong impression on makeup artists and beauty businesses. The theme turns out to be one of the top-selling ones that easily attracts customers to your site. You can use it as a business or blogging website, resulting in more revenue and audience. What you need or what you have dreamed of for your site can come true. Its fast, responsive, and modern interface is what makes it a perfect choice for today’s business websites.

The theme is not only made for makeup artists but can be used by dermatological clinics too. It holds the most enticing theme design, getting all your business or blogging assets in a single place. Not only this, but various plugins also raise the overall functionality without spending much effort. The biggest supporter is Woocommerce, which builds a complete empire for your business.

When it comes to the design, let me tell you that the design is commendable. You will never find such an amazing and mesmerizing design for your firm. It holds your makeup artist's website like a professional. Plus, you can add your creativity on your own using the drag-and-drop facility. Its social media integration is a plus point that makes your business shine on social media. An online booking system is just a single click away using the essential plugins.

Key features

  • The theme holds a powerful online booking system, enabling clients to book salon and makeup services.
  • E-commerce is the biggest supporter when it comes to having a business-oriented website.
  • There is a price-listing section where you can professionally represent your makeup pricing plans.


Your website can be as perfect as your makeup skills when you have chosen the right theme. Don't think that this is a crucial task to do when you have the above blog with you.

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We have listed the finest and most certified WordPress themes for makeup artists. You can be one of them by having the best-ranked website for makeup artists on the web. The themes are filled with a lot at affordable prices. And that too with zero coding skills and developer knowledge. Every theme comes with demo content that helps users bring out the best of web design. You can refer to them and get your profession on the web with less effort.

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