Some Of the WordPress Theme Features That Are Unnecessary

WordPress Theme Features

It is a human tendency to get confused when they go through lots of WordPress theme features. In this technology era, WordPress theme developers are doing their best to incorporate as many features they can in Free as well as Premium WordPress themes. Thus, it gives rise to the addition of unnecessary plugins, tools, many sliders and a significant amount of garbage codes into the WordPress theme.

Let us now go through the factors and features that get added into the theme.

Too Many WordPress Features Create Confusion

Insertion of features such as parallax, different types of shortcodes in WordPress, complicated animated coding scripts, complicated designed tables and many other things which are not pleasing are frequently added into the themes. These too many features are unnecessary additions which are not required. Many of the WordPress theme owners do not require such WordPress theme features because that decreases the loading speed of websites. For example, in a WordPress Spa Theme, you won’t need to have a large number of tables or unnecessary animations. On the other hand, in any other statistical theme, you may require them. So, it completely depends upon your website requirement whether you need such features or not.

Theme Features

Unnecessary Widgets

Sometimes, widgets which are not required are also added into the themes. Some of the WordPress theme developers add posts, certain categories, additional pages, and other such unnecessary sections called by widgets in the themes.

So many styling options

An abundance of styling options is added. Options such as changing the color of the link and fonts are required. But, if you change the color of the entire WordPress theme by making use of color palette makes your WordPress theme heavy. Moreover, it confuses the customers.

Templates in large numbers

For the creation of a page, a large number of templates is given to the customers. Such templates have a variety of content boxes that are arranged randomly everywhere. In all this, the simplicity and basic concept get lost somewhere.

Non-essential Plugins

The different types of plugins such as ordering, breadcrumbs, pagination, XML sitemap, sorting, and many other unnecessary plugins are added into the themes by the theme developers. These WordPress theme features are inserted in the form of plugins and are not directly coded. Perhaps, these plugins were required previously in the themes. But, now they may not be required if you want to modify your existing theme into a new one. Still, such unwanted plugins will be running in your theme as they were previously added and aren’t removed. These non-essential plugins slow down your website.

Multiple Sliders

Many different sliders such as Nivo slider, cyclone, responsive and multiple other sliders which are again non-essential are added in the WordPress themes. Generally, a website requires only one powerful slider. So, isn’t it unnecessary to add the unwanted plugins to show different sliders to the users?

Too Many Shortcodes

Several unwanted shortcodes which are not required are also added in the WordPress themes. Sometimes, the addition of such multiple shortcodes damages the css part of a specific page.

Strong Admin Panel With Drag and Drop Interface

Though the feature of drag and drop simplifies the task, still it is arguable. The drag and drop feature is considered easy by some people whereas some others do not think so. They believe that when WordPress can directly create posts, pages, widgets and the custom fields, then the drag and drop feature is simply unnecessary. For the themes such as a one-page theme, this feature may become a complex one. So, again this is one of the unnecessary WordPress theme features.

Sometimes too many features become undesirable as they make your website slow. They hinder the smooth functioning of the website because they pile up a considerable amount of garbage code into the theme which ultimately results in slow loading web pages.  Utilizing too many shortcodes, incorporating more plugins than needed, and adding unnecessary widgets can jam your website. VWThemes offer you a Premium Theme Bundle that has Wordpress themes that are cleanly coded to deliver the best web performance. Our themes have just the right amount of elements and features that will benefit your business.

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