The top 5 WordPress RSVP Plugins for seamless event planning


Dealing hassle?

Now integrate the WordPress RSVP Plugins to the site and experience hassle-free event planning.

When you throw a party at home, you have to confirm the guest list first then you can follow the rest of the proceedings.

Planning and Managing an event is not a joke at all. It’s a very responsible task where everything needs to be implemented with a proper plan. The primary thing that is necessary to know before starting planning for an event is the number of guests attending your events. Right?

Then you can continue to plan the event further. When it comes to planning a corporate event, then you need to arrange the whole thing online.

The guests have to confirm their attendance on your corporate official web address. You need to check it manually and prepare a final list.

What does mean by WordPress RSVP plugins?

RSVP plugin is a tool that may help you to manage the participants for various events. It is now a frequently used medium at events such as corporate conferences, non-profit organization meetings, birthday parties, and community activities. These plugins provide customization options via the WordPress administration area, allowing users to customize the frontend design. Attendance management is the only purpose of integrating the RSVP plugin into the site. Commercial versions of the plugin enable extra functionality such as coordinating several events, sending up reminder emails, and more accessible translation possibilities.

How do the WordPress RSVP Plugins work?

WordPress RSVP Plugins are add-ons to business websites. It is used to function the event plans. The plugin automates the process of sending invitations to the guests and receiving responses from them through email reminders. Also, it enables the attendees to include notes and even process payments for paid events. There are booking plugins too. What is the work to fix the appointments and 1:1 meetings with your clients?

Need or importance of using WordPress RSVP Plugins

In planning and implementing any kind of event from weddings to conferences, birthday parties to corporate meetings, there must be a proper arrangement. Organizing big events like weddings, conferences, business seminars, fundraisers, or even a concert has a complex execution process. It has a guest list from hundreds to thousands. So it takes a lot of time to manage everything. The WordPress RSVP Plugins help to automate the process of taking a follow-up of thousands of guests. Overall the RSVP Plugins has a system programmed to confirm the response of the guests who will be attending the event for sure and following up those who haven’t replied.

Top 5 WordPress RSVP Plugins

1. WPForms

WPForms is a very common name that you must have heard before. It’s a well-known plugin that is used to create interactive forms. If you want an addition of functionality to integrate the forms for collecting confirmation to your events, then WPForms is the ultimate RSVP plugin.

You can find advanced features like an event map in the premium version of the WP Form plugin. Along with this, you will get the clickable phone fields, date and time information, and more. It is not mandatory to configure the basic RSVP forms, but it may prove helpful for managing multiple events.

The free version of the plugin includes very simple forms comprising the yes or no toggle buttons that allow the guests to confirm their attendance. You won’t obtain the pre-built templates in the free version of WP Forms. If you opt for the premium version, you can get more comprehensive options.

Prime Features:

  • Configure simple forms using a drag-and-drop builder
  • Checkbox fields for the ‘yes/no option to design a classic RSVP form
  • Set up notifications for new form submissions
  • Covers a venue map with your form (premium version)

2. Registration for events calendar

Putting a calendar on the web is the best provision to schedule an event, meeting, or any small program. A WordPress calendar plugin lets you put it on the web easily. You can easily present the various events planned and related information such as the times, venues, and much more. If we talk in the context of Registrations for The Events Calendar it’s an excellent free plugin that has the ability to merge the RSVP functionality into the parent plugin.

It helps you to know the number of guests who are planning to attend your event and register by providing their personal details.

The plugin also delivers the freedom to personalize your RSVP forms and issues the confirmation email to attendees automatically along with the necessary details of the event.

Prime Features:

  • Insert RSVP functionality into The Events Calendar
  • Easy customization of your RSVP forms
  • Receive notifications for new signups
  • Search your lists of attendees at any time

3. RSVP and Event Management Plugin

It’s an outstanding RSVP plugin in WordPress that delivers surprising features once you go through it. A special feature of the plugin is that it enables a whole family or a group to reply at once whether they are going to attend the event or not. A custom-built plugin is made to schedule wedding events too. It provides an option for choosing their meal choices, including vegetarian and kid’s meals. A straightforward plugin can be the best choice for your event management organization.

Prime Features:

  • Configure an RSVP form for weddings or other events
  • Inquire regarding your guests' food preferences.
  • Allow participants to invite visitors when they RSVP.
  • Allow groups to RSVP collectively
  • From your dashboard, you can view your list of attendees.

4. Ninja Forms

Basically, Ninja Forms is a form builder plugin that comes with drag-and-drop services. It's very easy and simple to use for the creation of innovative forms for email signups, collecting feedback, user registration, event RSVPs, and more.

You can find many other form builder tools and plugin in WordPress, but the Ninja forms are super special as it consists of unorthodox events registration templates. Apart from providing better services, the Ninja forms cannot show detailed event information and description options.

Prime Features:

  • It includes a template for an event registration form.
  • Allows you to create bespoke event registration forms utilizing a variety of pre-built fields.
  • Payments for participants are processed using common payment methods.

5. RSVP Maker:

RSVP Maker is the last one in our list of top 5 WordPress RSVP Plugins that is popular as a lightweight plugin in WordPress. As a user, you are permitted to produce limitless events, both virtual and in-person, and accumulate the information of attendees when required. Furthermore, for events that require funds, RSVP Maker allows to gather payments by making use of PayPal or Stripe. Rather than striving to provide every potential function, the plugin concentrates on providing a strong foundation that can be customized to fit an individual’s requirements.

Besides, the RSVP Maker offers a variety of configuration features and capabilities to assist you in managing your event planning and registration process, whether you are planning for a small meeting, conference, or fundraising event.

Prime Features:

  • Amplifies engagement increases attendance, and streamlines the registration and communication process.
  • It is flexible.
  • Multiple customization options.
  • Lightweight and adaptable.
  • There is no limit to the number of virtual or in-person events that may be created.
  • Attendee registration with customized data gathering.
  • Acceptance of payments for paid events via PayPal or Stripe.
  • A solid base for user-specific customization
  • An easy-to-use event editor with a variety of templates for all sorts of events.

Compare the top 5 WordPress RSVP Plugins 

Before finalizing any, you can compare the plugins with their features and costs. All the plugins are available in free and paid versions. Here we are providing a list of WordPress RSVP Plugins alongside their costs. You can differentiate them easily and pick the right one that fulfills your requirements. 



When it comes to choosing the best one among all the 5 WordPress RSVP Plugins, we recommend choosing the WP Forms. It is the clear victor to build the forms. WP Forms features are unrivaled with an ability to design any sort of form. You can quickly create RSVP forms with the help of a drag-and-drop builder, customize them, and embed them with a shortcode anywhere on your website.

If you purchase the premium license, you will receive access to hundreds of pre-made templates, entry management, multi-page forms, file uploads, and other features. WP Forms is the best all-around form and RSVP plugin on the market.


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